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Poker Pundit Jeremy “Chipsteela” Menard- Poker in Paradise Part 2

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*editor's note - unfortunately the email demons ate the first transmission of this post, hence it is out of sequence to other posts but fantastic reading*

A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold:

Hey well we’re back to the live felt of the PCA , and from where I left off I was getting owned repeatedly by Dario Minieri. I gotta say it doesn’t do good things for a person’s self esteem to get beat in pot after pot by a guy wearing a scarf. Most of the first few levels I spent waiting for an opportunity to play a pot with him in position with a hand that I wouldn’t mind calling him down with.

I finally got an opportunity when he opened for the 688th time at 100-200 blinds, and I looked down at 7-7. I called and we go to a flop which was a 9 high rainbow. He checked to me, which was kinda crazy because he hardly ever checks. I decided to check behind, mostly for pot control reasons, with a hand that has pretty good showdown value. I did expect him to fire on the next two streets though. The turn brought a 5 making the board 3-4-9-5, giving me a gutshot straight draw along with my pair, and it also seemed like a turn he would fire at with a lot of A high type hands as sort of a semi bluff. He bets 2/3rds the pot and I call. The river brings a K, which seems like a blank for all intensive purposes. He bets around 2/3rds the pot again, and I can’t really fathom the idea of folding my hand to this crazy Italian kid, I actually put him on A5 at the time for some reason. I go with my read and call. He turns over J-9o and ships the pot. I’m pretty stunned at the time that he actually had a hand that beat me, but I suppose his image definitely helps him win pots in spots like this.

I am incredibly card dead for the next 2 levels, which wouldn’t usually be too much of problem but with all the action going on at this table it definitely was. Even when I decided to see flops I missed every time. Right when I’m getting short stacked and looking for that one spot where Dario gets out of line and I actually have a monster hand, the tournament director comes over and breaks the table. I am not too happy because I had a great resteal stack and was ready to start shoving them in on the kid. Whatever, new table.

One of the first few hands in at the new table an early position player opens, a player in the cutoff calls, and as soon as it gets to the player in the big blind he shoves in a humongous stack. He has the whole table covered, but both the other players in the hand have at least 40 big blinds as well. They both decide to fold and the other player promptly turns over 2-3o with a grin. I thought that was interesting. So now I’m hovering around 10 bbs and I pick up A-Qs in early position, after the hands I’ve seen all day this looks like gold. I get it in and am actually happy when one of the players calls me. For some reason I think he could show up with a worse hand, I guess I play to much online poker. He has T-T and we’re racing, and since we all know I’m 2-10 in live coin flips I don’t have much of a chance. Good game.
After busting the tournament I, for some reason, decide to go down to the lobby and play online. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. I really just felt like winning something after busting to bring my confidence up, and I think I have a good chance of doing that online. It was Tuesday and the Poker Stars 1k was about to start so I figured why not take a shot at it. Bad idea. I started off doing well, but then somehow managed to take a series of beats to bust me out of all but one tourney. Nothing like one tabling. At this point I’m ready to bust out and go drinking to forget all about the day, but somehow I manage to double up three hands in a row and I decide to take it seriously.

My battery starts dying in my laptop though, so I have to move to find an outlet and I end up right over where Moorman1 and his drunken buddies are causing ruckus in the lobby.

We are getting very close to the money in the tournament and I pick up A-A utg+1. I open for a raise and get called by the player in the big blind who had been playing back at me a lot. The flop is 4-7-8 with two clubs, he checks and I put out a small 1/3rd the pot inducing type bet. It works and he shoves all in. At this point Moorman’s friends are shouting slowroll him in their British accents. This isn’t normally my style, but after the day I had I thought it would be kinda funny. I time banked but didn’t have the heart to let it go all the way down. I call and he has 9-9, and I don’t have to wait long for my karma as the 9 immediately rolls off on the turn. Guess I deserved that, though technically it wasn’t a slowroll because I had nowhere near the nuts. Time for shots!
My girlfriend arrived the next day and it was time for a much needed break from poker. We hit up the waterslides and floated around the lazy river, as I tried to put some tan on my pasty body conditioned by plenty of 12 hour sessions inside playing online all day. We also ate at some great restaurants including one where they cook chateaubriand tableside for you. This was nothing compared to the night we went back to Nobu though. I finally convinced Moorman1, Allinstevie, and some of their friends to come and check the place out. It was hilarious watching them try sushi for the first time; I guess it’s not quite the same as the fish and chips they are used to.

After the sushi we look over the menu and all decide to get this very expensive beef called Waygu or something that is like $42 an ounce and is imported directly from Japan. It was probably a good thing that they were out; instead we had to settle for the steak that was $25 an ounce instead. Good way to blow your bankroll. Needless to say we didn’t play credit card roulette, which I was happy about because with 6 people at dinner I had a 1 in 3 shot at paying the entire bill. I don’t like those odds.  The rest of that night was spent drinking countless Coronas and hanging out with some online poker greats. Good times.

I did decide to take one more shot at poker during the trip. I played the 1k event, and I built up a stack pretty quickly in it. The field was actually pretty awful for a 1k buy-in tournament. Then right before dinner break I played a weird hand against what I can only describe as a monkey of a player. He called a 3 bet pre for nearly half his stack then check raised all in with no fold equity on a 9 high all heart board with 5-5 no heart when I had A-Q with the Q of hearts. Of course his hand holds, mind boggling I tell you.
That’s pretty much it for the trip; I had a great time meeting all the guys I play with on a daily basis and putting faces to the names. It’s good to know there are some cool guys out there in the online world.  I’ll be putting lots of volume in these next few weeks with the hundredth FTOPS coming up; seriously I think they are almost a weekly thing now. Howard Lederer is a smart man. Come back and check and see how it is going, I’m claiming a gold jersey avatar this time around. See ya at the tables guys.

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