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Full Tilt Fever: FTOPS XI Fun Begins This Week, Satellites Still Running

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The time has already come for the most recent installment of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series. With the last one wrapping in November of 2008, FTOPS XI is ready for everyone who has been anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to take one of the coveted online poker tournament titles. The events kick off on February 4th, and 25 tournaments will ensue with more than $15 million in guarantees.

To win an FTOPS title puts players in an elite group of winners, each of whom has won thousands - even hundreds of thousands, in some cases - of dollars, not to mention the coveted FTOPS jacket, FTOPS gold jersey, and matching avatar for use on Full Tilt Poker. In the tenth installment of FTOPS alone, there were 47,699 players, and a great number of them divvied up the $17,457,500 in prize money.

In a difficult economic time, that kind of money sounds even sweeter than usual. But speaking of economic woes, Full Tilt Poker understands that everyone is not able to plunk down hundreds of dollars in buy-ins for the chance to cash in on the millions at stake. Sure, the investment is a sound one if players have the skills to accept the challenge, but many have the skills but not the bankroll to support the FTOPS tournaments.

Full Tilt Poker has the answer. Satellite tournaments are running around the clock for FTOPS events. For as much as a few dollars or a small collection of Full Tilt points, anyone can work their way through the qualifier system and win coveted entries into any of the 25 FTOPS tournaments.

There are also bonuses involved with the process, aptly named the FTOPS XI Satellite Challenge. Not only will you win entries into the tournaments, but for each additional satellite you win for a particular event, you get tournament dollars in your account that equal that tournament entry. Since you can only play each event once, Full Tilt Poker will reward your extended satellite efforts with tournament dollars that can be used in the future on any tournament, not necessarily during FTOPS.

In addition, if you are the player who wins more entries to a particular FTOPS event than anyone else, you will receive tournament dollars equal to two more of those buy-ins. The second place qualifier wins one extra buy-in amount. Currently, “The Field 34” is leading the pack with 79 satellite entries for Event 1 of FTOPS. Yes, 79! It just goes to show what dedication and poker skills can do.

With the start of FTOPS very close, here is another rundown of the events:

Event 1:  $216 NLHE, $1 million guaranteed        2/4/09
Event 2:  $256 PLO/8 knockout, $200K guaranteed        2/5/09
Event 3:  $216 Stud, $100K guaranteed            2/5/09
Event 4:  $322 NLHE 3X shootout, $200K guaranteed    2/6/09
Event 5:  $216 LHE 6-max, $150K guaranteed        2/6/09
Event 6:  $535 PLO 6-max, $300K guaranteed        2/7/09
Event 7:  $109 NLHE w/rebuys, $500K guaranteed        2/7/09
Event 8:  $256 NLHE knockout 6-max, $600K guaranteed    2/8/09
Event 9:  $535 NLHE heads-up, $500K guaranteed        2/8/09
Event 10:  $322 NLHE, $1.5 million guaranteed        2/8/09
Event 11:  $216 PLHE/PLO, $150K guaranteed        2/9/09
Event 12:  $1060 NLHE, $1.5 million guaranteed        2/9/009
Event 13:  $216 NLHE w/rebuy, $300K guaranteed        2/10/09
Event 14:  $535 HORSE, $300K guaranteed            2/10/09
Event 15:  $216 NLHE turbo 6-max, $500K guaranteed    2/10/09
Event 16:  $216 Omaha/8, $150K guaranteed        2/11/09
Event 17:  $322 NLHE w/rebuys 6-max, $1 million guar.    2/11/09
Event 18:  $216 PLO heads-up, $100K guaranteed        2/12/09
Event 19:  $322 NLHE 4X shootout 6-max, $300K guar.    2/12/09
Event 20:  $216 NLHE 6-max, $400K guaranteed        2/13/09
Event 21:  $322 Razz, $150K guaranteed            2/13/09
Event 22:  $5200 NLHE (2-days), $2 million guaranteed    2/14/09
Event 23:  $109 PLO w/rebuys, $350K guaranteed        2/14/09
Event 24:  $129 NLHE knockout, $750K guaranteed        2/15/09
Event 25:  $535 NLHE main event, $2.5 million guar.    2/15/09

With 25 tournaments, there are an almost unlimited amount of satellites currently running. And considering the main event is still nearly two weeks away, there is ample time to go through the options and pick your battles.

Pardon me? You don’t have a Full Tilt Poker account yet? Oh my.

The time is now to download Full Tilt Poker and refrain from missing any more of the exciting FTOPS tournaments. With more than $15 million at stake, can you really afford to wait any longer?

By the way, when you sign up for your Full Tilt account, use the bonus code “POKERWORKS” to qualify for an extra 100% bonus on any deposit amount up to $600. The opportunities to make money at Full Tilt Poker never seem to stop, especially with the FTOPS just around the corner.

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