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Everest E-Report: All in the Player State of Mind

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Articles have been written on the topic of the mind’s affect on poker play, but Everest Poker took it one step further. Their event coordinators conducted six months worth of research to examine the differences between experienced live tournament players versus first-timers, and those who were well-rested and prepared versus those who were sleep-deprived and anxious. And in the end, a plethora of factors had a major influence on players’ performances.

Everest Poker sent several of their European event coordinators off to the field of live tournament poker to observe the characteristics of players. The purpose of the original experiment was to see if national characteristics contribute to their levels of success, during which time they found that players from different countries certainly had different playing styles. However, it prompted the second survey, which was to look more closely at players’ state of mind and how it influenced their play. The researchers came to several conclusions.

First, upon speaking with and observing Everest Poker promotion winners who won seats into their first live poker tournaments, there was a consistent theme. Even though Everest Poker awards money to handle all of the pertinent nights in the hotel at the tournament location, including the night before the event, many players pocket that money and choose to fly in on the morning of the event. Thus, they were tired and nervous, as there had been no time to become familiar with the surroundings and get a solid night’s rest. Most are eliminated from the tournament near the beginning of the first day.

Second, first-time live tournament players are often thrown off their game by instances like tables being broken or being put on a featured, filmed table. Players who are not used to the physical table changes in a live tournament often find themselves losing stride and confidence when moved to a new table. And those who are faced with television cameras for the first time often have a hard time adjusting to the situation.

Everest Poker Dutch event coordinator Mariken Hogenhout noted, “I have seen many players playing well, looking relaxed, but when faced with the TV table they suddenly play far too tight. This is because they are aware every hand is being analyzed and they do not want to be considered fish!”

Third, players’ personal lives have a direct effect on the way they play. Those who are happy in their lives, whether in a solid, strong relationship or willingly single, have better results overall and in the long run. But when something happens to disrupt their focus, like a relationship break-up or other life-changing event, their positive poker results disappear until the situation is resolved.

All in all, numerous factors contribute to players’ ability to thrive in a live tournament setting. Many of them are so confident in their actual poker skills that they neglect to pay proper attention to their mental preparedness.

Maria Maceiras, one of the Team Everest players and multiple tournament winners, confirms: “There is no doubt that I play better when I am rested and when I am happy in myself. When you see a player arrive to the table tired or obviously nervous you make sure you go on the attack from the start as you do not want to let them settle.”

Experienced tournament pros often see the characteristics of first-timers and take advantage. But with a little concentration on relaxation and positive thought processes, a first-time tournament player could easily shock the field and take down an incredible victory.

Everest Poker offers numerous opportunities for their players to have that experience and play in live tournaments all over the world. Download Everest Poker now to begin playing satellites and qualifiers for your chance.

When signing up, use the bonus code “PNEWS200” to earn a $200 bonus through regular site play. In addition, through the use of that code, you will be entered in weekly $500 freerolls on the site. PokerWorks and Everest Poker have teamed up to offer these freerolls once per week throughout the 2009 year. All that is required is 10 Summit Points earned through site play, and you can take advantage of the freerolls!

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