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Poker Pundit – Meet Jeremy ‘Chipsteela’ Menard

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A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold:

Hey what’s up guys, I’m new to this whole blogging thing. To be honest I don’t think I’ve even read a blog in my entire life. Despite this fact, I’m excited to share with you all of what’s going on in the life and times of “Chipsteela” and keep you updated with the ups and downs of my online poker career.

I’ll give you a little background to start off. I’m 25 years old and I’ve lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for pretty much my whole life. My first love was skateboarding, I’ve been skating for about 9 years now but it’s hard to keep track honestly. I graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Psychology in 2006, and have applied my degree to its fullest potential in the world of online poker (my parents are so proud.) I now live with my girlfriend and two dogs in the city. I’ve been playing poker for about 4 years now, the first 2 were entirely recreational, but after I found that I could actually make a decent living playing the game it became more serious. It’s been about a year and a half since I quit my job working in a skateboard warehouse to play poker professionally, and despite the bad beats and downswings that come with it, I’ve gotta say it’s a pretty nice life to live.

Recently I managed to pull off a landmark feat, winning my fifth triple crown. For those of you who think triple crowns only apply to horse racing I’m gonna break it down for you. A triple crown in online poker is when a player manages to win 3 different tournaments on 3 different sites, each with at least 100 people and a prize pool over 10k, all within a week’s time. This prestigious title was created by the online tournament rankings site With five of these babies in my trophy case I am tied with the British poker sensation Moorman1 for the record. I actually started finally getting recognized after I was the first person in history to ship a triple crown all in the period of 24 hours. Now it’s a year later and I have five of them. I’m not gonna lie, it feels pretty good. Nice to have something to let me know just how much of a luckbox I really am.

I’d say I’m more well known for my success in mid-stakes tournaments, it’s no secret that that’s where most of my wins come from. I’ve had success in rebuy tournaments ranging from 20-50rs and some in the 100rs as well. It seems like those big scores in the Sunday majors and 1k tournaments are always eluding me. After awhile I started to feel like there was no point in playing some of these tournaments when there is so much more variance involved. After all it seems like its plenty profitable to just stick with grinding out the mid stakes tourneys where the fields are much weaker. But the allure of getting that big score and the glory that goes along with it always draws me back. I’m happy to say that recently I managed to actually have a deep run in the Full Tilt 1k Monday event.  The best part is it was an early birthday present as it fell on the Monday before my birthday.

I started off the tournament just like any other, playing tight for the most part and slowly chipping up through small pots. Then when it got to around two hours into the tournament I’m pretty sure I began to “run like god” as the kids say these days. I started winning every pot I got involved in. There were several key hands to illustrate this god-like running ability. A good example would be a hand where I 3-bet an aggressive opponent, Shaniac [Shane Schleger]. I know he’s opening a wide range and I was out of position in the small blind. He obviously shoved in the rest of his stack and with the pot odds and the fact that I know he’s capable of 3 betting lighter then A-Q in this spot I decided to call. Unfortunately he shows up w AK, but fortunately I binked a Q on the river like a champion.

This hand gave me some serious leverage over the table with my chip stack, and I began to go on a rampage knocking players out left and right.

Another key hand came up with around 3 tables left. I had TT in the small blind and opened for a standard raise knowing that the aggressive player in the big blind with a nice sized stack was never folding. He called as expected, and the flop came out 2-6-7 rainbow, I’m always leading at this flop with the intention of getting it in if reraised. I bet and he calls, and the turn delivers a 9. This isn’t the best card in the deck since it completes some straight possibilities, but it’s definitely not too bad. I still think I’m good. This time I decide to put out a small 1/3rd the pot inducing bet, he goes for the bait and shoves his stack in pretty quickly. Snap Call! I’m actually not that surprised to see his K-Jo for a complete bluff. Ship the money! After that I lost some weird hands, and blinded down a little more than I would have liked, and ultimately had to win some races to stay in. Back to back A-K the first 2 hands at the final table did the trick though.

Once it was all said and done I was left with 3rd place for 44k, my biggest cash so far. Of course I still was upset at myself for not winning the whole thing after getting that close, but I guess there is always next time.

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