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Event 8, 2.5K No Limit Deuce To 7: Ivey's Back With 6th Bracelet

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Deuce to 7 is a game not known by most casual poker fans but it is loved by the hard core poker professionals. With a buy in of only $2,500 the No Limit Deuce To 7 event attracted professional poker players like Doyle Brunson, Allen Cunningham, and Jennifer Harman but by the time the final 7 were seated, the only notable remaining player was Phil Ivey who would be going for bracelet #6.

The players at the final table, their seat, and starting chips were as follows:

Seat 1: Raphael Zimmerman 238,000
Seat 2: Eric Kesselman 119,400
Seat 3: John Monnette 259,000
Seat 4: Rodeen Talebi 94,500
Seat 5: Yan Chen 159,000
Seat 6: Elia Ahmadian 136,900
Seat 7: Phil Ivey 106,300

It only took a few hands to lose the first player when Yan Chen opened the pot for 9,000 and Elia Ahmadian re-raised to 28,000 and was called by Chen. Ahmadian stayed pat and Chen drew one. After the draw, Chen moved all in and was instantly called by Ahmadian. Chen showed 9-8-4-3-2 for a nine low and Ahmadian showed a ten low. Elia Ahmadian was eliminated in 7th place winning $11,627 for his three days of play.

Phil Ivey started out the final table as the 2nd shortest stack but doubled up on back to back hands courtesy of the hyper aggressive Raphael Zimmerman. On the first hand, each player drew one and Ivey drew an 8 to give him an almost unbeatable 8-7-6-3-2. Zimmerman had 9-7-6-2 and was drawing dead. On the next hand the two tangled again and all the chips were in the middle before the draw. Ivey stood pat and showed another great hand in 8-7-5-4-3 and again Zimmerman was drawing dead. Ivey now had the youngster covered and knocked him out. Raphael Zimmerman finished in 6th place winning $14,663 and just like that Phil Ivey was the chipleader.

The short stacked Rodeen Talibi had managed to move up two spots and made his move for his last 50K. He was called by Chen and both players stood pat. Talebi showed a J-10 low but was bested by Chens 9-8 low. Rodeen Talebi finished in 5th place winning $19,346.

Phil Ivey opened the pot for 15K and Eric Kesselman decided to make a stand from the small blind for 80K total. John Monnette flat called from the big blind, a sure sign of trouble, and Ivey folded quickly. Both players stood pat and sure enough Monnette tabled the nuts, 7-5-4-3-2. Eric Kessleman finished in 4th place winning $26,757.

The three remaining players were all within 100K of each other. Chen went on a tear – at one point he won six consecutive hands with a series of raises and bets. Ivey then lost a huge pot to Monette when he bet 100K after the draw and Monette snap called him with 9-5-4-3-2. Ivey mucked and was down to 150K in chips after the hand. Things continued to go down the drain for Ivey as he lost another 50K on the very next hand. Ivey wasn't ready to go home just yet though as he picked up two consecutive pots to bring his total to 210K. Monette now had a massive chip lead with 640K while Chen was nearer Ivey with 260K.

Chen lost a couple pots to Ivey and the two danced again when Chen moved all in for his last 140K and Ivey called. Chen stood pat and Ivey drew one. Chen showed a jack low and Ivey showed 9-4-3-2 meaning he had outs to 10, 8, 7, 6, or 5. He hit the 5 and that was the end of the day for Chen. Yan Chen finished in 3rd place winning $38,892.

After winning that big pot, Ivey and Monette were nearly even in chips; but not a soul in the room didn't believe that Ivey wasn't going to win. Could Monette pull off the improbable and beat a highly focused Ivey? The two would engage in an epic, marathon heads up battle that would take over three hours and the two would exchange the chip lead several times. One time Monette had Ivey nearly to the felt but Phil would double up twice and get right back in it. The two exchanged numerous hands where one player would raise, the other would re-raise and the original raiser would fold. Back and forth it went and it would take a big pre-draw confrontation, one of the few of the heads up match, to settle it.

Monette opened the action with a raise and Ivey moved all in. Monette decided to take his chances and made the call. Ivey had a great starting four of 7-6-4-2 while Monette would have to hope Ivey received a bad card as his starting four was 9-7-5-2. Each player drew one and when Monette revealed that he had paired his 7, Ivey's card was irrelevant. It wouldn't have mattered what card Monette drew though as Ivey's card was a 5 giving him an almost unbeatable 7-6-5-4-2. John Monette finished in 2nd place winning $59,587.

It had been a while since Phil Ivey had done anything of note at the World Series of Poker. Most media members spent time reporting more on the prop and sports bets he was making rather than his actual play. It's amazing what focus and determination can do, because Ivey came to the final table set on one thing – winning. Coming in as the 2nd shortest stack, Ivey never faltered, even after taking numerous hits throughout the course of the evening. It was the 6th bracelet for Ivey, moving him into elite company. Phil Ivey finished in 1st place winning $96,361. Congrats Phil!

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