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Poker Pundit – Peter ‘Number1pen’ Neff – LAPC and Bluffing Kenny Tran

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A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold:

First I want to congratulate Mike Sowers for his 3rd place finish in the Commerce WPT for 600k+! He’s been around for awhile, is a great player and I’m pretty sure this is his biggest cash, so that’s great for him!

I managed to finish 280 something in the same tournament for $0!!! I had an interesting tournament though. My first table was pretty fishy with no recognizable faces until Kenny Tran sat behind me. I normally never try to go after the only other pro at the table, but it was like he refused to fold to me, so I wasn’t going to back down to him either. I was able to double up the 5th hand of the tournament with KK against T8 on a K97 flop. The player was really bad; he called a 5 bet pre-flop and then shoved into me on that flop. So I was up to 40k early, but back to Kenny Tran.

At one point we had a crazy dynamic between each other playing hand after hand against each other and I don‘t normally try to, but I was able to pull a pretty big bluff off against him. I was on the cut-off with 99 and raised to 600 with blinds at 100-200 with a 25 ante. He was on the button and re-raised to 2100. At this point I thought he was just trying to re-steal from me raising in late position. I didn’t really think folding was an option, as 99 is just too strong against his range. Set mining is ok, but I don’t really want to see a 8 high flop and have to pay off a value bet or 2 to a higher pocket pair. So I thought the best way to play the hand was to try to win the pot pre-flop, and re-re-raise.

He also had a very difficult stack to shove over the top of a 4 bet as he started the hand with 34k. So I made it 6500 hoping to win the pot right there, but he called. The flop came KQJ with 2 spades. I decided to bet 7800 at it hoping he had a small pocket pair, or maybe TT/AJ and would fold. But he called; the turn came a 6h. With 29k in the pot and Kenny’s stack at 20k or so, I thought that there were a lot of hands that beat me that he would lay down to a shove.

I’m sure Kenny isn’t going to make a hero call in this situation from our past; we had been playing straight up and kind of letting the best hand win most of the pots. I also think that my hand looks a lot like JJ-KK and I could get hands like AK/AQ to fold. So I shoved and he tanked for 3-4 minutes before folding (not fun to have Kenny staring you down while u have 4th pair on an all-in). That was a good confidence booster more than anything, and there are significant hands like that that can make you the table captain and I was able to play a lot more pots without Kenny trying to play back at me.

I was able to get up to 65k on day 1 but the rest of the tournament didn’t go so well. My day 2 table had the 2 biggest stacks in the tournament and every hand seemed to have an all in involving Antonio Esfandiari. I had AQ/AK probably 5-6 times on re-raised pre-flop, multi-way pots and just missed every one, I twiddled down to 35k before 4-betting KQ pre-flop and running into AQ.

So after that tourney I was thinking of taking a couple weeks break, but I think I’m playing the celebrity invitational tomorrow (it’s hard to pass up a freeroll). But maybe after that I will. I’m on a 180k downswing and poker is not the most fun thing to do when you’re losing.

Everything else in my life is going great. My dad is planning a trip to Scotland to play golf at St. Andrew’s and asked me to go with him. I haven’t played too much golf lately, but it’s hard to pass up that kind of trip. I went when I was 15 when I was really good at golf, and shot just a few over par, but now I think I would be lucky to shoot under 100. There are a bunch of things that could stop me from going though. He wants to go during the summer which could conflict with the WSOP, and as much as I travel, I HATE long flights! It’s the worst thing in the world for me flying to Europe for 15 hours just to have to fly right back a few days later! Something about being cooped up with very little movement just gets to me.

Let’s see what else? I don’t plan on playing live for awhile; I think the next tournament for me will be the WPT Bay 101, which is on the same date as the 10k at the Wynn, great planning tournament directors!

Oh and SPOILER ALERT! For any Lost fans, last night’s ending was insane! While we’re supposed to believe Locke commits suicide, but it’s revealed that Ben kills him right after Locke tells him who he needs help from. Crazy! I’m way too addicted haha.

Thanks for reading!

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