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Carbon Poker has $787,000 Bad Beat Jackpot

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Everybody loves the chance to win a huge poker jackpot.  And no poker jackpot is bigger than the one that Carbon Poker is currently offering with its Bad Beat Jackpot promotion.  Right now the Bad Beat Jackpot at Carbon Poker is up over $787,000 and it will continue to rise until it is claimed.  And if things keep up like they are we could be seeing this Carbon Poker jackpot go over the $1,000,000 mark!  

If you would like a chance at winning this massive jackpot of nearly $800,000 then you should download Carbon Poker through PokerWorks.  This way you’ll not only get a crack at the jackpot, but you will also earn the deposit bonus of 100% up to $500.  

Getting back to the Bad Beat Jackpot, poker players can earn the large sum of money by playing in Texas Hold’em games and losing to another person while holding certain four-of-a-kind hands.  To earn the jackpot that is currently at $787,000, your losing hand must contain at least four 7’s, or better, and the hand that beat you must contain at least four 8’s, or better.  The only other requirements are that both the winning and losing hands must use both hole cards and four players have to be in the hand.  Considering the fact that hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line, these requirements aren’t too stringent.

The really cool thing about the Bad Beat Jackpot is that you could earn a share of it just by sitting at the table where the bad beat occurred.  17.5% of the jackpot will be split up among everyone at the table who was dealt into the hand.  What’s more is that another 17.5% of the jackpot will be given to the person who delivers the bad beat.  And finally, the person holding the bad beat hand will earn 35% of the jackpot which means that everyone is a winner in this situation (the rest goes to reseeding the jackpot).  In essence, you could earn a share of the bad beat jackpot at any point in a Carbon Poker game.

Bad beats aren’t the only things that have jackpot payoffs at Carbon because they also offer a nice Caribbean Stud Jackpot.  This is a progressive jackpot that builds as people play their hands in the Caribbean Stud games.  The way it works is that a person can make their normal bet against the dealer then insert a Jackpot entry into the slot so that they’re in the running to take home the big prize.  If you hit this jackpot, you’re set to pocket some major money!

The Caribbean Stud Jackpot payout you receive depends on the hand you’re holding with a flush paying out $50, a full house paying $75, and a four-of-a-kind netting you $100.  The big money comes when you get a straight flush as this gives you 10% of the jackpot while a royal flush is king since you’ll get 100% of the jackpot.  In the case of the current jackpot, that’s $66,000!

And if you think royal flushes only come around once in a blue moon then take a look at how many people have recently won 100% of the Caribbean Stud Jackpot.  Seven people have earned the full amount and there are sure to be more so why not make yourself one of them by downloading Carbon Poker through PokerWorks.

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