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Event 12, 10K Mixed Event: Wahlbeck Outlasts Them All

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The $10,000 Mixed Event was a true test of poker skills as it required playing not just any one game well, but multiple games. At $10,000, only the best of the best would be playing and an amazing 194 of them decided to play. By the time the final 9 were reached however, the majority of the big names had fallen by the wayside but there were still such big names as Huck Seed , David Chiu, and Todd Brunson. The final table participants and chip counts:

Scott Dorin 1,400,000
Huck Seed 870,000
Ville Wahlbeck 865,000
James Van Alstyne 684,000
David Chiu 622,000
Mike Wattel 394,000
Mark Gregorich 372,000
Todd Brunson 343,000
Allie Prescott 276,000

Allie Prescott came in as the short stack but he was unable to manage any kind of comeback and would be the first player eliminated when he went out in Razz with a measly K-Q-7-2-A low that was crushed by Matt Dorin's 8-7-6-4-3 low. Allie Prescott finished in 9th place winning $42,818.

Todd Brunson also came in on a bit of a short stack and he would soon be joining Prescott on the rail when he decided to commit the rest of his stack with split 10's in Stud and would have the misfortune of running into the rolled up kings of David Chiu. No miracle arrived and Todd Brunson was the 8th place finisher winning $54,854.

David Chiu would continue his good roll next in the NLHE portion when he would open with the K-8 of clubs only to have short stack Mike Wattel move all in for an additional 1K. Needless to say, Chiu made the call and was in trouble against the 9's of Wattel. The trouble didn't last long, however, as a king flopped and Chiu took out another player. Mike Wattel finished in 7th place winning $64,373.

The Choo Chiu train would continue in the PLO portion of the game when Chiu opened the action for 55K, was called by Huck Seed, and then faced a 220K re-raise from James Van Alstyne. Chiu and Seed both made the call and a monster pot brewing. The flop came 10-9-4 rainbow and Van Alstyne put the rest of his chips in the middle... nearly 600K. Chiu called and Huck folded. Van Alstyne had the easily predicted aces with A-A-J-2 but Chiu had hit the flop hard with his Q-J-10-9 as he flopped top two pair and had the open ended straight draw as well. Van Alstyne would need the 4 to pair or to hit an ace, but he could do neither and Chiu now had 1/3 of all the chips in play with 5 players left. James Van Alstyne finished in 6th place winning $79,181.

Chiu's train would become slightly derailed when he would double up Matt Dorin in PLO to decrease his stack to 2.2 million while Dorin would be close behind at 1.6 million. The other three players were all under a million with Seed and Gregorich on the short stacks at 400K apiece. Chiu's good fortune would continue when he would get Seed to commit the rest of his chips with Seed holding two pair on a Q-4-2-2 two heart board with A-Q and Chiu having nothing but a flush draw; which would of course come. Huck Seed finished in 5th place winning $102,286.

Mark Gregorich did well to outlast the other four players that busted before him as he came into the final table with a relatively short stack. Easily the shortest of the remaining four, Gregorich would be ousted during triple draw by Dorin when his 10-8-5-3-2 was way behind Dorin's 8-6-5-4-2. Gregorich had quite the cheering section that included Hellmuth, Matusow, and pitcher/poker fan/player Orel Hershiser. His cheering section gave him a nice round of applause as he hit the rail. Mark Gregorich finished in 4th place winning $139,159.

Ville Wahlbeck then began an impressive run that saw him take control of the tournament and never look back. After winning a big pot from Dorin when he called with a straight when there was a flush possible, Wahlbeck had 5 million chips while the remaining two players had 1 million between the two of them. After suffering that big setback to Wahlbeck, Dorin would be the next to go when his 9 low in triple draw could not best the near nuts that Wahlbeck had in 7-6-4-3-2. Scott Dorin finished in 3rd place winning $199,940.

David Chiu hadn't had much luck after his impressive early run at the final table and finding himself massively out stacked he would make a stand in Omaha 8 with A-10-9-5 against Wahlbeck's A-Q-8-8. The flop came J-J-5 keeping Wahlbeck in the lead but the 10 on the turn gave Chiu a bigger two pair. Not to be outdone, Wahlbeck re-sucked on Chiu with a king on the river to give him a straight and the victory. David Chiu finished in 2nd place winning $304,176.

After getting close in the $10,000 Stud event, finishing third, Ville Wahlbeck was a man on a mission in the $10,000 Mixed event and after letting David Chiu do most of the early damage, he took control of the tournament and with a good run of cards was able to pull out the victory for his first World Series of Poker bracelet. Ville Wahlbeck finished in 1st place, winning $492,375. Congratulations Ville!

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