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Day 14 Of The WSOP: Breaks Are For Taking Care Of Business

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Daniel Negreanu is an immensely popular poker player. He's one of the few players that is recognizable not just by poker fans but by a large number of the non-poker playing general public. It's no surprise then that he is often deluged with requests for autographs and photos, even when he is sitting in the middle of a very important tournament. The thing about Daniel though is that he handles it all in stride and is very accommodating... perhaps too much so.

It was down to two tables in the $10,000 Omaha High Low event and Daniel was in the thick of things. While playing fans would shout out his name. “Daniel, can I get an autograph?” or “Daniel, can I get a picture?” were the two most common phrases. As soon as Daniel would fold a hand, he would often get out of his seat and dash over to the rail to oblige those requests. As he was about to head back to the table, one fan who hadn't yet received their photo asked if he could get a picture with him on the break. “No, no,” Daniel responded. “I gotta pee on breaks.” He of course came over a few minutes later and took a photo with the guy. It's probably one of the main reasons Daniel is so popular with the general public. He goes out of his way to put a smile on people's faces.

This doesn't mean, however, that Daniel isn't immune to the pressures of poker. I've seen him get upset and even moderately tilty before at the table. In fact at yesterday's final table, a mistake by Scott Clements that kept a very short stacked John Monnette alive upset Negreanu since he was the next shortest stack and the pay jump to the next spot was an additional 30K or so (yes, even 30K means something to these guys). Clements was given a one orbit penalty as a result and fortunately Monnette would end up going out soon after.

I was a bit disappointed when they made the money in the $2,500 6 handed NLHE event. After the hug fest the previous day in the women's event , I was expecting to see some brotherly love and some man screams of joy. Alas, I was let down by my poker brothers. No hugs or tears of joy. What a shame.

Over at the women's final table, Lisa Parsons suffered one of the worst beats imaginable to finish in 7th place. I'd met Parsons at last year’s Main Event – she was the 2nd to last female left standing after Tiffany Michelle. Anyway, she flopped a set of 3's on a 9-7-3 flop and got all her chips in the middle. Her opponent had J-9. The turn was a 7 giving her outs to one of two 7's and one of two 9's. The river was one of those two 9's for a runner-runner beat. The crowd shrieked in delight, and if you haven't been to a woman's event final table I literally mean shriek... there would be members of the media that would plug their ears or put on headphones to drown out the incessant screaming of the women after what seemed like every hand. Parsons walked to the payout table with a look of shock and dejection on her face... as if she couldn't believe that had just happened.

Just to show you how the women's event shapes up in the grand scheme of things though. The 10K Omaha event started the day with two tables and when it got to 9, the women were moved off of the main stage to the secondary feature table to make room for the Omaha event. This required all the women who were cheering on their favorites to have to move and the viewing isn't quite the same for the secondary table that it is for the feature table.

I went to dinner with a friend and his girlfriend and he is friends with Kathy Liebert and she joined us. She talked about how disappointed she was with the end of the 5K NLHE tournament she had gone deep in. "I really made some mistakes there at the end," she said and added that she's still bummed out. She also talked about how it'd only been two weeks and she was already getting tired of the WSOP because of the long days. If you play a lot of tournaments, as she does, it can start to take its toll on you, especially if you make it deep and are playing for 12-14 hours a day. Kathy was in for another long one though as she would end up making it through the end of the day in the PLHE tournament, another WSOP cash for her. Under rated and underappreciated, I still say.

Today there is only one final table, the $2,500 6 handed NLHE event. It'll be a calmer day than most but there will still be plenty going on. As always I'll be there. Until then...

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