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WSOP Circuit $300+40 NLHE – Big Pairs Don't Always Guarantee Success

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I didn't write anything about the six handed event because there wasn't anything to write about. I lasted all of five minutes. I find Aces and open raise in early position. I am re-raised by the button. I put in a third raise to 1,500, which is 25% of our starting stack. He moves all in, I call, he has kings, you know the rest of the story.

I came back the next day determined to play my best, but it just wasn't meant to be. I started off strong when I flopped a set of 4's. I led out for 300 into the multi-way pot and was raised to 600. A lot of times in these situations I might just flat call and let the kid hang himself but I didn't think he was going anywhere. I made it 1,200 to go and he called. The turn was a blank and I made it 1,500 to go. He called. The river was a third diamond but it was runner runner diamond so I wasn't concerned about the flush. I bet 2,500 and after much deliberation my opponent folded. Ah well, still picked up 3K in chips.

I was easily the most active player at the table which isn't saying much considering I was playing perhaps three hands per orbit. It was folded to the small blind, a guy who had taken 2nd the other day, so I knew he was a capable player... either that or really lucky. I always give players credit though until they prove otherwise. Anyway, long story short... the board comes K-9-3-A-6. I have A-K. I double up my opponent. He had aces. Not much I could do there. Fortunately, I had him covered and still had 2K in chips left.

I get jacks, queens, and kings in the next 30 minutes
. With the jacks, I open and everyone folds. With the kings, it is folded to the small blind who again completes. I raise and he folds. With the queens, I move all in over the top of an open raise and the initial raiser folds. It's nice getting big pairs, but when you don't get anything for them, their value is the same as 7-2 off suit. I can raise and re-raise with 7-2 and get the same result, there is just more comfort in doing so with the big pair. Anyway, I manage to rebuild my stack to 4,300 by the break without seeing a show down. The blinds are still 100/200 with a 25 ante, so I still have some room to maneuver.

The first hand after the break, the guy who crippled me earlier limps in under the gun. I look down at aces and make it 750 to go, leaving myself with approximately 3,500. It is folded around and my opponent calls. The flop comes 7-4-2 rainbow. My opponent knows I don't have many chips left and says “I'll put you all in.”

This bet means one of two things usually. A big stack trying to apply pressure to the short stack knowing tournament survival is important or a flopped set trying to induce a call from what he knows is an over pair. If it was a bigger buy in tournament, or if I had more chips, I would have thought about it longer. With only 3,500 in chips though I made the call. Sure enough, he had flopped a set of twos and I wasn't able to hit the two outer.

Two tournaments, two hours and ten minutes of play, five big pairs. Out quick in both. Just goes to show that big pairs do not guarantee success. Even though I lost with the worst hand several times when all the money went in, I'm not sure there was anything I could have done differently. Maybe the aces hand, because he was so confident when he moved all in that I could have probably deduced he had flopped a set if I wasn't so married to my over pair, but with my stack that would be a really marginal fold.

Anyway, back at it again in the $400+40. Hopefully my opponents will quit flopping monsters against me. That'd be nice.

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