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Poker Pros Hansen and Jorgensen Take to Boxing Ring

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Most poker pros take their differences to the felt, settling friendly disagreements or settling bets with a friendly game of poker. But sometimes, poker pros take it off the felt. That is the case with Gus Hansen and Theo Jorgensen, who have decided to take their good-natured ribbing into the boxing ring, where the admitted friends will fight for the victory, bragging rights, and 200,000 in Danish currency.

Hansen and Jorgensen are scheduled to hold their boxing match on February 21st in Copenhagen, the night of the final table of the European Poker Tour (EPT) Scandinavian Open in the same city. The public is welcome to watch, and it will be aired live on Hansen’s new website called Gus TV.

The idea of the fight came about in 2008, after numerous squash matches between the two determined that Jorgensen was no longer able to win. When Hansen began taunting Jorgensen at shadow-boxing, Jorgensen proposed the match, which will be played for 200,000 DKK, equal to approximately $35,000 in U.S. currency. The caveat came at Hansen’s behest, as he is so sure he will win that he will only accept $25,000 from Jorgensen in that case.

Hansen has been training for nearly two months with Olympic boxing medal winner Johnny de Lima and sparring with Danish boxing star Mikkel Kessler, noting, “Beating up Theo in boxing will be much more enjoyable than winning over him in poker. The sweet taste of victory cannot even be made up in terms of money.”

In an interview with PokerNews, Hansen added that he is a competitor at heart but not a natural fighter. But he anticipates an exciting, no-holds-barred match. “We poker players have a different mindset at the table and that may translate well in boxing. We don’t want to beat each other to a bloody pulp but if we have to give each other a bloody nose to win, we will… Theo will have much better technique - of that I have no doubt - and maybe that edge will be too much for me. But I am in better shape and will be going for a higher-tempo style. I won’t be adopting a defensive style because that would suit Theo and his superior technique; I plan on making it a brawl, a dogfight; I will have more of an edge the more physical the fight is.”

Jorgensen had his own words about the upcoming match, after having spent five months with boxing trainer Poul Duville. “Forget about the money, this is all about the glory. The loser of this fight will definitely hear about it for many years to come.”

In discussing the preparations for the match, he told PokerNews, “Gus is extremely well conditioned. Everyone knows what a great athlete he is, so I think the odds he gave me were fair at the time… It took me two months to learn to throw a punch properly and it’s been really tough, but I feel good about it now. My trainer tells me the second you get in the ring, you forget everything you have learned, so I hope my conditioning will lead the way to victory.

With the fight set for the evening of February 21st in Copenhagen, it seemed like as good a time as any for Hansen to coincide the launch of his new online TV channel, Gus TV, with the boxing match. It will be the first live stream for the website, which is to be followed by new content, supposedly on a daily basis, that will include everything from casual lifestyle videos to poker strategy and hand analysis from various poker tournaments. According to Casino City Times, Hansen has established production studios in Denmark and Las Vegas and has hired a production team to travel the world with him.

The first offering from Gus TV will likely be viewed by many around the world per the amount of press being given to the boxing match. Poker fans are used to hearing about prop bets between poker pros but don’t often get the chance to see them first-hand. With the live airing of the Hansen vs. Jorgensen event, there should be no shortage of viewers.

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