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SCOOP Events 13-16 Winners Include Khan and Mizrachi

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In its seventh and eighth days, the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) had about $3 million more in store for its tournament competitors. Players flocked from around the world to PokerStars for the opportunities to play some razz, stud, mixed games, and standard no-limit hold’em, but several of the events had highly recognizable winners. With names like Michael Mizrachi, Hevad Khan, and Daniel Alaei claiming SCOOP titles, it was more than the tournament organizers could have asked for.

With that, let’s get into those four events, which consisted of 12 tournaments and played out in recent days.

Event 13:  FL Razz

Razz games bring a special kind of player to the felt, those looking for action that can be very exciting as well as spirit-crushing. While many say it takes a strong player to handle a razz tournament, there were 117 of them that came out for the high stakes portion of Event 13. Those who paid the $2100 to compete made for a $234,000 prize pool, which was well over the $150K guarantee. Only 12 of the players would make the money, and the final eight would make the final table. That elite group consisted of several well-known players, including Barry Greenstein , Josh Arieh, Daniel Alaei, and Justin Smith.

While Smith finished in eighth place, Arieh in sixth, and Greenstein in third, it was Alaei playing as “steamraise” going into heads-up action with adanthar for the title. Alaei started with the chip lead, but adanthar came back to command a lead for awhile, but Alaei regained it, then crippled his opponent and brought it to the final hand. adanthar moved all-in on sixth street and finished with a 10-9, but Alaei had a 10-7 to win it and claim a SCOOP title.

1st place:    steamraise  ($63,765)
2nd place:    adanthar  ($43,290)
3rd place:    barryg1  ($32,760)
4th place:    7CardRyon  ($22,230)
5th place:    gunning4you  ($16,380)
6th place:    nitbuster  ($12,285)
7th place:    GrowingPains  ($9,945)
8th place:    Boosted J  ($7,605)

In the medium stakes portion of the event, the $215 buy-in garnered a field of 713 players, which made the prize pool $142,600, notably over the $100K guarantee. Only 104 players finished in the money, but the final two fought for the majority of it, and dimmmmi1 finally overtook raconteur to take the title.

1st place:    dimmmmi1  ($26,737.00)
2nd place:    raconteur  ($19,251.00)
3rd place:    betgo  ($14,260.00)
4th place:    netix  ($10,695.00)
5th place:    get crunk  ($7,130.00)
6th place:    denimmined  ($4,991.00)
7th place:    CyberCow  ($3,208.50)
8th place:    GB2005  ($2,139.00)

The low $22 buy-in version of Event 13 brought a whopping 2,945 players to the tables, which shot past the $25K guarantee to create a $58,900 prize pool for low stakes razz. But in the end, it came down to only two for the title, with no clear winner in sight until Anubis147 took the chip lead and didn’t look back, finally defeating AJB444 for the SCOOP win.

1st place:    Anubis147  ($8,443.00)
2nd place:    AB444  ($7,943.00)
3rd place:    Zockerdima  ($5,301.01)
4th place:    GeraldoCesar  ($4,123.01)
5th place:    Fire Grill  ($2,945.01)
6th place:    millwall13  ($1,767.01)
7th place:    frenchylucky  ($883.51)
8th place:    rideja  ($530.11)

Event 14:  NLHE 6-max

What many players waited for was another straight no-limit hold’em tournament with no rebuys, and the six-handed tables were a bonus. The high stakes level of this event involved a $5200 buy-in and drew 331 players to make the prize pool $1,655,000, well past the $1.25 million guaranteed by PokerStars. As players made it into the final 36 spots for the money, Peter Eastgate was there for Team PokerStars to cash in 24th place.

But when the final table came about, it was Sifosis in the lead, though that player didn’t hang on to it for long. Only Hoss_TBF and garompon made it to heads-up action, with the former dominating in chips. Eventually, the two agreed to a chop with $25K left behind, though that did nothing to speed up the tournament. The end didn’t come until nearly two hours later when garompon held a {A-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} over the {K-Diamonds}{10-Spades} of Hoss_TBF. The board blanked, and garompon took the massive $328K prize money.

1st place:    garompon  ($328,295.52)
2nd place:    Hoss_TBF  ($288,846.98)
3rd place:    <  ($190,325.00)
4th place:    gator93  ($132,400.00)
5th place:    Sifosis  ($99,300.00)
6th place:    agriffrod  ($66,200.00)

With a medium stakes level of the NLHE tournament set at $530, there were 1,714 players who built the prize pool up to $857,000, which surpassed the $500K guarantee. When it came down to the final heads-up match, where the big money was to be found, Roach11 started with a massive chip lead and kept it to claim victory over Unst0pab13.

1st place:    Roach11  ($134,977.50)
2nd place:    Unst0pab13  ($100,697.50)
3rd place:    gavz101  ($74,987.50)
4th place:    thorladen  ($49,277.50)
5th place:    charder30  ($33,594.40)
6th place:    doncarignano  ($19,196.80)

And then there was the low stakes $55 tournament that brought players of all calibers and bankrolls to make for a total field of 8,301. That brought the prize pool to $415,050 and left the $250K guarantee in the virtual dust. The final 1,500 players finished in the money, but it was Hevad Khan who sat in a tight fight for first place on the leaderboard going into the final table but making it to heads-up as the severe underdog. Not counting himself out, the two battled it out and RaiNKhAN found himself as the winner of a prestigious SCOOP title, which brought some very excited chat messages from Khan that all wrapped up with, “Oh man, I’m so happy.”

