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WSOP Circuit $200+30 Limit O8 – How to lose 25K in 5 minutes

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After the debacle of the previous day, I was looking forward to some Pot Limit Omaha 8. I was dealt my first bad beat of the day when they made an announcement stating that the event was going to be Limit instead of Pot Limit. I've done well in Limit tournaments before in the past so it wasn't the end of the world, but I was looking forward to Pot Limit. We started play with 6,000 in chips, the blinds at 25/50, and rounds of 30 minutes.

My first three levels were fairly uneventful. My table was a very passive pre-flop table. Only one person had made a raise pre-flop thus far and we typically had 4-6 people seeing the flop. Just my kind of table in Omaha as it let's me see a lot of cheap flops and take advantage of people's poor post-flop playing tendencies. The only big hand I played in these three levels was when I saw one of those multi-way pots in late position with K-K-Q-3. The flop comes A-10-6. Not a good flop for my hand but the big blind bets out and is called in three spots and with 10 bets out there, I feel it's worth calling one bet to see if I can hit a jack or king. The turn is a king – a good card, but I'd have preferred a jack. The big blind, a tight, older woman, leads out and is called again by the three players. I have a pretty strong feeling most of them are drawing to the low. I make the call.

The river is a 9. I'm planning on folding the hand if more than 2 people are involved when it gets to me. The big blind leads out again and it is folded to me. I'm last to act so now I feel like I have to make the call. I look at her and say “only one hand I'm worried about” and toss my chips in the middle. She says, “you're good” and shows a crappy two pair. I guess she wasn't as rocky as I thought she was. I get to the first break with approximately 9K in chips.

I hit a rough run of cards and fall quickly to 6K after the break when I get A-A-2-3 under the gun. As I mentioned earlier, there had been a total of one pre-flop raise thus far. I made it two. I get 3 callers. The flop is dreamy. A-8-8. The big blind checks, I bet, and get 2 calls. One of the callers is a very fishy gentleman who has played some very weird hands and has seen his chip stack move up and down as a result. Before the turn is even dealt, I throw a bet into the middle. Before the turn is even dealt, said fishy dude calls in the dark. Well I know he has an 8 now, happy, happy, joy, joy. The poor guy left at the end decides to get out of the way of our in the dark festival and folds after a 9 hits.
I bet in the dark again and the fishy dude goes, “I'm going to call in the dark, do you have aces?” and flips over 9-8-5-4. Interesting starting hand sir, thank you for your chips. I'm back up to 9K after this one.

I lose a good sized pot that was completely my fault. I had A-3-5-6 and called an early position raise out of the small blind. Four of us saw the flop which was A-3-3. I check with the intention of check raising the pre-flop raiser. A mistake – I should have led out. The other three players all check as well. The turn was a jack. I bet, the woman in the big blind calls and everyone else folds. The river is a queen. I bet again and the woman calls again and shows me J-J for a turned bigger full house. Oops... but thank you for not raising. Like I said, a passive table. That puts me down to 7K but I hit quad 4's a few minutes later to get it back up to 9K. I play one last hand at the table before it breaks and move my stack up to 12K with A-2-8-9 when the board comes A-9-3-9-K.

At the new table, there's this twenty something kid wearing shades in the three seat. I laugh internally thinking to myself, “Dude, it's a limit Omaha tournament.” I'm a big guy, but there's an even bigger guy covered in tattoos one to my left. He kind of looked like a guy from a ZZ Top video. I turn on my music and squeeze in. I don't play many hands to begin with, mainly because I'm not getting any to play. I get 2-3-5-6 in the small blind and river a wheel and get two callers. That pumps me up to 15K at the 2nd break.

After the break, I'm in the big blind and see a flop with two others with Q-9-5-4 with the queen suited in spades. The flop comes Q-9-3 with two clubs. A loose aggressive kid who has some problems understanding the game (I've seen him make a few mistakes), leads out from early position. Older guy to his left re-raises. Ugh. I don't really like top two on a draw heavy board like this, but I'll at least see the turn here. The turn is a 2 of spades putting two spades on the board, giving me a straight, flush and low draw to go with my top two. Kid checks, old guy bets, I call, kid calls. River is a jack of spades. I lead out and both players fold. This puts me up to 20.5K.

I win another big pot and eliminate a player with A-2-K-J when the board comes K-Q-4-7-K. This puts me up to 28K. I then split a monster spot that should have at least been ¾ mine. The pot was three way with me, the kid from the previous hand, and a different older gentleman in the small blind. The flop came 7-5-2 and the small blind led out. I called with A-2-3-5 and the kid called. The turn is a dream card for me, another 2. The old guy bets. He only has ½ a bet left. I don't want to chase off the kid so I decide to just flat call so I can raise the river. The kid calls. The river is the ugliest card in the deck, even though it improves my full house. It's an ace, counterfeiting my nut low. The small blind checks, I bet, the kid calls and the small blind calls. The kid has A-3 and we split the side pot low and I take the side pot high. The small blind has a crappy 3-6 that now plays and takes the main pot low while I get the main pot high. I move up to 32.5K after the hand, but it could have been 40 plus if that ace didn't hit. It'll turn out to make a difference.

After the next break, I quickly drop to 26K seeing a couple of flops and whiffing. The blinds are getting up there now at 1,000/2,000. If you lose a couple of hands in a row going to the river, you'll be done for. And that's exactly what happened to me. I raise pre-flop with A-2-3-Q with the Q-2 suited in spades and get called by just one player. The flop comes K-5-4 with two spades, lots of action as he check raises me and I three bet it. He just calls. The turn is a J, he leads out and I slow down and just call. River is another J. He bet's, I fold. There's 14K gone. Second hand was very similar. Almost identical really. Another 10K gone and I've lost 25K in 5 minutes. Good times! I basically go all in blind out of the big blind for my last 3,500 and don't get lucky and finish just short of the money in 42nd place out of 204 (27 got paid).

All in all, I played as well as I could have. I just didn't hit on one of those two hands on the end... not much I could do about it. Tomorrow, I'll be back at it again with another NLHE tournament.

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