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Event 22, 1.5K NLHE Shootout: Carris Guns Them Down

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The $1,500 No Limit Hold Em Shootout at the World Series of Poker is a unique event because it's basically a series of single table satellites. Win one table and you make the money. Win two tables and you make the final table. Win three tables and you win a bracelet. Easy as pie right? 1,000 players thought it would be and they signed up for the event figuring it was a great opportunity to win a bracelet. Most of the big name professionals skipped this event and the final 10 would be a collection of amateurs and internet pro's.

The final ten and their seating assignments (they all started with 450,000 in chips) were as follows:

Seat 1:     Jason Somerville
Seat 2:     Christopher Moore
Seat 3:     Joseph Cutler
Seat 4:     Jeffrey Carris
Seat 5:     Michael McNeil
Seat 6:     Josh Tieman
Seat 7:     Eugene Katchalov
Seat 8:     Mike Shannon
Seat 9:     Andrew Margolis
Seat 10:     Brandon Wong

The blinds started out at 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante meaning everyone was relatively deep stacked to start out the event. Mike Shannon lost a big chunk of his stack when he hit the bottom end of a straight and was bested by Jeff Carris who had the top end. Down to 120K in chips and the blinds at 4,000/8,000, Shannon moved all in for nearly 15 big blinds with K-Q off suit. As is usually the case when you make this type of move, the only thing that is going to call you is something that has you crushed and when Jeff Carris called, Shannon was indeed dominated as Carris had pocket kings. No miracle arrived and Mike Shannon was the 10th place finisher winning $13,609.

Andrew Margolis took a big pot off of Jason Somerville when he called a pre-flop raise, a flop bet, and a turn bet on a 7-6-4-K board and fired out a large bet when Somerville checked on the 10 river. Somerville mulled it over for quite some time and asked Margolis how much he had left before finally mucking his hand. Somerville would recover though when he would re-raise Josh Tieman pre-flop, enough to set Tieman all in. Tieman made the call with A-K and was up against the 10's of Somerville. The board came 6-4-8-7-8 and Josh Tieman was out in 9th place winning $17,045.

Carris would take some of his big stack and ship it over to Brandon Wong when he check raised enough to set Wong all in with A-4 of hearts on a Q-8-7 two heart board. Wong made the call with Q-J and faded the ace and hearts to double up. Carris was still in good shape though. Michael McNeil on the other hand wasn't and when he flopped top pair with Q-10 on a Q-6-4 board he moved the rest of his chips in. It was bad timing as Andrew Margolis had flopped a set of 6's and the best hand held up. Michael McNeil finished in 8th place winning $21,891.

Eugene Katchalov got unlucky when he called the all in shove of Joseph Cutler with A-K and was way ahead of Cutler's A-10. A ten on the flop though doubled up Cutler and crippled Katchalov. Margolis in the meantime shipped 300K to Somerville when Somerville check called bets on the flop, turn, and river on a K-K-7-4-2 board with K-Q which was way ahead of the ace high that Margolis had. Katchalov would pick up a big hand with pocket queens and would put his last 60K into the middle. Carris called from the big blind with K-9 off and the flop came J-10-2 meaning Carris could win the pot with one of two queens or one of three kings. The turn was a 7 keeping Katchalov in the lead and the river gave Katchalov a set as it was a queen. Unfortunately, this gave Carris the straight and the unlucky Katchalov was sent to the rail. Eugene Katchalov finished in 7th place winning $29,195.

Margolis opened the action for 55K from under the gun with A-J and faced an all in re-raise from Brandon Wong for an additional 235K. Margolis decided to make the call and found he was well behind the A-Q of Wong. The door card was a jack though and Margolis' good fortune continued as he pounded his fist on the table and yelled “Yes!” when the jack held up and he won the pot. Brandon Wong finished in 6th place winning $39,968.

Carris then either intentionally or unintentionally made a mistake that might have cost him some chips when he three bet shoved after Margolis had called his opening raise and Cutler had re-popped him to 254K. Margolis folded and Carris flipped his cards over showing pocket aces. Even though Cutler had a big portion of his stack out there, the fold was an easy one for him and Carris was given a one hand penalty for exposing his hand. Perhaps Carris was scared his pocket aces would get cracked and wanted to induce the fold? We'll never know.

Cutler and Margolis would tangle again when Cutler opened the action to 50K, and was three bet by Margolis to 142K, and shoved all in for the rest of his stack with K-Q suited. Margolis made the call and was well ahead of Cutler with his A-Q of clubs. The flop came 8-4-3 rainbow to keep Margolis in the lead and he hit an ace on the turn to put him way ahead. However, the turn card always has to be a sweat card it seems and this one was as well as it was the ace of hearts putting two hearts on the board. No heart on the river though and Joseph Cutler was the 5th place finisher winning $56,440.

Carris and Margolis were the two chip leaders and, avoiding conventional wisdom that says you should avoid taking on the other big stack at the table, the two did just that when Carris opened for 85K and was re-raised by Margolis to only 140K. Carris made the easy call and the flop came 9-6-5 with two spades and both players checked. The turn was a 10 and Carris led out for 200K which Margolis called. The river was a 3 and this time Carris led out for nearly half a million in chips. Margolis counted out the chips and looked at the remainder of his stack. Back and forth he went before quietly saying, “I call.” Carris had flopped the nuts with 8-7 of diamonds and Margolis could do nothing but shake his head and muck his hand. After the hand Margolis was down to approximately ¾  million in chips while Carris had taken a massive chip lead with nearly 2.5 million.

Margolis would then flip with Jason Somerville when he open raised and called Somerville's shove with pocket 10's. Somerville had K-J suited and hit both a jack and a king to double up and cripple the once big stacked Margolis. Margolis would manage to survive though when he moved all in with A-Q and found a caller in Christopher Moore who had J-9. An ace on the river would give the pot to Margolis and now Moore was the table's short stack. Moore would then move all in with K-J and be looked up by Carris who had A-9 of spades. The board would come A-7-K-J-4 with three spades and Carris' nut flush would best the two pair of Moore. Christopher Moore finished in 4th place winning $82,322.

Carris would continue his impressive run when he would call a Margolis shove after he had opened the pot. Carris had A-Q and Margolis only had K-8 of spades. An ace on the turn sealed Margolis's fate and Andrew Margolis was gone, 3rd place finisher winning $124,158.

Heads up play began with Carris holding a 3:1 chip advantage on Jason Somerville and it took just about 15 minutes for Carris to end the match. With the blinds at 20K/40K, Somerville open shoved for over a million and was called by Carris. Somerville had Q-6 off and Carris wasn't much better with K-5 off. King high though was good enough for the pot and the win and Jason Somerville finished in 2nd place winning $194,004.

From the very beginning it was Jeff Carris's day. He started out hot, continued to collect chips, and never looked back. Three tables, three wins, and the latest one meant he won a WSOP bracelet. Jeff Carris finished in 1st place winning $313,673. Congratulations Jeff!

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