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FTOPS XI - Halfway Through Series With HORSE, Hold’em, PLO

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It’s true. The 11th installment of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) is more than half over. And the action is heating up. The first few events always bring stellar fields because of the excitement of it all, and instead of a slowdown, the players keep coming to the virtual tables in droves. Guarantees are being left in the dust, and some names are beginning to emerge as FTOPS success stories.

That brings us to the middle-of-the-week tournaments, where three took place on Tuesday, February 10, and two followed on Wednesday.

Event 13:  $200 + $16 No-Limit Hold’em w/1 rebuy & 1 add-on

The event began with Full Tilt pro Dag Mikkelsen as the host and 1,210 entrants. As they accumulated 861 rebuys and 805 add-ons, the $300K guarantee was catapulted up to $575,200. The final 135 finishers took home a piece of it, and that included the last Full Tilt pro standing, David Pham, who ended his run in 27th place.

Going into the final table, Kroko-dill and his 1,226,172 chip stack had a slight lead over Eppi80, but holdidona was the short stack with only 107,209. holdidona was the first to go, and nimzon and charoff followed. Im yr bad beat started strong by eliminating holdidona but finally left in sixth place, courtesy of safeT1st, who ended up as the fifth place finisher. jae_rod811 was next to go, and the elimination of Eppi80 in third place set the stage for heads-up action.

The final two started with darrenelias holding a bit of a lead over Kroko-dill, and so was the case when the final hand came down. Both went to see a {9-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{9-Spades} flop, and more chips went into the pot to see the {8-Hearts} on the turn. Kroko-dill pushed all-in for just over 1.1 million with {7-Spades}{5-Spades}, but darrenelias called with {7-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} and the straight. The {J-Clubs} came on the river to leave Kroko-dill with a second place finish. darrenelias became the Event 13 champion with $126,544.00 to show for it.

1st place:  darrenelias        $126,544.00
2nd place:  Kroko-dill        $80,528.00
3rd place:  Eppi80        $58,239.00
4th place:  jae_rod811        $46,735.00
5th place:  safeT1st        $35,259.76
6th place:  Im yr bad beat    $25,884.00
7th place:  charoff            $16,680.80
8th place:  nimzon        $12,079.20
9th place:  holdidona        $8,628.00

Event 14:  $500 + $35 HORSE

One of the most popular tournaments in any series, this one brought 703 players to jump right over the $300K guarantee to a $351,500 prize pool. Hosted by Team Full Tilt member Andy Bloch, the event progressed with Full Tilt friend Ali Nejad finishing in 27th place as the last FTP player standing.

The final table was set with LTBGGTBL holding the chip lead with 583,757 and finding himself at his second FTOPS XI final table was KipsterDK, short with only 48,175. KipsterDK was indeed the first to go in eighth place, followed by chiupilu in seventh. The chip leader took some hits and finally allowed viking47 to take him out in sixth. MavFish and allinstevie were eliminated in the same hand, courtesy of bigdogpckt5s and his flopped trips, and destiny7 finished up in third place, also courtesy of bigdogpck5s.

Heads-up began with bigdogpck5s and his 1,735,327 versus the 1,076,673 of viking47. Though the latter had some room to move, it was bigdogpckt5s who ran away with it, eventually ending it with a stud hand in which viking47 was all-in with {8-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} and bigdogpckt5s showed {6-Spades}{7-Spades}{8-Spades}. bigdogpckt5s made the flush when his cards came {10-Spades} and {A-Spades}, eliminating viking47 in second place and crowning bigdogpckt5s the big one - an FTOPS title and $75,572.50 to go with it.

1st place:  bigdogpckt5s    $75,572.50
2nd place:  viking47        $52,022.00
3rd place:  destiny7        $35,325.75
4th place:  allinstevie        $22,847.50
5th place:  MavFish        $14,411.50
6th place:  LTBGGTBL        $10,193.50
7th place:  chiupilu        $7,381.50
8th place:  KipsterDK        $4,956.15

Event 15:  $200 + $16 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo 6-Max

The third event to be scheduled for Tuesday was a NLHE turbo, and the 2,528 players who registered put the prize pool at $505,600, again past the guarantee of $500K. With Full Tilt pro Brandon Adams serving as the host for the festivities, a total of 306 players cashed, but only six made it to the short-handed event’s final table.

It began with daCav04 in the lead with 1,443,448, but wywrot was close behind with more than 1.38 million, and holding the short stack was Raise_U_To_Hell with 132,890. wywrot was well on the way to the chip lead, first eliminating Jordu77 in sixth place, then Raise_U_To_Hell in fifth. But it was daCav04 who pushed TheComeUp out in fourth to stay in the action.