1st place:    RaiNKhAN  ($58,107.01)
2nd place:    Max Katz  ($40,467.38)
3rd place:    jmw71785  ($28,015.88)
4th place:    calexc123  ($16,602.01)
5th place:    da ItchY 84  ($8,301.01)
6th place:    MrSmokey1  ($5,188.13)

Event 15:  8-Game Mixed

Instead of the five-game HORSE event, many players crave even more mixed-game action, and the 8-game event gave it to them, as it consisted of limit 2-7 triple draw, limit hold’em, limit Omaha 8, razz, 7-card stud, stud 8, no-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha. Those not intimidated by that format or the $4,175 buy-in totaled 84 and brought some of the biggest names in the game to the tables. While Daniel Negreanu bubbled the final table but finished in the money, it was MUSTAFABET who led at the start of the final table.

But the only two who made it to heads-up action were what is 7x6 and pycb, the former holding somewhat of a chip lead, though that made no difference. After an hour and a half of back-and-forth action, the match was decided in a razz hand with pycb trailing in chips and ending up with a pair of queens, which was no good against the trips of what is 7x6, who won the tournament.

1st place:    what is 7x6  ($100,800)
2nd place:    pycb  ($67,200)
3rd place:    MUSTAFABET  ($50,400)
4th place:    canes3418  ($33,600)
5th place:    MyRabbiFoo  ($25,200)
6th place:    Jaqueline  ($18,480)

The $425 buy-in medium level 8-game tournament brought 444 brave souls to the event, which made for a $177,600 prize pool and surpassed the $150K guarantee. And SLOPPYKLOD went from one of the lower stacks at the beginning of the final table to heads-up action to beat out teacuppoker in the end to grab the title.

1st place:    SLOPPYKLOD  ($33,744)
2nd place:    teacuppoker  ($24,864)
3rd place:    osten  ($18,204)
4th place:    needurstake  ($12,432)
5th place:    MOJOEX1  ($8,880)
6th place:    SirWatts  ($5,683.20)

And the low buy-in offered that 8-game mix for only $44, an offer accepted by 2,178 players up for the challenge. The $87,120 prize pool went far past the $25K guarantee and offered cash payouts to the top 390 finishers. But the last two standing were thehoffa and TheBigViking, the former of whom took down the title.

1st place:    thehoffa  ($13,721.41)
2nd place:    TheBigViking  ($10,018.81)
3rd place:    Mr. KY  ($7,405.21)
4th place:    SebbyG1  ($4,971.61)
5th place:    OniK  ($3,049.21)
6th place:    King Kanius  ($1,556.84)

Event 16:  7-Card Stud

The last event in this two-day span was the 7-card stud, and the high stakes version of it found 51 players going for the $3,150 buy-in. The prize pool was up to $153,000, just barely passing the $150K guarantee from PokerStars. For so few players, it took quite a long time to reach the final table, which was set with Hoss_TBF in the chip lead.

But the final two players standing were NEWYLUCK and jmonnett, the latter of whom had the chip lead going in and never let up on his opponent. The last hand found NEWYLUCK all-in with a gutshot draw and pair of deuces, but jmonnett finished him off with a pair of eights to win.

1st place:    jmonnett  ($56,610)
2nd place:    NEWYLUCK  ($38,250)
3rd place:    in_da_riva  ($22,950)
4th place:    skalexjung  ($15,300)
5th place:    Hoss_TBF  ($11,475)
6th place:    Lenny  ($8,415)

For the medium stakes buy-in of $320, a total of 56 players came to the tables, not much more than the high-stakes field number. The prize pool was $103,200, only a few thousand more than the $100K guarantee, but it was good enough for the players. And when it came down to heads-up, familiar name The Grinder (Michael Mizrachi) came in with about a 2-to-1 chip lead over JohnnyDepp. It didn’t take much time at all for The Grinder to whittle down his opponent and claim victory.

1st place:    The Grinder  ($19,608)
2nd place:    JohnnyDepp  ($14,448)
3rd place:    FinalFence  ($10,836)
4th place:    slakexjung  ($7,740)
5th place:    goleafsgoeh  ($5,160)
6th place:    Operga  ($3,612)
7th place:    Splinter59  ($2,580)
8th place:    MickBt23  ($2,064)

And wrapping up the action was the low buy-in version of the stud event, which offered a $33 buy-in for the 1,592 players who took the bait. The subsequent prize pool was $47,760, well past the $25K guarantee originally offered. But in the end, it was pjk713 who came to the final table with the chip lead and parlayed that into a spot in the heads-up action, though EgyptPharaoh made off with the win in the end.

1st place:    EgyptPharaoh  ($7,428.68)
2nd place:    pjk713  ($6,694.92)
3rd place:    mikef777  ($4,537.21)
4th place:    putr1  ($4,537.21)
5th place:    The1Messiah  ($2,388.01)
6th place:    sonajero  ($1,432.81)
7th place:    blakd005  ($955.21)
8th place:    Dethlefsen  ($477.61)

That wrapped two more days of SCOOP action, though several remained before the tournament series was over. With satellites running for all tournaments and handy for any bankroll level, it’s time to take your chance on some of the millions of dollars yet to be awarded.

Download PokerStars now and be sure to use the bonus code: Stars50 to get a 100% deposit bonus up to $50!, and a seat in the weekly $2,000 freerolls.

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