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The Round Table – Catching up with Adam ‘Roothlus’ Levy

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His tournament scores are exceeding $3,000,000 and growing by the month. Adam Levy brings us up to date on the past few months of his life in poker.

KL: So the last time we talked you had just gone deep in the Main Event. Just shortly after that you made the final table at your first ever WPT event, the Festa Al Lago at Bellagio. Tell me a little bit about that event.

It was a fairly tough field and my day 1 was a little rocky. We started with $45,000 in chips and after day 1 I had a little under $20,000, well under average. On day 2 I skyrocketed up to $200k and was top 10 in chips. I was pretty fortunate the entire day because the only time I was called for my tournament life was when I had AK and my other opponent had AK. So that means I was able to slowly amass chips throughout the day.

After that I chipped up to $420k at the end of day 3 after another rather seamless day. Days 4 and 5 though were truly a grind. After about the 4th level of the day I never had more than 25bbs until the rest of the tournament. Overall, the fact that I was able to make it to my first WPT final table and place 5th was quite an accomplishment for me. The structure was good enough that with such a feeble stack I could still maneuver my way to a final table. The TV final table was really cool and next time I hope to win!

KL: Do you still like to celebrate when you have a big cash, even if it’s not for a win? If so, how do you celebrate?

Yes I do. I feel that because I work so hard to attain these big cashes when I achieve my goal I should certainly take some time off and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Recently when I got 2nd in the FTOPS $5k I took a bunch of friends out to a nice restaurant as well as a bar later that night and picked up the tab for both. I feel it’s my duty to let other friends enjoy in my good fortune as well.

KL: You have also had some big online scores lately, 1 of which the FTOPS you mentioned.
I ran really well to place 2nd in that event. It’s probably one of the most prestigious online tournaments of the year as well as the toughest, so to have such success in this tourney was very fortunate. It was a 2-day event with a phenomenal structure so with around 100 people left the cream of the crop was really rising the top. I, however, was busy nursing a below average stack and ended day one with $20k at 600/1200. I was 43 of 50 going into day 2 and had a ton of work to do.

Day 2 started off well and with 30 left I found myself in the middle of the pack. After having a few crucial holds I was 3 of 9 going into the final table. After two of the best players at the final table busted 9th and 8th I was in a good position to win the tournament. After one crucial hold and one lucky suckout, I found myself 4 handed with 50% of chips in play. I four bet K-Qo into the 2nd largest stack who called with tens and I was relegated to 2nd after losing. If I win that I win the tournament for sure but even after losing the flip I was able to weasel my way to a 2nd place finish. So really I can’t complain at all.

KL: What do you think about the structures of the live tournaments versus the online structures? How do they differ?

I think an average buy-in tournament online has a worse structure than a good live tournament but as you escalate in buy-ins online, the structures get better and better online to the point that they surpass the live structures. The WCOOP structures on PokerStars are incredible and are probably better than some WPT structures. As far as the best average buy-in tournament structures online are concerned I would have to say Ultimate Bet has the best structure in comparison with the other sites. Ultimate Bet really has a lot of play in the early stages and the middle to late stages don’t progress too quickly which is great.

KL: You have finally made the move to the west coast, what prompted that decision?

I don’t enjoy flying too much and most of the tournaments in the U.S. are on the west coast so it just seemed like a smart decision for me to cut down on the traveling. Also, the online tournament schedule caters way more to the west coast so that’s another reason. I can start a tournament at 6PM, win it by 12AM and still enjoy a night out.

KL: What do you have coming up?

I’ve got a busy schedule ahead. I’ll be playing some Wynn prelims, the Bay 101 main event, the WPT championship, the EPT Championship in Monte Carlo, and finally the WSOP. Exhausting right???

KL: Two years ago you taught at a sleep-away summer camp and didn’t play the WSOP at all. Last year you had six cashes and several deep runs. What’s your plan for this year?

I’m going to play the whole Series this year. Hopefully I will have more cashes and more final tables but I’d gladly take a few final tables with less cashes. Heck, I’d even take one cash as long as it’s a bracelet. I will be playing the majority of the events and hope to have even better success this year.

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