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Poker Pundit – Peter ‘number1pen’ Neff - It’s Easier to Win in Beer Pong Than in Poker

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A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold:

It’s been another 7 years since my last blog, so I have a lot to cover since my last entry. Let’s see, first poker... I played in the Bay 101 WPT in San Jose, California which I went out of my way to play because I have some family up in San Francisco that I have been meaning to visit. My aunt and uncle let me stay at their place, where there are 2 year old twin girls running around the house, so I didn’t get much rest but they are a blast to play with.

Anyways, I ran pretty bad there, losing a couple silly hands to bad players where I couldn’t figure out how they were in the hands when they showed down. There was one guy that called a re-raise out of position with 5-2o, called a c-bet on a T-3-7 flop and hit a 5 on the river when I checked down my A-K, lol whatever. Then I lost a race with J-J v K-Q late on day 1 to bust.
After Bay 101 I went to Bellagio for the WPT championship series. But before I could play any poker, there was a 32 team beer pong tournament that had to be played. It took place at Hogs and Heifers; a biker bar in down town Las Vegas. Let’s just say I felt out of place with a clean shave and 0 tattoos/piercings. But regardless, I was ready to beat a bunch of poker players that have a fraction of the beer pong experience I do. I was teamed up with Dan Martin, and we went through our first game pretty easily, winning by 3-4 cups. Our second game was against a guy and a girl who was smoking; looks and shot. She probably made 6 or 7 cups, but we were ahead most of the game. When it got down to 1 cup for us, she got distracting taking clothes off and saying she’s all wet, I must admit, it was hard to concentrate. But having looked at disgusting things to make a beer pong shot in my past, I was able to focus and make the last cup and we moved on.

Our third round game was scary at first. These 2 guys were wearing uniforms and were a traveling beer pong team. Dan and I played our best game here and won in just a few turns, making 2 cups at the end, not giving them a shot at a rebuttal. In the semi-finals we beat Jeff Madsen and Brandon Cantu, who were no match for us as we steam rolled into the finals against Todd Brunson and Bret “gank” Jungblut. It was best of 3 and after splitting the first 2 games, we were both down to our last cup in the final game. There were at least 3 rebuttals but we were finally victorious after I made it one last time and they couldn’t sink the last cup to extend the match. Overall it was a great time with some fun people and bragging rights are awesome to have over everyone you play poker with on a daily basis.
So then I was at Bellagio for two 5k prelims and the 25k main event and lost all of them lol. The 25k was a great structure, starting with 100k chips and 50-100 blinds, I got up to 140k at one point, but lost a few big pots and was finally knocked out with Q-Q v A-K late in day 2. It is usually one of the toughest fields to play through and some great players made the final table including some of my friends in Shannon Shorr, Christian Harder, and Yevgeny Timoshenko who ended up winning it for over 2.1mil!
While I was there poker wasn’t all bad on the trip. I won the Sunday 100r on PokerStars for 67k, won a WSOP ME seat and won some other small tourney for 11-12kish. So no complaints about poker. To be honest, I was just happy to be up a little on the trip and get back home to LA. But soon after getting back home, I found out that there was no way out of a Monte Carlo seat I had won, so I had to leave for that just a couple days after getting back to LA. So I here I am after just finishing my first day of Monte Carlo with 32,600 chips from a 30k starting stack lol.
My day 1 was weird though. It’s a little different playing in Europe than the United States. I feel like everyone knows me in the U.S., but when I’m playing in Europe, probably no one knows who I am or my playing style. I definitely like it better that way because you can get away with things like over-betting when you have the nuts or making donkish plays just to get a loose image and if you’re playing for 8 hours with the same people, image plays a large part in your game. I was able to get paid off when I had top set and then once more when I had top 2 pair and bet big on the river. I was up to 50k at one point, but then got moved to a much better, younger (no offense old people) table and was 4-bet once when I was re-raising light with 5-5 and lost a hand with A-T on a A-K-4-3 board where my opponent bet big on the turn and I decided to fold. So I am off to play day 2 soon and then going home in a few days where I’m about due for a break from poker, but then again FTOPS 187 is coming up, so I’ll play a little in that before the WSOP starts.
Thanks for reading and good luck on the tables!

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