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The Round Table – JC Alvarado – Q & A’s with Your Favorite Pros

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He’s won millions playing online as PrtyPkrSUX and JC Alvarado

Name: Juan Carlos Alvarado

Nickname: JC

Date of birth: 05/06/85

Place of birth: Mexico City

Currently residing: Vegas, but soon to be back on a beach in Mexico

Favorite song to listen to before tournament that gets you pumped up: Recently by Enae Volare Mezzo

Craziest prop bet: I don't really prop bet, I'm too much of a sucker.

Favorite places to travel: I love most places in Europe.

What do you like to do in your spare time: Watch TV, movies, read, play Xbox...pretty much anything that will keep me lying on my couch.

Any celebrity crushes: Mandy Moore and Natalie Portman

If you weren't playing poker what career would you have: Something having to do with movie making...I wanted to be a writer and I'd love to direct.

What is something no one knows about you:
Not sure, but whatever it is I probably would not want to say.

Favorite movie: Ugh, I hate this question there's too many of them. I guess if I had to say what my favorite movie to watch is; it would probably be a tossup between Karate Kid and Enter the Dragon. If I had to say what I think is the best movie I've ever seen, I'd  say  Shawshank?  Maybe Seven Samurai?  Not sure…

Hobbies: I started training Jujitsu this year and I loved it, but then I stopped and I'm planning to start again in January. I started doing yoga, but I suck.

Describe yourself in three words: calm, nice and happy

What are you most proud of in your life: I've been really fortunate in my life but I haven't really done anything that I'm actually proud of so far. I saved someone from getting run over by a 16 wheeler one time; I guess I'm proud of that.

What is your favorite smell:

Favorite taste: Mango

Favorite sound: Ocean

Biggest impulse purchase: My car

What is a day in your life like outside of playing poker: It depends on what’s going on, like if there’s a tourney in town, if I'm at home or not etc...Typically I wake up around 10 am or so, meditate for like 30 minutes, do some "yoga", go to the gym....I shower and then cook some breakfast, I watch a little TV and then start my session. Later on I usually get convinced to go eat somewhere in Vegas and then end up playing fifa or watching TV with my friends until 2 am or so. Pretty boring, but I enjoy that type of life.

How many tournaments do you play a year: Not many, I usually play the west coast stuff, the series , and occasionally travel out of the US. I don't know the exact number of tournaments but it isn't close to what the tourney pros play.

What is the most over used phrase in poker: "So Sick"....I gotta stop saying that

How do you celebrate when you make a big score: I usually go out to dinner with my friends, I drink a bit and go to bed.   I'll also buy myself something I really want but have been too cheap to get.

What is the most important thing someone has ever told you or taught you about poker:
"Don't tilt" ....I still haven't been able to do that though.  

What are you up to now: Right now I'm by myself in Acapulco, in an apartment on a mountain right by the beach....I'm playing about 8 or 10 hours a day out on a balcony overlooking the bay,  it's amazing. I'm not treating it as a vacation, exactly the opposite, I came here to re-focus and start grinding, it's been a very enjoyable experience (except for the fact that I get disconnected too much.)  
Biggest poker goal: To somehow win enough money so that I don't have to play.

Like a wheel, the Round Table is a circle of adventures and victories, beats and stories, and life as it unfolds with a cast of characters that may, or may not, have joined you in your home on a local TV program. There's so much more to poker than what you see on TV. Although I won't use canvas, I will paint the full picture for you as I follow the lives of some of your favorite (and some unknown) players. The Round Table is an ongoing series of life, viewed full circle.

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