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Third Strike - JJProdigy Accused of Cheating a Third Time

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He’s back…with another cheating incident. Josh Field, better known in the online poker community as JJProdigy, has been accused of cheating on an online poker site for the third time, and he has been banned again. Cake Poker was the latest victim of Field’s cheating escapades, and it may be the last site to allow the admitted rule-breaker to take advantage of other online players.

The first incident occurred in late December of 2007, when Field posted a public apology on the popular 2+2 forum. Admitting to multi-accounting and playing under the age of 18 were among the wrongdoings that he felt warranted an apology. And for breaking the rules - and being caught - he was subsequently banned from playing on PokerStars and PartyPoker. PokerStars went so far as to ban him from playing at live events, such as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, as well. “I loved the game so deeply that I would play at any cost,” he wrote. “I do believe I have matured and developed a sense of morals and personal ethics… I give my word that I will never multi-account again…”

It wasn’t even a full year before Field was posting another apology for being caught cheating again. In September of 2008, he chose the PocketFives forum to apologize for yet more cheating and to acknowledge that he had not yet come clean, despite his last apology. After stating that he still needed to mature and repair the damage he’d done to the game, he said, “I would also live [sic] to say that I am not the poker god that I tend to be talked up to be on the forums… It is unfair how highly I am looked upon as a poker player, as well. No one should ever get some fo the praises I get… I assure you I will do everything in my power to amend my past and move on to a more ethical, aware, and self-understanding future.”

Evidently, the young JJProdigy believes that ethical, aware, and self-understanding ways of being include continuing to break the rules on different sites. Though banned from most of the major websites, Josh Field recently found a home on Cake Poker, but an investigation by the website led to the determination that Field was engaging in multi-accounting activity, thus leading to a ban from playing on the site in the future.

Reports are coming in that Field played with the online moniker OnThatGrind but allowed other players, supposedly ones he was backing in high limit games, to use his account. Cake Poker was watching Field due to his past indiscretions and flagrant disregard for the rules, and while Field did what he wished and assumed he was too good to be caught, Cake Poker was analyzing his play. Once it was determined that there were multiple users on his account, Field was notified of his ban from Cake Poker.

It is not known if Field is allowed to play on any online poker site at this point in time.

The forums have noted that Field is working on another written apology to the online community. Since three strikes equals an out in most circumstances, Field might want to consider going to college to carve out an education and another career for himself. The online poker business may have had its fill of the kid who cannot stop cheating…and apologizing for it.

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