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FTOPS XI - Events 22 to 24 Wrap to Make Way for 2.5 Million Main

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The three events that preceded the 11th Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) main event were packed with action as players prepared for the main event. In fact, well over $3 million was given away in the three events, which included a $5K buy-in NLHE, in preparation for the “big one” on Sunday. With the FTOPS XI finally wrapping up and only a few chances remaining to grab the most sought-after title in online poker, players came out in force for these three events.

Event 22:  $5,000 + $200 No-Limit Hold’em

The large buy-in, nice structure, and $2 million guarantee warranted this event being broken down into two days, the first of which was Saturday, February 14th. A total of 500 players took time from Valentine’s Day to participate, which bumped the $2 million guarantee out of the way for a $2.5 million prize pool. With $625K awaiting the winner, it looked to be an exciting event. Team Full Tilt member Allen Cunningham hosted the tournament, and Day 1 eventually ended just into the 54-player money mark, as 50 players were given some rest when action halted for the day.

Day 2 began with makspak in the chip lead with 216,993, but as the day progressed and the final table approached, he ended up in 12th place. With the eventual elimination of WinnerFish in the tenth spot, the final nine sat at the final table with fyrtuk in the lead with 574,123, though donivan31 wasn’t far behind; far behind was the distinction given to gboro780 on the 98,640 with the short stack.

First to go was gboro780 at the hands of donivan31, which gave gboro780 ninth place and his second final table of FTOPS XI. Egarim left the tournament in eighth place by way of a hand with holla-athca-boy, who subsequently went out in seventh. donivan31 couldn’t maintain the momentum and was eliminated by fyrtuk in sixth place, and utreg was ousted by Roothlus in fifth.

Roothlus started four-handed action in the chip lead but quickly lost some when fyrtuk doubled through him. fyrtuk then eliminated Wu_Wizard in fourth place with pocket tens over A-Q, and fyrtuk continued the run by sending the best woman out in third when his Q-J rivered a straight to beat the two pair of the best woman.

Heads-up began with fyrtuk and his 2,483,936 chips, while Roothlus held on with 516,064 chips. Roothlus was able to double-up to stay alive, but when he attempted it again, it didn’t work out as planned. Roothlus pushed all-in preflop with pocket tens, but fyrtuk just happened to wake up with pocket queens for the call. The board was brutal for Roothlus, when the {6-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} gave fyrtuk the flopped full house. The {8-Diamonds} on the turn did nothing, nor did the {J-Spades} on the river, eliminating Roothlus, better known to friends as Adam Levy, in second place with $387,500. fyrtuk claimed the win and massive $625,000 prize.

1st place:  fyrtuk            $625,000.00
2nd place:  Roothlus        $387,500.00
3rd place:  the best woman    $281,250.00
4th place:  Wu_Wizard        $218,750.00
5th place:  utreg            $162,500.00
6th place:  donivan31        $118,750.00
7th place:  holla-athca-boy    $77,500.00
8th place:  Egarim        $62,500.00
9th place:  gboro780        $48,750.00

Event 23:  $100 + 9 Pot-Limit Omaha w/rebuys

For those craving the last of the FTOPS PLO action combined with rebuy madness, Event 23 brought it together, and 1,066 players came to the felt for it with Full Tilt pro Josh Arieh as the host. The guarantee was set at $350K, but after 2,364 rebuys and 609 add-ons, the prize pool soared to $403,900. And when everything calmed, they had a final table that included one of the most successful online players today, Chris “MoormanI” Moorman, along with well-known pro Noah “TheProtege3” Schwartz. jellycz held the chip lead with 1,732,365, and quezzmaster had the 221,260 short stack.

Action began with bendeul as the ninth place finisher, and MoormanI took an eighth place finish, courtesy of FinnishNightmre. Not able to hold on to the chip lead, jellycz surprisingly went out in seventh, at which point FinnishNightmre went on somewhat of a rampage, sending TheProtege3 out in sixth and Money579 out in fifth. FinnishNightmre continued by sending SpotLIGHT19 home in fourth and pimpin_pens in third.

Heads-up began with FinnishNightmre holding a 10-to-1 chip lead over quezzmaster, who simply could not catch up. In the end, quezzmaster took his chance with {10-Spades}{8-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}, and FinnishNightmre was there with the call holding {Q-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{8-Spades}{6-Hearts}. The board ran out {4-Clubs}{A-Spades}{6-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}, and FinnishNightmre took down the tournament and more than $90K in prize money.

1st place:  FinnishNightmre    $90,877.50
2nd place:  quezzmaster    $57,555.75
3rd place:  pimpin_pens    $42,611.45
4th place:  SpotLIGHT19    $33,321.75
5th place:  Money579        $25,243.75
6th place:  TheProtege3    $18,175.50
7th place:  jellycz            $12,117.00
8th place:  MoormanI        $9,087.75
9th place:  bendeul        $6,462.40

Event 24:  $120 + $9 No-Limit Hold’em Knockout

The last tournament before the main event drew an enormous field of 9,061 players, which sent the prize pool soaring past the $750K guarantee all the way to $906,100. Full Tilt pro Andy Black took on the hosting duties, and when the tournament reached the final nine, Doglamina was the dominating chip leader with nearly 20 million in chips.

The ninth place finisher was pongu06, and MantaRays followed in eighth, Y2JohnK6 in sixth, and hro1707 in fifth. Doglamina took the reigns and eliminated Akaperion in fourth when pocket kings trumped A-J, but Doglamina couldn’t keep it going. When his pocket sevens came up against the pocket nines of girlyhurly, the latter doubled up and left Doglamina short and out shortly thereafter in third place.

Heads-up started with girlyhurly in the lead over AAs to QQs and never giving it up. The last hand saw both players seeing a flop of {6-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{8-Spades}, at which time the betting and reraising led to AAs to QQs all-in with pocket aces and the overpair. girlyhurly called with {Q-Hearts}{9-Clubs} and top pair. But it was the {Q-Clubs} on the turn that gave girlyhurly the second pair, and the {2-Clubs} on the river left it that way, cracking the aces of AAs to QQs and sending him out in second place. girlyhurly won the tournament and the $144,885.39 first prize.

1st place:  girlyhurly        $144,885.39
2nd place:  AAs to QQs        $90,610.00
3rd place:  Doglamina        $54,336.00
4th place:  Akaperion        $40,774.50
5th place:  hro1707        $31,713.50
6th place:  massicci        $24,464.70
7th place:  Y2JohnK6        $18,122.00
8th place:  MantaRays        $13,591.50
9th place:  pongu06        $9,967.10

With that, the FTOPS XI was ready for the main event, a tournament deserving a recap all to itself.

While it is too late to take part in FTOPS XI, there is no doubt that another Full Tilt Online Poker Series is in the works for the coming months. Taking a look at the massive prize pools distributed during this series, it’s easy to see why so many online poker players join the Full Tilt family.

Download Full Tilt Poker now to begin playing where the pros play. And by using the bonus code “POKERWORKS” when making any deposit up to $600, a 100% bonus will be in the works to get you started on your winning ways.

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