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Poker Pundit – Jeremy ‘Chipsteela’ Menard- Breck, Hella Snow and Getting Pranked

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A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold:

I must have forgotten just how good it can feel to get away from the tables for a few days, because the past week has been a great change of pace. I’ve been up in the mountains of Breckenridge with my girlfriend enjoying a break from the tables, and loving some of the best powder I’ve had the privilege to shred through. Since I’m from the east coast I’m used to making the best of the slushy and icy conditions that make many of our ski slopes far from tourist favorites. I have always wanted to go out west simply due to the fact that I’ve heard everyone and their mom saying the slopes out there are the illest. I finally got my chance to partake in snowboarding in Colorado, and it definitely was every bit as good as I’ve imagined.

Apparently the mountains of Colorado hadn’t seen as much snow as I would expect yet this year but that was definitely going to change while we were out there. A month before the trip I turned the ripe old age of 25, which would practically make me a dinosaur in the online poker world, however it did allow me to rent a Suburban while I was out there which proved to be a good decision despite the fact that it was only me and my girlfriend in the behemoth of a vehicle.

The first few days it was very peaceful on the mountain with little signs of snowfall and great ski conditions including a mild temperature, especially for being that high in elevation. On the third day we decided to go try out Vail, which was included in our lift passes and I’ve always heard has some of the best terrain in the world. The mountain did not disappoint, it was humongous and I actually ended up getting lost several times just trying to find my way around. In the middle of the day Mother Nature finally decided to show up and dump some snow, providing some amazing powder on what I would say were definitely some of the best runs I’ve snowboarded.

Once we were done for the day we realized the downside of the falling snow we were so happy to see earlier that day. As soon as we turned on the GPS to get us back home it alerted us that there was traffic ahead, and even estimated our ETA at 3 hours! It only took 40 minutes to get there in the morning, so that meant we were going to be stuck on the highway in bumper to bumper traffic for an extra 2 hours not to mention the fact that I’m far from an expert in driving in snow.

We managed to maneuver our way home safely and thought that we were done dealing with the snow. Then the day before we plan on leaving from the mountain we hear that a sick snow storm is expected to hit that night, but after having some incredibly over-priced sushi for dinner that night we had yet to see any flurries.

So after packing we decide to go and check out these sick snow sculptures that were built all around town for a contest that was being held and as soon as we step outside we notice the snow falling from the sky at a pretty intense rate. There were sculptures of penguins playing around a hot tub with a bucket of coronas, a sleeping Buddha like skier, a gigantic fire-breathing dragon, and even a life sized frosty the snowman complete with a corn cob pipe and broom.

By the time we had checked out all these amazing snowy creations I realized my girlfriend had about an inch of snow accumulated on her head, a bouncer even said something when we walked by one of the clubs.

We then got about 2 hours of sleep that night because we had to wake up early as fuck to drive back to Denver to catch our flight, especially since we anticipated shitty driving conditions for the entire way back. If you haven’t driven in heavy snowfall I would say it’s a lot like I would imagine flying through space in warp speed is like, an endless field of black with white dots flying at you. Driving wasn’t much fun, but we made it back alive with no desire to see more snow for quite some time.

There hasn’t been much going on for me in poker as far as results go. I have lost more races than I thought possible this month, but that’s all the complaining you get from me, sorry to let you down.

I did get a very interesting call around 2:30 am one night this week from a person who claimed to be an Ultimate Bet representative. They basically said that they were impressed by my results and were interested in making me their next pro, and even went as far as explaining all the details involved in this. They also said they had spoke with some well known online players that referred me. Blah blah blah. I was incredibly skeptical since this call came so late at night, and also because I feel like I fly under the radar and they would either be going after some online playing legend or some goofy player that has been on television and has done lots of shameless self promotion in efforts to be noticed. Still some part of me would have liked to believe this call was true obviously.

Either way I later get a call from a friend that said they too had gotten this call from the same number, however the person on the phone was offering a deal with Full Tilt this time. The jig is up. From information gathered I would say the source of this hilarious prank was a friend of mine that is a well known player in the online world who was incredibly intoxicated and loves fucking with people. Well played sir, I give you credit for going the extra mile to try to make the prank believable even while shit faced. You truly are a master of your craft. Oh yeah, and thanks for shattering my dreams.

I’m looking forward to January and the PCA. Last year I met lots of people I play with on a daily basis online and had a great time talking poker and partying. This year I look forward to more of the same, and hopefully I can pull off a nice live score in the process. That’s it - I’m making my New Year’s resolution to get a decent live score of at least 6 figures, you heard it here first.

Watch out for me in 09! Hope you guys have happy holidays. Peace.

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