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Several Hundred-Thousand-Dollar Winners in PokerStars Sunday Majors

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It was the day of Daylight Savings Time, and losing an hour of time warranted a decision by PokerStars to start the Sunday majors an hour later than usual out of consideration for U.S. players. That put the tournaments on a later schedule.

However the time change affected players, the result was a lower turnout in all of the Sunday majors, some more than others. The Sunday Million was down by more than 500 players, and the others experienced a lesser but distinct downturn. Quite possibly, with spring on the horizon, nice weather in many parts of the world, and a missing hour in the United States, some players skipped the online tournaments in lieu of other activities, like sleep for example.

Nevertheless, the number of entrants in all of the tournaments was still impressive enough to smash all of the guarantees, making for another multi-million dollar Sunday on PokerStars.

Only a week after increasing the player cap for the Sunday Two Hundred Grand, the number of entrants came in just below the previous 30,000 cap. Even so, the 29,999-player field in the $10 + $1 tournament put the $200K guarantee to shame with a prize pool of $299,990. The last 4,270 players standing received an apportioned share of it, but the lion’s share went to marzello, who took $28,499.06 for the first place finish.

The biggest buy-in of the Sunday majors, as always, was the Sunday 500 with its $500 + $30 buy-in. The number of registrants barely hurdled the 1,000 mark with a total of 1,004 players, though that still caused the prize pool to surpass the $500K guarantee. But the $502,000 pool was good enough to allow the top 144 finishers to get paid. In the end, notable finishes at the final table included ckingusc in eighth place and BodogAri in fifth place, but ultimately it was jdepa01fcp who took the $91,615 for first place.

Moving on to the Sunday Warm-Up, it was another exciting tournament that went the distance with enough action for all of the railbirds. The 4,223 players completely disregarded the $750K guarantee in lieu of an $844,600 prize pool. The last 630 players standing got into that money, but it was the members of the final table who were looking at the most substantial portions of it.

That final table began with flex212derde in the chip lead with nearly 8 million chips, but several players in the 6-million range were not far from catching up. LunchTime645 was the short stack but managed to hang on while 00psiedaisy was eliminated in ninth place, but LunchTime645 ended up in eighth. homner was one of the larger stacks going into action but ended up falling in seventh place, followed by cobusie in sixth.

As viksha took control of the table, miw700 was one of the victims, having to leave in fifth place, and viksha then eliminated former chip leader flex212derde in fourth. Ultimately, though, it was grebnrets86 and Brughtality who tangled with three players remaining, and Brughtality was the unfortunate one who had to leave in third place. That left the following heads-up chip counts:

viksha        36,360,842
grebnrets86    5,869,158

Heads-up action only took five hands, and grebnrets86 was never able to gather enough momentum to make a dent in his opponent’s stack. Finally, both players went to see a {10-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{K-Spades} flop, at which point, more betting brought the {4-Clubs} on the turn. Checking led to the {3-Hearts} on the river, which prompted grebnrets86 to push all-in on a bluff with {7-Clubs}{6-Clubs}. However, viksha decided to call with {Q-Hearts}{10-Hearts}, and the pair of tens was enough to eliminate grebnrets86 in second. viksha claimed the $108,953.40 in prize money and the Sunday Warm-Up title.

1st place:  viksha            $108,953.40
2nd place:  grebnrets86        $76,014.00
3rd place:  Brughtality        $50,676.00
4th place:  flex212derde    $42,230.00
5th place:  miw700        $33,784.00
6th place:  cobusie        $25,338.00
7th place:  homner        $16,892.00
8th place:  LunchTime645    $10,557.50
9th place:  00psiedaisy        $6,841.26

Finally, it was the Sunday Million that would wrap up the day/night of tournaments. As usual, the number of players topped the 8K mark, but the aforementioned drop in attendance brought only 8,118 competitors to the table. Nevertheless, the $1.5 million guarantee was bypassed for a nicer $1,623,600 prize pool.

When play at the last two tables was hand-for-hand, several players doubled up, but when lacman730 finally exited in tenth place, another possible elimination was taking place at the other table. Confused1 ended up being ousted by 1stAir, taking a ninth place finish before the final table actually began. The final eight then took their seats with Kurschner in the lead but several players were hot on his heels.

After apestyles doubled through 1stAir, it was the latter who was pushed out in eighth place, followed by George2Loose in seventh. The ever-tough ferminaitor finally left in sixth place, and popular player Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet was right behind in fifth place. The final four then crafted a chip-chop deal before continuing, which led to kuzman89 out in fourth and Kurschner in third place. Heads-up started with the following players and counts:

TheGoingRate    64,572,256
steakstud        16,607,744

In only six hands, TheGoingRate finished off the tournament. The two players first went to see a {7-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} flop, but after the {J-Diamonds} on the turn, steakstud pushed for the rest of his chip stack with {A-Clubs}{7-Spades}. His two pair was eclipsed by the {Q-Diamonds}{4-Hearts} of TheGoingRate for the better two pair, pushing steakstud out in second place. And the player who took the worst of the chip-chop deal ended up with the extra $30K for the win, putting the prize money at $132,081.79.

1st place:    TheGoingRate    $132,081.79
2nd place:    steakstud        $127,661.43
3rd place:    Kurschner        $132,955.39
4th place:    kuzman89        $105,097.14
5th place:    apestyles        $57,637.80
6th place:    ferminaitor        $41,401.80
7th place:    George2Loose    $28,413.00
8th place:    1stAir            $18,671.40
9th place:    Confused1        $11,365.20

With that, the Sunday majors were a wrap, but that leaves less than a week before another PokerStars Sunday with millions of dollars on the line. Satellites will be running for the major tournaments during the week, so download PokerStars now to get started!

When setting up your account for the first time, don’t forget to use the bonus code “Stars50” and marketing code “POKERWORKS” to receive a 100% bonus on any deposit amount up to $50. Those codes also automatically qualify you for $2,000 weekly freerolls. PokerStars offers so many opportunities to cash in. Why not give it a shot?

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