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The Round Table – JC Alvarado SCOOPs

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After signing with PokerStars a couple months ago as their newest Team Pro, JC Alvarado already has a major online title under his belt. On April 13th JC took down the midstakes [$1050 buy-in] SCOOP Main Event, besting a field of 3198 players and cashing for $502,086.
KL: How many of the SCOOPs had you been playing?
I played eight.

KL: Any results?
I cashed five but they were all for the min or something small, until that one tiny win at the end :).
KL: Where were you playing the SCOOPs?
Well, for the Main Event I had just gotten back from vacation at 3 am the night before and I just stayed at my aunt’s house. All I did was lock myself in the room with my laptop.

KL: How many tournaments did you play on Sunday, when the Main Events started?
Not sure exactly but I played 4 SCOOPs and a couple others.

KL: Tell me about the 1k from the start - was it rocky or pretty smooth?
It was smooth all along really, I just happened to run better than I ever have in my life.  

KL: On day 1 what was a critical hand for you?
I had 9-9 in the big blind and the small blind completed, I raised and he shoved. It would have left me with a really short stack and he had {A-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds} he flopped a flush draw and I had a miracle hold.  

KL: Do you like the two day set up of these tournaments?
Yea I think it's great.

KL: What did you do after play ended for the night?
Well, I was pretty upset because I had to be at a photo shoot early the next day. By early I mean 11 am but with Mexico's traffic that meant I had to be up by 9, and they wouldn't take no for an answer. So I tried going to sleep as fast as I could, it was 4 am but after 14 hrs of online poker it's hard to fall asleep right away. I ended up sleeping at 5am and waking up at 9:30.
KL: How did you feel going into the final table?
During the final 18 I was very nervous that I'd bubble or something awful would happen.   Then two of the good players busted and I doubled up. When the final table started I was in a good chip position and by then I was fairly confident that I'd win it.
KL: Who was your toughest opponent throughout the tournament?
It's hard to have a tough opponent when you get A-A and K-K every hand, but there was a guy named TCblade I think, and he was the only player that I thought was really good and could give me a very hard time.

KL: Tell me about a crucial hand at the final table - a hand you feel propelled you towards the win.
I had J-J in the small blind and raised, the big blind who was playing very poorly called my raise. The flop came 9-8-3 all hearts and I had no heart. I bet and he basically puts me all in. I couldn't fold and he had {K-Hearts}-6x and I somehow managed to hold again for all my chips and a monster pot.

KL: What did you do right after you won?
I stood there in shock for a while and refreshed my cashier a few times. Then my friend picked me up and we went to dinner. The next day I caught a plane to Argentina and that was pretty much all I did.

KL: How are you celebrating?
I don't know yet, I wanted to throw a big party but the more I think of it the less I want to.
KL: Why did you go to Argentina?
I'm playing the PokerStars LAPT Main Event here in a city named Mar Del Plata.  It's beautiful here and the people are very nice, I've had a lot of fun.

KL: What will you do with the money you won?  
I'll probably invest and buy an apartment in Mexico.
KL: What do you have coming up in the next couple months?
Not much, I think I'm skipping Monte Carlo and just taking it easy until the World Series starts. I'll try to enjoy the apartment hunting process, get in shape and get better at poker by playing a lot on PokerStars.

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