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The Round Table – Sights and Sounds from the Brunson Beer Pong Invitational II

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The Brunson family’s 2nd annual beer pong tournament kicked off Monday April 13th just after 4pm in the afternoon at downtown Las Vegas bar Hogs and Heifers. I headed to the event with Adam ‘Roothlus’ Levy, Peter ‘number1pen’ Neff, and Dan ‘Wretchy’ Martin.

When we arrived the place was already packed and full of eager participants. I immediately saw Lee Watkinson and Lee Markholt practicing before the tournament kicked off. They mentioned that neither of them drink and neither had ever played before.

Some of the other teams included Hollywood Dave Stan and Erica Schoenberg, Michael and Nick Binger, Jon Friedberg and Liv Boeree, and Mark ‘P0kerh0’ Kroon and Tracey ‘Fatcats’ Scala. Once all the teams were assigned to their specific tables, those that were playing the first round got ready to throw.

If you haven’t played before,
basically the idea behind beer pong is to throw a ping pong ball into cups full of beer. The team that gets the balls in the cups first wins. OK, so that’s an express explanation, but you can google it if you want the full definition.

A couple of the teams decided to get involved with a $200 per team last longer bet. I never did see who all was participating, but I know it included myself and my teammate Roothlus, Peter Neff and teammate Dan Martin, Brett ‘Gank’ Jungblut and teammate Todd Brunson, and Jeff Madsen and teammate Brandon Cantu.
Adam and I didn’t play till the 3rd round, so we both spent our time waiting sweating the other games. The first game that I watched was Scott Ian and Gary ‘Debo34’ Debonardi try and take on some pretty intense locals. Oh I should mention that there were a couple teams that worked for the bar that were playing and some of them were pretty damn good.

Since Scott and Debo found themselves up against one of those teams they weren’t able to pull through with the win. Shortly after losing Scott headed over to Caesars to play in a tournament before he had to hop on a plane to New York City the next morning to lay down vocals for his upcoming Anthrax record.

Back at beer pong…Brandon and Jeff were able to take down their first match with a little bit of crap talking and some good shooting.
Once it was my turn, Roothlus and I just couldn’t pull it out. We got the unlucky draw of locals that play all the time and even though it was close we wouldn’t be walking away with the trophy or the last longer cash this year.

After I busted my match I decided to sweat Peter Neff and Dan Martin who were on to their second match after defeating their first round team. Dan’s friend Mike decided to bet against his friends so he and I made a friendly wager on the game. The boys won and I collected my cash. I decided to go again on the next round where I bet again on Peter and Dan, but this time I bet with a couple different people. The guys won yet again and I kept padding my pockets.

Now, since there was drinking involved my recollection of the order of who played who may be off, but I know at some point Gavin Smith showed up and bet against his good friends Jeff and Brandon as they took on Dan and Peter. It was a good bet as Dan and Peter were into the finals against Todd and Brett.

The final match was a best out of 3 set up with the winner taking home an enormous trophy complete with a fake cup of beer on top. By the way, there was also a trophy for best shit talker. This was won by none other than Todd Brunson, who by the way is very good at beer pong!

Anyways the first match of the 3 was won by Dan and Peter, second match went to Brett and Todd and it all came down to the final match where in a short amount of time the young guns Dan and Peter were able to take it down.
By the end of it all everyone was pretty tipsy and found their way over to a nearby casino. After stopping by some of the pit games a big group had formed upstairs in the poker room where we convinced the floor to let us play a 14 handed $1-$2 no limit game.

Michael Binger, Nick Binger, Will ‘The Thrill’ Failia, Jason Young, Allie Prescott, Gavin Smith, Liv Boeree, Adam Levy, Brandon Cantu, Jeff Madsen, and a few others all bought in for $100 each.
As could be expected playing at those stakes it was all in with multiple callers every single hand and when I went to leave it appeared that Jason Young was the big winner of the night, sitting with over $600 in front of him.

The rest of the week has been pretty calm; except for that one crazy night where we played pin the tail on the donkey for Scott Seiver’s birthday. You know how Vegas can be!

This weekend is Jennifer Harman’s 3rd annual SPCA Charity tournament along with the $25,000 WPT Championship. Til then!

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