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Everest E-Report: Learn at Poker Training Room

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Online poker has become such a prevalent pastime in society that it may seem intimidating to some who have little to no experience with the game of poker. But what may be tough to realize is that most players competing online, even those at the highest stakes, started at the very beginning by learning hand rankings and betting order. Everest Poker certainly understands that and caters to those who are interested in playing online poker for the first time.

The online poker training room is something exclusive to Everest Poker and the best way to help players familiarize themselves with hold’em and Omaha versions of poker. Automated trainers allow you to play with robots to learn at the pace with which you’re comfortable. And not being forced into action with other players eliminates the intimidation factor that keeps many from trying online poker.

Three automated trainers - E. Hillary, G. Mallory, and T. Norgay - will teach players about betting limits in the game chosen. For example, limit poker is available at stakes chosen by the learning player, as is pot-limit and no-limit. Players will learn about the betting order of the players at the table, and what they may or may not bet.

The training room is available to any player by simply clicking on the “help” button from the Everest Poker lobby. Once you’ve picked your game and are seated at the table with the robots, play begins. By looking at the player profiles of the robots, you can see what kind of players you’re up against, and moving the mouse over various control buttons on the screen gives explanations of all things occurring in the game. And the chat window shows descriptions of every action. Even wrong decisions prompt advice from the program to help make better decisions in future play.

Poker training is played without real money, so if you run out of chips, you can leave and return with a full bankroll to continue the practice session. What better way to learn the game than from Europe’s fastest growing online poker site?

Getting comfortable with the game is the first step, and stepping into low limit games is the second. By starting low and working up to build your bankroll, you’ll begin mastering the game in no time at all. Download Everest Poker now to get started. When you’ve made the decision to commit real money to begin play, use the bonus code “PNEWS200” to earn $200 through that play.

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