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Event 18, 10K Omaha 8: Alaei Comes Back To Win Bracelet

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The biggest buy in Omaha High Low (also known as Omaha 8 Or Better) tournament in the world got underway three days ago with 179 players putting up the amount of a Main Event buy in - $10,000 - for a chance to prove they were the best in the world at Omaha 8. Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow would make it deep into day 2 but come up short of the money and players like Toto Leonidas, Alex Kravchenko, and Ville Wahlbeck would make it into the money but not quite get to the final table. That didn't mean the final table was devoid of star power, however, as Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke both found themselves under the bright lights of the ESPN main stage.

The final nine and their starting seating assignments and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Scott Clements – 1,445,000
Seat 2: Annie Duke – 225,000
Seat 3: Daniel Alaei – 540,000
Seat 4: Greg Jamison – 350,000
Seat 5: John Monnette – 940,000
Seat 6: Yueqi Zhu – 170,000
Seat 7: Tom Koral – 220,000
Seat 8: Ben Boyd – 855,000
Seat 9: Daniel Negreanu – 635,000

Yueqi Zhu came in as the short stack and he would be the first player gone. Zhu opened for a raise from early position and was called by Alaei and Jamison. The flop came K-9-9. Alaei bet, Jamison called, and Zhu moved all in for the rest of his stack. Both players called. The turn was a queen. Alaei checked, Jamison moved all in for the rest of his stack, and Alaei folded. Jamison had a 9 for trip nines while Zhu had A-K-J and would need a ten or king to stay alive. Neither came and Yueqi Zhu finished in 9th place winning $54,179.

Annie Duke managed a couple of early double ups but her good run would not last long. She got in all in pre-flop along with Greg Jamison with John Monnette calling both of them. Duke had A-2-K-Q, Jamison A-3-5-J, and Monnette 3-7-8-9 double suited. The board would come 2-3-6-6-7 to give Jamison the low and Monnette the high. Annie Duke finished in 8th place winning $58,049.

While all this was going on Daniel Alaei surged to the top of the leaderboard, winning a number of pots to bring his stack to 1.5 million with Negreanu and Clements close behind at 1 million apiece. It would be Tom Koral who would be next to go. With only 105K left in chips, Koral got his chips into the middle and was called by Negreanu and Monnette. The two players checked it down and Monnette would end up taking the pot with aces up with a better kicker than Negreanu while Koral's kings were no good. Tom Koral finished in 7th place winning $65,453.

Greg Jamison had done a great job at surviving numerous all-ins but his luck would finally end when Daniel Negreanu decided to put him to the test for all his chips on a K-3-2 flop. Jamison had A-3-5-K for top two pair and a low draw but Negreanu had 2-2-4-J for a set of deuces. The turn was an 8 giving Jamison a low but the ace on the river counterfeited him and Negreanu scooped the pot. Greg Jamison finished in 6th place winning $77,736.

Alaei continued his final table run when he took a monster pot off of Scott Clements when he rivered a flush to best Clements’ flopped set of queens. John Monnette in the mean time was to the point of being eliminated. In fact, down to his last 5K chip, he was about to put it all in and Clements showed his hand thinking that Monnette was all in. Monnette saw that he was way behind and decided to fold. This upset Daniel Negreanu who as a short stack would have benefited from Monnette's elimination. The floor was called and Clements was given a full orbit penalty – a huge penalty at this stage of the tournament.

Despite the brief respite, Monnette would go out soon after as Ben Boyd scooped the pot with a straight and A-2-4-5-7 low. This was Monnette's 2nd final table this week but he again came up short. John Monnette finished in 5th place winning $97,422.

Daniel Negreanu had outlasted Monnette and went to work trying to get back in the game. Clements raised Negreanu's big blind from under the gun and Negreanu made the call. The flop came 3-4-4 and Negreanu put the rest of his stack in and was called by Clements. Negreanu had 2-4-9-10 for trip 4's but Clements had 2-3-5-5 for an open ended straight draw. The turn gave Clements the wheel, as an ace came, and Negreanu was left to hitting a 2, 9, or 10 to win half the pot. The river was a jack and Daniel Negreanu was eliminated. Daniel has a 2nd and 4th place finish thus far in the WSOP and is looking to make a run at Player of the Year. Daniel Negreanu finished in 4th place winning $130,401.

At the start of three handed play the chip counts were 3.5 million for Alaei, 1.4 million for Clements, and 450K for Boyd. Alaei would win a big pot from Clements to expand his chip lead even further. Alaei would take care of Boyd next as Boyd moved all in on a J-5-2 flop with J-9-8-4. Clements and Alaei both checked the king on the turn and Clements folded when Alaei bet the river when a 3 came. Alaei had K-10-6-4 for a rivered straight and 2-3-4-5-6 low to scoop the pot and Ben Boyd was the 3rd place finisher winning $182,730.

It only took two hands of heads up play for the winner to be decided as Alaei had a massive chip lead and Clements four bet all in pre-flop to set himself all in. Alaei made the call with A-4-K-K and was up against Clements strong A-2-3-5. Clements was hoping for low cards but the dealer did not cooperate as the board came Q-9-7-10-K to give Alaei the pot and the tournament. Scott Clements finished in 2nd place winning $275,946.

Daniel Alaei used aggression and hit some timely rivers to win the big pots at the final table. Once he got the chip lead, he never looked back and easily coasted to his 2nd WSOP bracelet. Daniel Alaei took the event and $445,898. Congratulations Daniel!

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