Suddenly, in the next hand after TheComeUp’s elimination, the three remaining players got involved, two of whom put their tournament lives on the line. wywrot pushed all-in for 622,500 on the button preflop with {5-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}. JustLuck1337 reraised all-in with pocket tens, and daCav04 called and covered them both with pocket kings. The board came {3-Spades}{2-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}, fading all outs and giving wywrot the third place and JustLuck1337 the second place finishes. daCav04 scored the quick victory and the $99,582.98 to go with it.

1st place:  daCav04        $99,582.98
2nd place:  JustLuck1337    $63,098.88
3rd place:  wywrot        $43,582.72
4th place:  TheComeUp        $33,116.80
5th place:  Raise_U_To_Hell    $23,510.40    
6th place:  Jordu77        $15,673.60

Event 16:  $200 + $16 Omaha/8

Beginning the day on Wednesday was an Omaha hi-lo tournament with a $150K guarantee, but 818 players created a $163,600 prize pool to top that. Full Tilt pro Ross Boatman took on hosting duties while the field thinned to the final nine players.

The final table began with bizaaar in the chip lead holding a 593,819 stack, and sitting on the short stack was BombinPocketABU with 182,681. One of the larger stacks was first to go, however, with Pigeon777 taking ninth place. spankenstein left in eighth place, and BigWilli76 left in seventh. DrMcBoy, after being crippled in the previous hand that saw BigWilli76, was eliminated in the next hand in sixth place. jaxx23 took the reigns and sent FELIPE_MOJAVE packing in fifth place and JandT in fourth, while bizaaar did the honors of eliminating BombinPocketABU in third.

The last two players standing started with bizaaar and his 2,014,160 chips versus the 1,257,840 of jaxx23. And it was jaxx23 who mounted a comeback and took the chip lead, which led to the final hand. The two went to see a {3-Spades}{7-Spades}{K-Clubs} flop, at which point bizaaar committed the rest of his chips with {A-Hearts}{A-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}, and jaxx23 called with {A-Spades}{9-Spades}{J-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. The turn was a {5-Spades}, and the {6-Spades} on the turn sealed the deal, giving bizaaar the second place finish and jaxx23 the win, along with $37,628 in prize money.

1st place:  jaxx23                $37,628.00
2nd place:  bizaaar            $23,722.00
3rd place:  BombinPocketABU    $17,587.00
4th place:  JandT                $13,497.00
5th place:  FELIPE_MOJAVE        $10,225.00
6th place:  DrMcBoy            $7,362.00
7th place:  BigWilli76            $4,908.00
8th place:  spankenstein        $3,828.24
9th place:  Pigeon777            $2,781.20

Event 17:  $300 + $22 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max w/rebuys

The event was a resounding success, as the 1,091 players went for 2,100 rebuys and 737 add-ons to create a prize pool of $1,178,400, which put the $1 million guarantee to shame. Full Tilt pro Vivek Rajkumar was at the helm for the craziness that is a rebuy tournament, though it all calmed down by the time the final table arrived.

The final six were led by imabigkidnow, who dominated with 2,229,626 in chips, with fisheater111 holding the second spot with less than half that amount. jordankickz held the 580,707 short stack, though he held on longer than most. fisheater111 was actually the first to go, bluffing his way against UFman2 right into a sixth place finish, followed by GirlsCantPlay in fifth place. UFman2 went on to eliminate mikey34222 in fourth place, and imabigkidnow was gone in third place, courtesy of jordankickz.

Heads-up action ensued with jordankickz out front with 4,589,269 in chips and UFman2 trailing with 1,671,231. It took some time, with the chip lead changing hands and UFman2 finally taking control. jordankickz made his all-in move preflop holding {A-Spades}{Q-Spades}, and UFman2 was there for the call with pocket jacks. The board came {7-Spades}{10-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}, and jordankickz was relegated to second place, while UFman2 claimed the title and sizable $245,696.40 first prize.

1st place:  UFman2        $245,696.40
2nd place:  jordankickz        $163,797.60
3rd place:  imabigkidnow    $116,661.60
4th place:  mikey34222        $87,201.60
5th place:  GirlsCantPlay    $62,455.20
6th place:  fisheater111        $40,065.60

As FTOPS XI prepares to come to a close with its main event on Sunday, there are numerous opportunities to satellite into any one of the remaining tournaments. Download Full Tilt Poker now to get in on the millions of dollars in guarantees still left, and use the bonus code “POKERWORKS” for a 100% bonus on any deposit made up to $600.

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