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Day 11 Of The WSOP: A Prop Bet Almost Gone Bad

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As I was walking into the Rio today, Bill Edler rushed by me on the way to the $5,000 No Limit Hold Em event. He stopped when he saw this group of girls standing in the hallway talking. Apparently, Edler recognized one of the girls and snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her head and covered her eyes with his hands. She turned around and looked at him, surprised, and said “hello” in a curious, questioning tone. Edler looked at the girl in horror. “Oh, I'm sorry,” he stuttered. “I thought you were someone else.”

The girls all laugh and a red faced, sheepish Edler laughs with them and then hurries off before the young lass presses assault charges on him. Personally I think it was just a ploy by Bill to get the girls attention. Smart guy that Bill Edler.

Speaking of comical stories, one of the funniest bust outs I've ever witnessed took place today because of a prop bet. Antonio Esfandiari had made a $5,000 bet with Jesse Chinni that if one of the two knocked each other out they would collect. Esfandiari lost a huge pot to Michael Gracz when his A-K was bested by Gracz's kings on a king high flop. Going out at this point would merely mean Esfandiari had lost his $5,000 entry fee. Much to his demise though he was left with one tiny $25 chip. Chinni and Gracz giggled like little school girls as Esfandiari squirmed uncomfortably in his chair. Alec Torelli from a nearby table came to watch the action and muttered to Antonio, “This is the sickest spot I've ever seen any one in.”

Chinni had position on Esfandiari and was going to do everything he could to win the 5K wager. On the next hand, Esfandiari put his one chip in the middle. The pot was raised by a player in middle position and Chinni of course made the call. The flop came A-8-x and the pre-flop raiser made a large bet and Chinni got out of the way. The pre-flop raiser turned over A-K and Esfandiari proudly turned over J-10, knowing that he was about to go out and that Chinni would not collect the 5K. The poker Gods are very cruel sometimes though as the turn was a 9 and the whole area surrounding the table roared with laughter as Esfandiari fell to his knees when the river was a queen. Esfandiari won the massive side pot of 100 chips and now had to survive Chinni at least one more time.

The very next hand Esfandiari again put his money in the middle and got two callers. Chinni raised to isolate and everyone else folded. Chinni had the beautiful 6-9 off, affectionately known in my world as Big Lick, and Esfandiari had J-8. Esfandiari would survive this one too as he would end up hitting a full house and now all of a sudden he had enough chips to get through the blinds.

It's Esfandiari's small blind and Chinni makes a small raise first to act. The cutoff moves all in for about 3K in chips. The button goes all in for less. Esfandiari tanks. He thinks that the two all in players have to have good hands and that he's likely to go out on this hand. Two of the players to his left tell Antonio there's no way Chinni will call. Esfandiari makes a $200 and $100 wager with them. Chinni, of course calls. Esfandiari is dismayed when he sees the hands of the two all ins. The first all in has, get this, 6-4. The second all in has A-10. Chinni actually turns over a respectable hand in K-Q and Esfandiari turns over 5-3 knowing that Chinni has an excellent shot of winning this hand. The flop is a good one for Antonio though as he flops two pair on the 6-5-3 flop. The river is a 7 though to give the short stack all in a straight. This doesn't phase Antonio one bit as he seems thrilled to be out. “Adios,” he says to everyone as he starts to note the details of the hand and bet for a future magazine article. Gotta love degenerate gamblers. I know I do.

Over in the 6 handed limit hold em event, they were down to 5 or so tables and Negreanu's table was about to bust. One table was taking a long time to decide on a hand which meant that Negreanu was about to have to post his big blind. He wasn't pleased about this and prodded the other table to get a move on. It didn't work, however, as Negreanu would end up having to post his big blind and then his table would bust. Fortunately for Negreanu he got moved too right after the button and it didn't affect him too much. He would end up the day as one of the chip leaders in the event.

A story I forgot to mention from yesterday came from when I was watching Phil Ivey early on in the 2K NLHE event. This kid at his table got up and whispered to me, “I hate having him on my right.”

I laughed and said to him that it was better than having him on your left. “Yea, well I still hate it,” the kid said, explaining that Ivey had made him fold several hands that he would have played because of raises or re-raises.

“Play your game,” I encouraged him. “Don't let Ivey dictate what you do, that's what he wants.”

The two would both make it into the money the next day... at separate tables.

Another Ivey story worth mentioning in passing was when a very attractive French female poker player was sitting next to Phil. I walked by and watched Ivey being very attentive and talking with the young woman. I didn't think much of it at the time until the French woman busted out of the event and came up to talk to one of the members of the media. I overheard her telling him how Ivey had been hitting on her and had asked for her phone number. After the player left, I asked the media member who that was and he explained that she was married and had children and was tired of players hitting on her at the table. I guess Phil Ivey can't win em all.

The women's event kicks off tomorrow along with the 10K Omaha High Low Championships. Coupled with the other events taking place, it'll be business as usual at the WSOP. Until then...

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