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Four Jacks or Better

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Does anyone ever make Four Jacks or Better?  What if you did?  What if it happened like this?  You’re playing in a live Texas Hold’em game and you’re the Button and you look down to the {J-Clubs}{J-Spades}.  

That is worth a bit of excitement in itself; finding a big pocket pair on the button.  You’ve sat for hours without finding a decent hand and you gradually built your chip stack up a bit at a time by stealing the blinds or raising when the flop completely missed you; but it missed everyone else too and they graciously gave up to your raise.  You’re a little bit ahead of your buy-in and thinking about playing one more round before giving it up for the night.  

As the action comes around, everyone is folding to you, of course you raise the pot, and you get one caller, the Big Blind.  The flop comes {J-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}.  You are already stacking this pot and ready to see how much you can trap your opponent for.  

The Big Blind bets out, half the pot, and you don’t want to lose him, so you hesitate for a few seconds before calling to make it look like you are giving him a crying call.  

The turn brings the {8-Hearts} and the Big Blind bets right out at you again, a pot size bet, and this time you aren’t going to toy with him, you want to make sure that he goes busto in the hand (and you do have him covered), you raise him all-in.  

He calls and shows the {10-Hearts}{7-Hearts}.  He made a gutshot straight flush on the turn.  You have no outs now.  Your big hand just got shot down and so did that win you scratched together over the last few hours of play.

You are really lucky if this happens and you are playing at CD Poker!  First both you and your opponent’s hand qualify and you’re playing in a qualifying non-tournament game.  That’s the key ingredient in claiming a BAD BEAT BONUS.  The next ingredient is to send an email to: filling in the details and noting the hand number would be a good idea.

CD Poker has plenty of other bonuses available for you too with one that is sure to spark your interest; download CD Poker and use the Bonus Code ‘pworks’ to receive 150% up to $500 deposit bonus.  Another great bonus is inviting your friends to play too, you get $50, your friends get $50 – make sure you and your friends have a real money account.  Once your account is set up, be sure to check out CD Poker for other bonus offers.

Of course all bonuses are subject to change but so are the cards and so is the fact that the next time you flop four-of-a-kind, you will most likely win the pot.

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