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Day 16 Of The WSOP: Dead Tired

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I'm not tired or bored of the World Series of Poker but there seems to be a lack of excitement missing from the air this year for some reason. I'm not sure if it's because there's been a lack of big names making final tables or if it's the fact that the rail and crowds seem smaller than they have in past years. Sure, players like Negreanu and Ivey have made deep runs, but they were in events that aren't widely followed. As far as the No Limit events go, the top professionals have struggled and the tournaments have been dominated by the Internet wunderkinds. A changing of the guard? I definitely think the torch has been passed... especially when it comes to no limit.

I was heading to the WSOP store to grab a soft drink when I saw a guy dead asleep sitting on one of the benches in the hallway. This guy was out, and he was sitting straight up. I start to take his picture and one of the guys manning one of the booths asks me jokingly if I want to take his picture. I nod over at the sleeping man and the guy sees and goes over and sees how close he can get his hand to the man’s head. He almost patted his bald spot... that's how close he got. I managed to take a photo of it, and we got a good laugh out of it.

Another member of the media relayed something that wasn't really surprising to me. He was walking around the tables and stopped to watch Phil Ivey's table. Ivey turned to the media member and asked him to move because he was making him nervous. What? Ivey gets nervous? I told the media member he should start selling his services. Ivey's reaction isn't a shock because with the exception of television cameras he can be really standoffish when it comes to the media. I was taking a few photos of him today and was going for a somewhat overhead shot and he glared at me as if I had just told him that Kobe Bryant had suffered a career ending injury.

The lovely Shannon Elizabeth is back in town playing. Watching a table Shannon is sitting at is interesting because the boys are always fawning all over her. I'm surprised she doesn't do better than what she does because from the way the guys are ogling her you would figure they would just hand her their chips. Maybe if she recreated her Nadia role from American Pie, they'd get distracted and start tossing her chips. Of course then Mike Matusow might start going topless and well, we really don't want that do we?

Brock Parker's recent run is staggering to say the least. To win two bracelets in one WSOP is amazing enough but to do it in two consecutive events is amazing. Parker wasn't even planning on playing the NLHE 6 max event but since he had to be at the bracelet ceremony for his LHE 6 max win, he figured he might as well go ahead and play it. He tripled up before the first break, collected his bracelet, and went back to work. Two days later he was there on the podium again, collecting another bracelet. He has the lead right now in the Player of the Year race but there are a lot of people right on his heels, including Daniel Negreanu.

As I said, a relatively quiet day, but I'm sure things will pick up soon. I mean Hellmuth is due right? (just ask him, he is) Until then...

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