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Day 4 Of The WSOP: How Many Donkeys Can You Fit In One Room?

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You can always tell when it's a weekend, low buy in no limit hold em event by the wave of taxi cabs coming into the Rio and the difficulty finding parking. I didn't even think about trying to find a parking spot and headed straight for  valet. As I entered the Rio, I was met by a swarm of players crowding the halls waiting to be let into the tournament area. They are looking around in awe. Yes, the Rio hallway is that impressive (*end sarcasm*). I make the long walk, fighting my way through the crowd, getting elbowed and shoved at least four times. It's a good thing I'm an easy going guy or I might have had to drop kick some poker player ass. I finally make it into the Amazon Room and when I walk in I immediately notice the temperature difference. It's at least 10 degrees cooler.

The tournament is a little slow getting underway, but Jack Effel announces that there will be nearly 6,000 players which will make it the largest live poker tournament ever outside of the Main Event. The legendary Jack Binion is introduced by Jeffrey Pollack and the room gives Mr. Binion a nice standing ovation. Binion announces shuffle up and deal and the 1K “Stimulus” NLHE tournament gets underway.

As is usually the case in these types of events, there aren't many recognizable faces but there are plenty of smiling faces. My favorite type of poker players are happy ones, and there are plenty of those here today... thrilled to be playing a WSOP event... thrilled to be in the Rio... thrilled for the chance to catch a glimpse of their poker heroes or even better to play against them. I walk through and take it all in, knowing that if I was sitting among them that I too would be smiling. Poker might have its downfalls, but there is a lot of good about the game... which is something that isn't often written about.

Speaking of something good about the game, I wandered over to the 40K event as they played down to the final table and watched Keith Lehr amusing his table and the crowd. He's one colorful fella... if you don't know who he is, he has a glass eye and has occasionally been known to take it out and place it on the table in the middle of a key hand. Lehr was talking with his table about how he had a goatee last year and when he went out for a smoke break, some players started giving him a hard time by asking him how he was doing in the Seniors Event. Lehr said he gave them the bird (and demonstrated this act for those listening) and that he went home and shaved that night.

Speaking of colorful fella's, Tony G was up to his usual antics. After winning a coin flip to stay alive in the 40K NLHE event with pocket tens against K-Q of hearts, Tony started riding his opponent. “You're a professional, how can you make that call with K-Q.”

Andy Black stands up and commentates to the rail, “If there is anyone in America who wins with grace Tony, it's you.”

Black did add that at least Tony loses with grace as well. At the end of the day, Tony G. would have to show this grace as he would end up being the final table bubble boy when he was eliminated in 10th place.

Greg Raymer
had the worst luck with big pairs today. He should probably just fold aces pre-flop because he sucks with them. He lost with them not once, but twice, against two players all in pre-flop moves. The first time he was up against Brian Townsend and A-Q of spades. Spades came and Townsend doubled up. The next time was against Lehr who had K-9 off. The flop came with a king and the river was a 9. It's a good thing Raymer had a monster stack. It's much easier dealing with brutal beats and suck outs when it doesn't end your tournament. Nonetheless, Raymer was still shaking his head in disbelief. Raymer would end up losing another pot with queens against A-J but despite this was able to make the final table in comfortable chip position.

While I was working up in the media row today, I noticed that there was an auction going on at ChipMeUp for .3% of Tony G with the person who bid the most times getting .2% and the person bidding the 2nd most times getting .1%. I was curious and had to check it out. This got my interest and I went to check out the site. It was an interesting premise. The bids increased in one cent increments but it cost you .85 to make a bid. At the time I logged in to the site, there was just a little time remaining and the bid was around $6.

Tony was already guaranteed to win $100,000 or so at the time, so .3% would be worth a minimum of $300. Seemed like a no brainer to me so I hurried up and created an account and threw $10 on it. The timer started counting down and I got set to click the bid button right at 1. I'm a newb though, because the clock would go back up every time a bid was made and people started joining in on the action left and right. I made a couple of attempts and donated $1.70 in the process before giving up. The price would get up to over $24 before the auction would end, meaning the winner of the auction netted a good profit depending on how many times he bid. Tony ended up cashing for $172,000 which meant he would have to ship about 1K to the three winners of the auction. Here's the kicker though... the auction ended up netting the site over 2K, so they actually made a hefty little profit. I need to get in on that biz.

Tomorrow, the 2nd day of the 1K stimulus NLHE tournament gets underway and we'll have our first final table action with the 40K NLHE final table and the 1.5K Omaha 8 final table. Until then...

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