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THE_ALPACA Takes Biggest Prize in PokerStars Sunday Majors

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For most people, Sundays are for rest and relaxation, family activities and sports on television. But for poker people, Sundays are all about the online poker tournaments, and PokerStars brings it like no other site can. The four major events on PokerStars each Sunday guarantee that more than $3 million will be doled out, but with the continuously rising popularity of the events, the prize pools typically exceed guarantees by a large margin.

On Sunday, February 8, things kicked off with the Sunday 200 Grand, which is capped at 30,000 players for the $10 + $1 tournament. This week’s tournament drew those 30K players, putting the prize pool at an attractive $300K, and jspiess emerged victorious to take down the $28,500 first place prize.

Also in the lineup was the Sunday 500 for the higher stakes players, with a buy-in set at $500 + $30. With a $500K guarantee set, it was quickly broken by the 1,205 players who entered the tournament, making the pool an impressive $602,500. KevBoyStar from Norway was the winner this week, taking home a cool $91,689.99 for the win, an amount that was determined by a three-way chip-chop at the end of the event with fellow players BobbiFi and kb the kid19.

The two biggest draws, with regard to both prize pools and prestige, are the Sunday Warm-Up and the Sunday Million. And the poker community comes to the virtual felt for them en masse.

The February 8 PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up again blew right past the $750K guarantee when it attracted 4,394 players for the $200 + $15 tournament. That made for a prize pool of $878,800 for the top 630 finishers to share.

It looked as if Kevin “BeLOWaBOVe” Saul would make a solid run at the final table, seeing as he was the chip leader with 100 players left in the tournament. But the momentum wasn’t sustained, and he finally exited in 19th place. Eventually, the Saul-less final table was set with Big4aday in the chip lead with close to 10 million in chips, followed by Watte and his 8.4 million.

Big4aday added to his stack by eliminating wynnkid in ninth place and bergeroo in eighth in a single three-way all-in hand. But then D1rtyR1v3r took over to send KrownKickin out in seventh place. But it was D1rtyR1v3r who then lost ground and was soon eliminated by kamizen in sixth place. kamizen took over as the chip leader through his ousting of the last contender, but Big4aday took it back by sending pro-tilt77 packing in fifth place. kamizen’s aggression put him back near the top of the leaderboard with the elimination of cballs in fourth place, but kamizen then allowed Watte to double through him and Big4aday to eliminate him in third.

Big4aday and Watte then sought a chip-chop deal, which was agreed upon in order for the tournament to continue heads-up. Big4aday took 30,206,614 chips into play, while Watte sat behind with 13,733,386. Watte was anything but out, as evidenced by his consistent double-up and chip-up efforts. Watte finally took a massive lead of 40 million chips to the 4 million, and though Big4aday doubled up once, it wasn’t in the cards to happen again. Bid4aday pushed all-in with {2-Hearts}{2-Spades}, only to find Watte holding {A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}. The board came {9-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}{K-Spades}{3-Spades}{10-Diamonds}, and Big4aday settled for the agreed-upon amount of $95,778.65 in prize money, while Watte received $96,678.55 for the win. The final payouts were as follows, based on a two-way chop for the top two finalists:

1. Watte        $96,678.55
2. Big4aday    $95,778.65
3. kamizen        $52,728.00
4. cballs25        $43,940.00
5. pro-tilt77        $35,152.00
6. D1rtyR1v3r    $26,364.00
7. KrownKickin    $17,576.00
8. bergeroo        $10,985.00
9. wynnkid        $7,118.28

And to wrap up the Sunday majors, the $1.5 million guarantee Sunday Millions began in the afternoon hours with a massive field of 8.748 players. The prize pool swelled to $1,749,600 to be divvied among the 1,260 finalists, and the quest to find another Sunday Million champion was on.

With the eventual elimination of Smoova in tenth place, the final table was set with cannibal23 as the chip leader with more than 22 million chips, but THE_ALPACA was hot on his trail. Though mozitas was the first to leave in ninth place, it was the downward spiral of cannibal23 that surprised the table. cannibal23 consistently lost chips and finally saw his elimination at the hands of THE_ALPACA, settling for an eighth place finish. Soon after, it was snl112 out in seventh place, at which point play was paused.

Discussions of a chip-chop ensued, and as soon as the numbers were presented to the six survivors, they agreed and played on.

THE_ALPACA continued the aggression, soon eliminating crminalface in sixth place, and subsequently ousting gimmedat17 in fifth, then ADZ124 in the fourth spot. But out of seemingly nowhere came hartwith, who took out $uBzEr0-AK in third to bring it to heads-up action.

It was THE_ALPACA with the lead, holding 53,393,471 in chips, but hartwith had play left with his 34,086,529 stack and came back over a series of hands to take the lead. However, THE_ALPACA doubled back through hartwith to win a 78 million-chip pot and cripple hartwith. The latter was able to double once, but when he tried it again with {8-Spades}{7-Spades}, THE_ALPACA just happened to have pocket eights. The board came {7-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}, and hartwith finished in second place, leaving the Sunday Million title and first place prize to THE_ALPACA. The final payouts, including numbers derived through a deal for the six top finishers, were as follows:

1st place: THE_ALPACA ($174,501.47)*
2nd place: hartwith ($99,707.25)*
3rd place: $uBzEr0-AK ($69,581.45)*
4th place: ADZ124 ($107,432.21)*
5th place: gimmedat717 ($96,668.08)*
6th place: crminalface ($87,389.30)*
7th place: sln112 ($30,618.00)
8th place: cannibal23 ($20,120.40)
9th place: mozitas ($12,247.20)

At approximately 3:00am ET, the Sunday majors on PokerStars were officially wrapped, leaving winners to revel in their accomplishments and others to prepare for next Sunday.

To get in on the Sunday action at PokerStars and discover the satellite opportunities available all week long, download PokerStars now. Use the marketing code “POKERWORKS” and bonus code “Stars50” when signing up to receive a 100% bonus on any deposit amount up to $50.

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