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Event 20, 1.5K PLHE: Kelly Wins One For The U.K.

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When the 1.5K Pot Limit Hold Em event started three days ago at the World Series of Poker, 633 players started with the hope of taking home a WSOP bracelet and a nice payday. Among the players who survived the first day were Kathy Liebert, Mark Seif, Mike Sexton, Roland DeWolfe, and Joe Sebok . All five players would make the money but none would survive to make the final table. That didn't mean there wasn't a big name among the final nine though as eight time bracelet winner Erik Seidel was there to give his ninth bracelet a shot.

The final nine and their starting chip counts and seating assignments were as follows:

Seat 1: Marc Tschirch – 268,000
Seat 2: Erik Seidel – 337,000
Seat 3: Jason Dewitt – 476,000
Seat 4: Kyle Carlston – 320,000
Seat 5: Andrew Radel – 250,000
Seat 6: John-Paul Kelly – 627,000
Seat 7: Ravi Raghavan – 145,000
Seat 8: Tony Steward – 231,000
Seat 9: Aaron Virchis – 191,000

Tony Steward started things off on the right foot when he doubled up against Marc Tschirch on a K-10-6-Q-9 board by moving all in and getting a call. Steward had A-J for the nut straight and doubled up to nearly half a million in chips while Tschirch became the new short stack at the table with 80K. Tschirch wouldn't waste any time getting his chips in the middle as he moved all in with A-Q against Andrew Radel's A-J and doubled up when the better hand held up.

Ravi Raghavan came in as the shortest stack and as if often the case at final tables, he would be the first player gone when he re-raised Tschirch's pre-flop raise and left himself with 34K behind. Raghavan moved the last 34K in blind and the flop came 10-9-8 and Tschirch made the call with pocket jacks which was far ahead of the 7's that Raghavan had. Ravi Raghavan finished in 9th place winning $18,634.

Andrew Radel would soon follow Raghavan to the rail when he raised from the small blind and was re-raised by John Paul Kelly from the big blind. Radel made the call and the flop came A-10-2. Radel led out for 100K and Kelly moved all in for over 400K. Radel made the call for the rest of his chips with A-Q and was way ahead of the pocket 9's of Kelly. The turn was a jack but the river was a cruel (for Radel) but delicious (for Kelly) 9 to send Radel home. Andrew Radel finished in 8th place winning $21,082.

Erik Seidel had a tough time getting going as the younger players at the table were relentless in their aggression against him. Seidel opened for 30K and was called by Jason DeWitt. The flop came K-J-8 and Seidel check called a 30K bet from DeWitt. The turn was a 5 and Seidel check called an 80K bet this time, but not before taking several minutes to make the decision. The river was another 5 and this time DeWitt moved all in after Seidel checked. A stoic Seidel took several minutes before quietly announcing that he was calling. DeWitt turned over pocket 8's for a flopped set and a full house. A gracious Seidel mucked his hand and stood up knowing he would be getting his 55th WSOP cash but fall short of his 9th WSOP bracelet. Erik Seidel finished in 7th place winning $24,919.

Tony Steward raised to 35K and was called by Tschirch from the big blind. The flop came Q-J-4 and Tschirch check raised Stewards 60K bet to 175K. This was almost enough to set Steward all in and he ended up doing just that for 8K more and Tschirch made the easy call. Steward had J-3 and was behind Tschirch's K-J of hearts that would hit a flush by the river. Tony Steward finished in 6th place winning $30,837.

Aaron Virchis had worked his short stack masterfully to move up numerous spots in the pay scale but his time would finally come to an end when John Paul Kelly minimum raised his big blind and he made the call. Kelly put enough chips in to set Virchis all in after the flop came 10-10-4 and Virchis made the call with K-8. Kelly was ahead with A-4 and when no king or 8 came, Virchis's day was over. Aaron Virchis finished in 5th place winning $40,048.

Kyle Carlston was next to go when he got it all in pre-flop with his few remaining chips with A-J but found he was way behind the A-K of spades of John Paul Kelly. The board came with three spades and Kelly's flush was more than enough to take care of Carlston. Kyle Carlston finished in 4th place winning $54,711.

A huge hand then took place between Dewitt and Kelly. Dewitt raised from the small blind and was called by Kelly out of the big blind. The flop came A-10-3 rainbow and Dewitt led out for 51K and was called by Kelly. The 7 of clubs came on the turn putting two clubs on the board. Dewitt checked and Kelly bet 105K. Dewitt put out the 105K while announcing that he was raising the pot, effectively setting himself all in. Kelly made the call with A-5 for a pair of aces while Dewitt had 5-4 of clubs Dewitt would need a 2, 6, or club to stay alive. He would get the best of both worlds when the 6 of clubs came to give him a straight flush and the chip lead with over one million in chips. Kelly was still in great shape with over 800K.

Dewitt would waste no time giving all of those chips right back to Kelly though when the two tangled again and got all the chips in on a 10-9-2-2 board. Dewitt had 9-8 for two pair, 9's and 2's, but was behind the 10's and 2's that Kelly had with his A-10. No 9 on the river meant the Dewitt was crippled and now Kelly was the massive chip leader. Dewitt would move all in with A-10 soon after and would be eliminated when Tschirch's 7-6 would pair up. Jason Dewitt finished in 3rd place winning $78,826.

Heads up play started with Kelly holding a 1.7 to 1.2 million chip lead over Tschirch. The final hand would take place when Tschirch opened for 55K and was re-raised by Kelly to 150K. Tschirch made the call and the flop came 8-5-4. Kelly led out for 155K and Tschirch called. A queen on the turn prompted Kelly to bet 300K. Tschirch moved all in and Kelly quickly called and turned over A-Q which had overtaken the A-5 of Tschirch. No five on the river meant the title was Kelly's. Marc Tschirch finished in 2nd place winning $120,102.

John Paul Kelly came into the final table as the chip leader and while he gave it up momentarily, he was able to regain it in short order and never looked back. John-Paul Kelly is from the United Kingdom and this is his first bracelet; his 1st place finish was worth $194,434. Congratulations John!

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