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Event 16, 1.5K 7 Card Stud: Lisandro Wins Stud Bracelet Again

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The 1.5K Seven Card Stud Event started with a rather small field of 359 players but it still had a World Series of Poker bracelet on the line and a nice payday for the winner. Numerous players gave it their best shot including notables like Ted Forrest, Andy Bloch, and Michael Binger. The final table actually contained some well known players including Jeffrey Lisandro, Nick Frangos, and John Juanda. The final table seating assignments and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Jeff Lisandro - 334,000
Seat 2: Eric Pardey - 217,000
Seat 3: Nick Frangos - 84,000
Seat 4: John Juanda - 287,000
Seat 5: Mitch Schock - 83,000
Seat 6: Steven Stencil - 323,000
Seat 7: Rod Pardey - 245,000
Seat 8: Daniel Studer – 43,000

Mitch Schock came in as the 2nd shortest stack and could never get a hand. Shock put the remainder of his chips in on 3rd street with Frangos and Juanda already having put in raises. Frangos check called Juanda's 4th street bet and did it again on 5th street. This call put Frangos all in as well. Frangos had buried queens and hit trip queens on 6th street to double up while knocking Schock out at the same time. Mitch Schock finished in 8th place winning $13,373.

In the meantime Daniel Studer turned his 43K into nearly 200K when he hit trip 9's against Eric Pardey. It wasn't enough though as he put his last chips in on 6th street against Rod Pardey and John Juanda with two pair but lost to the rivered flush of Juanda. Daniel Studer finished in 7th place winning $15,862. After that hand John Juanda had the chip lead with approximately half a million in chips.

Eric Pardey would be the next unlucky contestant to hit the rail when he completed on 3rd street and was called by Lisandro. With a 10 and an 8 showing and Lisandro showing a 6 and a 2, Pardey bet out on 4th street and was called by Lisandro. 5th street gave Pardey a queen and Lisandro a jack and Pardey put the rest of his chips in and was called by Lisandro. Lisandro would hit two pair to best the pair of 8's that Pardey had to win the pot. Eric Pardey finished in 6th place winning $19,690.

Nick Frangos had the misfortune of getting kings up at the same time that Steven Stencil had the good fortune of getting aces up. The large pot won by Stencil crippled Frangos, leaving him with just over 20K in chips. Jeffrey Lisandro then won a huge pot from John Juanda when he hit a full house. That pot gave Lisandro the clear chip lead with over 650K in chips and Juanda took a steep drop down to 170K. Lisandro then won another 100K from Juanda and things were looking great for Lisandro and bleak for Juanda. It wouldn't get any better for Juanda as he would run into a full house from Steve Stencil when he had two pair. John Juanda finished in 5th place winning $25,634.

Nick Frangos would quickly follow Juanda to the rail when he brought it on third street, was raised by Lisandro and called the raise. On 4th street Lisandro led out, was raised all in by Frangos, and called. Lisandro would end up making a better two pair, sevens and threes compared to the fives and fours, of Frangos to add to his massive chip lead. Nick Frangos finished in 4th place winning $35,087.

With three players left, Lisandro had 1.1 million to the ½ million combined of the other two players. Lisandro had won a stud bracelet two years ago at the WSOP and had to be considered the clear favorite at this point, especially with the chip advantage he held.

Steven Stencil and Rod Pardey decided they were better off taking on one another and went to battle with Stencil committing the last of his chips with Pardey just having him slightly covered. Pardey had a monster hand with an ace high flush and Stencil mucked his hand to signal the end of his tournament. Steve Stencil finished in 3rd place winning $50,626.

Heads up play started with Lisandro holding about a 3:1 chip lead over Pardey. Pardey was no slouch in 7 card stud having won two bracelets in the game back in the early 90's. Pardey was able to pick up the first pot but after that it was all the Jeffrey Lisandro show as he won pot after pot until Pardey was down to 100K and he got all his chips in on 4th street with K-8 showing to Lisandro's K-5 showing. Lisandro had A-K in the hole to give him a pair of kings with an ace kicker. It would only get better for Lisandro as he would end up hitting an ace high diamond flush to win the title. Rod Pardey finished in 2nd place winning $77,230.

Lisandro proved his prowess in 7 card stud once again, winning his 2nd stud bracelet in three years. Jeffrey Lisandro finished in 1st place winning $124,959. Congratulations Jeffrey!

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