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Poker Pundit – Peter ‘#1Pen’ Neff – Wild Turkey, Fatburger and Less Poker

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A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold:

Well I just got back from an awesome weekend in San Diego, and it's nice to be home. I'm back to sleeping in my own bed, as compared to sharing a beat up couch; I'm eating healthy food as compared to eating at *insert random street corner fast food place here*; and I'm sober, which was hard to find me as in the last 48 hours.
But while I was in San Diego, I had a ton of fun. I drove down from Los Angeles (about a 2 hour drive) with 5 of my best friends on Saturday afternoon and after being in a crammed car for a couple hours, we were anxious to start partying when we got to my friend, Sam's place. Right away, we went to a liquor store and since it’s almost Thanksgiving, we decided on drinking Wild Turkey. After multiple shots and a few games of beer pong, we set out to PB (Pacific Beach) to bar hop.
So the first place we went was this place called Nick's. It was a standard bar with a few pool tables, and I must say I wasn't too impressed. I'm pretty good at pool and love to play it, but this wasn't supposed to be a laid back pool night, so to speak. We got trapped into a couple games and continued drinking at the bar and got out of there.
The next place we saw was Moondoggies and at the sound of the name, we felt that we had to give it a shot. It was a much bigger, club-like atmosphere, which was more of what we were looking for. We drank there for awhile and walked around the area until we saw a Fatburger, which is one of the greatest drunk-food places I've been to. My friend walked up to the counter and yells at the guy, "What can I get for 50 dollars?!"

The guy starts laughing at him and says he can give him 10 burgers to which my friend yells back, "OK can I get that with fries and vanilla shake?"

I think his original plan was to kill all 10 burgers, but he made it through 2 and started handing the rest out to random people. We also got 60-70 people in Fatburger to start chanting "Olay...Olay, Olay, Olay....Olay...Ola!" and one of my friends has a video of it that he'll be posting on Facebook, so if you're my friend on there, be sure to keep an eye out for it; it’s pretty hilarious to see these drunk people at 3am screaming at the top of their lungs.
The next day was scheduled around the Colts-Chargers game and it was one of the first NFL games I've been to in years. The tailgating was a lot of fun, although I think I broke my friend's hand when I tried to kick a field goal through human uprights and the place-holder didn't get his hand out of the way of my foot, ha-ha, sorry Josh. The game was exciting with Vinatieri kicking a game-winning field goal with no time left, leaving the Charger fans jaw-dropped. Being a Raider fan myself, I love seeing the Superbowless Chargers lose a nail biter. I really wish that there was a team in L.A. that we could go see and tailgate too without having to drive 2 hours. Over the last couple football seasons, I've really come to love going out on Saturday/Sunday and spending the whole day based around hanging out, drinking, and watching football.
So on to poker! There hasn't been too much going on the last couple weeks for me. I played in a few FTOPS events and a bunch of side tourneys but haven't won much; just a few mini-cashes. I finished 200-something in the FTOPS Main Event where I lost with Queens against Ace-King preflop for a fairly large stack. I haven't played since then which is over a week and for me, that's a long time. I really need breaks like this every so often. I think that when you play every day for a few hours a day, poker can wear on you, sometimes even making you play bad. I'm sure the next time I sit down at a table or start playing online again, I'll be excited to play, and I'll make sure I don't make stupid mistakes. The next big live tournament for me will be in December for the 5-Diamond series at Bellagio. I think it will be bigger than the Festa Al Lago with few conflicting tourneys and a better time in the year for people to travel and play poker.
Also I've gotten out and trained a few times for a Thanksgiving Day flag football tournament I'm going to be playing in. I've been sore the last couple weeks as it’s tough to get a has-been athlete back into shape, lol. It's an awesome idea though. The tournament is back in my home town, Oak Park and it covers about 9 years of football players that all went to Oak Park High School. A lot of families come out and watch us and it's a cool community event. Plus it will make me even hungrier for the turkey later in the day! Can't wait for that!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

*Read more about #1Pen*

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