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Are You Ready to be the Gladiator on Party Poker?

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The historically celebrated Gladiator was known as a professional fighter, who in the days of ancient Rome often fought other gladiators, sometimes to the death, just for the entertainment of spectators. Though often hailed as a hero, his only reward was the very preservation of his life. But at Party Poker, the challenge of the Gladiator is to professionally battle in the poker arena during 25 days of the most intense poker action.

The bravest players will be fighting to the death of their opponent’s chips, when they provide entertainment for spectators and offer some of the hottest competition among online poker players! Their reward will be cash riches when they earn the most Party Points they can until April 25th! The goal is to earn the Party Poker daily minimum target of only 10 points for at least 10 days during the promotional period and players who hit that target will win a prize of at least $5 by the end of the Gladiator promotion! Set your goals high, because the more days you earn the minimum of 10 Party Points, the larger your prize will grow - so get out there and do battle!

To jump in the Gladiator arena, Download Party Poker and use the code: PW25FREE to receive our Special Bonus of $50 FREE when you follow the instructions, or 100% up to $500 deposit bonus! Then, just for doing what you love, playing the awesome game of poker, you can win some serious cash after your 25 days of play! What’s more, your points don’t all have to be earned on consecutive days for you to succeed in this arena. Party Poker will count the number of days you achieved your goals for you and then you will be awarded your prize! Therefore, you can earn your 10 points each day for 10 days, and then take a five-day break. Come back from your time off and once again earn 10 points on 10 more days during the promotional period and you will still be awarded your prize for earning 10 points on 20 days.

From $5 for earning 10 points for 10 days to earning $1,000 for earning 200 points for 20 days, it’s all up to you, how much cash you want win! And there are plenty of bountiful amounts of cash that you can earn in between. If you earn the minimum of 10 daily points for a full 20 days, you will receive $15. Double those daily points to $20 for 20 days and you will get $40! For 100 daily points for 20 days, you’ll take home $200 and double those points for 20 days and you’ll walk away with $400!

Reach the hailed ancient status of being a popular hero, only this time the Gladiators emerge without a scratch as they pocket the cash!

Jump in the arena, join the party at Party Poker today and start earning your points in the Challenge of The Gladiator! Your cash rewards await you at the end of your battle!

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