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Poker Pundit- Jeremy “Chipsteela” Menard- Doubt Poker is Real

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A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold:

All I can say is how… Been on a pretty sick downswing lately mostly due to the fact that I developed a theme for getting 2 outed either on the final table bubble or somewhere deep in a tourneys for a ton of chips. I know that I said I was going to avoid complaining about bad beats as much as possible, but it’s seriously has been just sick lately. FTOPS is in full force and so far I haven’t had much to show for it except enough bad beat stories to write a short novel. Let’s just get into some of the madness.
A few Sundays ago I was having a terrible day, as I often do on Sundays. I was just about to unregister from the later tourneys, but I decided I would try to salvage my day and fight on. I ended up building a huge stack early in the 200 rebuy on PokerStars and things were looking promising. I had around 30k in chips at 150-300 blinds when this hand happened. I had 4-4 in early position and with those chips I’m always raising with pairs, hoping to spike a set against someone with a similar stack to me since there are such great implied odds. I end up getting flat called by Shane “Shaniac” Schleger from the small blind who has around 26k, no one at the table has anything close to our stacks.
The flop rolls out 3-4-7 with 2 spades, which is pretty decent to say the least. I really doubt that Shaniac is flatting out of position with a hand like 5-6, so I’m not that worried about ever being beat here, instead I’m focused on getting all the money in the pot vs. a flush draw, over pair, combo draw, or even a bottom set type hand that I’m a pretty big favorite against. Anyways, he checks, I bet, and he makes a huge reraise. Bingo! I just flat to encourage more action, after all if he’s bluffing I want him to continue, and if a spade comes I would slow down. So he puts out a big bet on a blank turn and I just ship in my stack hoping for a call. That’s what I get, but unfortunately he has the 7-7 and I’m drawing to one out. Don’t think I could ever consider folding here against this particular opponent in this particular tournament which tends to have much more aggressive play. I just kind of laugh at my bad luck as he gets shipped the 55k pot. But that’s not all guys, not by a long shot.

The next day, I find myself with a big stack early in the 100 rebuy on Stars. I have around 20k at 125-250 blinds, and I have everyone at my table completely covered in chips. I look down at 4-4 again, and I call a raise from early position made by a very good player that goes by Thorladen online. This particular player I’ve never really been able to win a hand against, so I thought this was my shot. He had actually just sucked out a few hands before to get his stack up to about 16k, so again I was getting great implied odds to set mine.
Would you believe the flop was 2-4-7 this time? As soon as I saw the flop I said to a friend on AIM to open up my table because I was probably about to get set over set again. He bets the flop as I would expect him to do no matter what he has, so I reraise with my set hoping that he has an overpair, and this time he flats. The turn is a 10 I believe, he bets again, at this time I’m just thinking no way is this happening again, but I still put it in. When he calls I know what he has before he even turns over his hand, you guessed it, 7-7 all over again. I would honestly like to know what the odds of that exact same situation happening two days in a row with the same pairs is. Sometimes I wonder if poker is real.

On to FTOPS. I actually decided to play a few more then I usually do, also do to the fact that my girlfriend was out of town for the weekend. The first few events didn’t go so well, as I ended up busting in cooler situations or getting sucked out on. Then the 200 cubed event comes up on Thursday. I’m pretty excited about the event because for some reason I do pretty well in this type of tourney. Probably because they are pretty deep stacked so you can afford to make a few mistakes. I built up a pretty decent stack before the add-on period, but lost a few chips right before the break when a player flopped quads against my K-K. So a few hands after the break I get dealt A-A, which is always a good hand to peek down at.

So a pretty tight player opens in early position and I decide to reraise due to the fact that he has been so tight and he probably has a big hand here and hopefully we can get it in preflop. He makes it 300 at 50-100 blinds, and I repop to 900. The dream scenario ensues as a shorter stacked player in late position moves all in for 2k, then it folds back around to him and he reraises to 3300. Seems like he’s pretty committed to this hand, so I just move in. He calls and turns over K-K, while the other player has A-Qo. Ship the money right? Not quite, the flop is T-J-2, so I have to dodge more outs, then pops up that beautiful King on the turn, putting both the players ahead of me. Why would I want 17k in chips at 50-100 blinds in a tournament full of weak players anyways? Seriously FML.
I managed to cash in both FTOPS events on Saturday, ending up around 50th in both somehow. Min cashing is so awesome.

Then I get deep in the PokerStars 2nd chance on Sunday only to run my A-A smack into 8-8 which promptly flops a set on me. After that one I just walked outside and threw my sandal as hard as possible. I still haven’t found it… I think I need to look into a punching bag, or possibly a therapist. Hopefully I can make something happen in these last few FTOPS events, if not maybe there is a career for me in telemarketing. For some reason I’m feeling good though, and I think I’m due for big things. I guess we’ll see.

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