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PokerStars Sunday Majors Offer Overlays for Mothers Day

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It was another healthy Sunday of tournaments on PokerStars to coincide with Mother’s Day on May 10, though the holiday to honor the mothers of the world saw a temporary drop in attendance in some of the events. For those who played, that left overlays galore.

The five Sunday majors breezed by that reduction in participation, as the decrease was not tremendous considering another major online series was taking place at Full Tilt Poker and Mother’s Day kept some from playing. The Sunday tournaments always seem to sustain their popularity through holidays and return with a bang the following week. With only two more Sundays before the 2009 World Series begins, prize pools are likely jump beginning next week.

To start things off, as tradition dictated, the Sunday Warm-Up put the online community in the mood with a $750K guarantee. The $215 buy-in tournament drew 3,447 players, which was far less than usual and caused PokerStars to kick in with their $750,000 prize pool for the top 495 players. The overlay sat at $60,600 for players, and it was a fight to the finish for those looking to make the final table.

That final table started with Iftarii holding a significant chip lead over the rest of the table with an 11,507,963 stack, as none of the other players could even boast of more than 5 million. But gettn deep was off to gather chips from the leader as well by knocking out ggdj in ninth. Jan2000 went about eliminating wastar$ in eighth, and JBlaze20 took out FrandsenDK in seventh and rd4aces in sixth. Iftarii finally fell to Jan2000 after being hurt by Dutchvinny, and with four players remaining, a chip-chop deal was struck before play resumed. Finally, it was Jan2000 who left in fourth and JBlaze20 in third place to leave the last two players standing.

Dutchvinny came to heads-up action with a more than two-to-one lead over gettn deep, and it only took twenty hands or so before the final hand went down. It started with the two going in to see a {J-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{A-Clubs} flop. More betting led to the {10-Spades} turn, at which point gettn deep pushed the remainder of his chips into the pot with {J-Spades}{10-Hearts} and two pair. But Dutchvinny showed {Q-Clubs}{3-Clubs} for the straight draw. The {8-Diamonds} on the river made the straight and gave Dutchvinny the victory and more than $82K for it.

1st place:    Dutchvinny ($82,259)
2nd place:    gettn deep ($70,418)
3rd place:    JBlaze20 ($73,512)
4th place:    Jan2000 ($84,309)
5th place:    Iftarii ($31,875)
6th place:    rd4aces ($24,375)
7th place:    FrandsenDK ($16,875)
8th place:    wastar$ ($9,375)
9th place:    ggdj ($6,000)

Next up was the Daily Eighty Grand Sunday Special, a once-a-week version of the popular daily event that offers a special $200K guarantee for the $55 buy-in. A total of 4,536 players turned out for it, pushing the prize pool to $226,800 for the 675 finalists. In the end, it was hellion who defeated fergwrx for the weekly title and $29,030.40 first prize.

The Sunday 1/4 Million was also on the agenda with its $250K guarantee. The $11 buy-in attracted 27,537 players to push the prize pool just past the guarantee with a total of $275,370 for the last 4,500 players standing. But the last two of them remaining at the end of the tournament were Bridger T and cherrie.pop, with Bridger T coming out on top to win the $24,783.31 first place money.

The ever-popular Sunday Million got underway with its $1.5 million guarantee and $215 buy-in, but only 6,947 players took part in this week’s festivities. That allowed the PokerStars guarantee to kick in and offer a $110,600 overlay for the group. In the end, 990 players were in the money, but only nine would make the coveted final table.

It was Jonesie03 leading the final table pack with more than 12 million chips, but benpatt was not far behind. The first elimination came quickly as Jonesie03 took out cainearized in ninth, and jkidd1084 was the next to go in eighth, followed by MBNJR in seventh and fishfinder22 in sixth. benpatt finally went down in fifth place, and the final four paused the game to discuss a deal with chip counts. The talks were successful, and $30K was left out for the winner as play resumed to determine who would receive it. El_Canonero left a bit later in fourth, and In8desyr eventually took third.

Only two remained, and NORCALonica boasted of more than a two-to-one lead over Jonesie03, but the two exchanged the lead quite a few times over the duration of the long heads-up match. Finally, Jonesie03 came back from a short stack several times and attempted it with {8-Clubs}{2-Clubs} preflop. Little did that player know that NORCALonica had pocket sevens with which to make the call. The flop brought a flush draw for the short stack when it hit {K-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}{5-Hearts}, and the {2-Hearts} on the turn gave Jonesie03 more outs. But the {5-Diamonds} on the river allowed NORCALonica’s hand to hold up, which was good for the victory and more than $150K.

1st place:    NORCALonica ($163,430.56)
2nd place:    Jonesie03 ($152,036.55)
3rd place:    In8desyr ($135,163.04)
4th place:    El_Canonero ($148,769.85)
5th place:    benpatt ($63,000.00)
6th place:    fishfinder22 ($48,000.00)
7th place:    MBNJR ($33,000.00)
8th place:    jkidd1084 ($18,000.00)
9th place:    cainearized ($11,625.00)

Finally, the Sunday majors wrapped with the Sunday 500, the biggest buy-in of the major events of the day. The $530 buy-in attracted 988 players for the tournament, which wasn’t enough to surpass the $500K guarantee and made for a small but not insignificant overlay for the players. The final 144 finished with some cash for the day, but the ultimate champion was bigcoop23, who beat out Mr_BigQuaso to win the $87,400 first place prize.

With another Sunday in the books and another set of tournaments on its way in less than a week, it’s important to note that anyone can play any of the events for only a fraction of the buy-in through the numerous satellites running throughout the week.

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