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Day 19 Of The WSOP: Dead Broke

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As I've gotten to know some poker players, some of them have opened up to me and told me stories and things about their lives. A lot of it I'd never repeat just out of respect, but occasionally I'll mention something a player tells me because it's interesting. For example, prior to round 3 of the heads up match today one of the remaining players in the event told me they had used their last $10,000 to enter this event. “If I don't cash in this event,” he whispered to me. “I'm done until the Main Event.” Now I didn't go on to him about his piss poor bankroll management skills. He obviously had confidence enough to play in the event, and I hoped (for his sake) that he would win his 3rd round match and make the money. He would, and the sense of relief on his face after he got up from the table was apparent. He could play more poker now. Ahhhhh, degenerates, gotta love them.

As we were sitting in the media area this morning, Jack Effel came by and told a story how one of the floor supervisors had announced over the microphone before the women's event that if any one wanted a picture with the tournament director that he was available. The silence was deafening and Effel laughed and left to go do something. He received a call from his floor man about 10 minutes later telling him that there was this woman who wanted her picture taken. Effel walked back into the Amazon Room. Turns out it was an older woman who had a hard time understanding English. She thought they had said “If any one wants their picture taken” and wanted a picture taken of herself. Poor Jack, no one loves him.

I heard through the grape vine that Tom McEvoy sold the Corvette Stingray he won for the Champions Event for $27,000. You got robbed sir. I guess McEvoy needed the money pretty bad to sell it that cheap.

Thus far, Phil Ivey and Brock Parker have both won two bracelets. I did a little research (and by that I mean I asked the man who knows almost everything there is to know about the WSOP, Nolan Dalla) and found out that four people have won three bracelets in a year, including Ivey once. No one has ever done it four times. I think even with Ivey having a great year, that four is a virtual impossibility. If anyone can do it though, it's him.

I was watching the $10,000 Heads Up tournament 3rd round and in a shocking (not) elimination, Antonio Esfandiari was the 1st player out when he decided to shove against what looked like a guy whose nickname would be the Rock of Gibraltar with K-4 on a K-Q-6 flop. The Rock called with A-K and Antonio went bye bye. I saw one cooler of a hand while I was walking through the tables. The flop was 10-8-7. Player 1 had 9-6 for the 2nd best possible hand. His opponent had J-9 for the 1st best possible hand. Needless to say, player 1 went broke.

Brock Parker cashed again, this time in the $10,000 Heads Up. I talked with him briefly after his third round match and how it felt to be 3rd in the Player of the Year standings despite winning two bracelets. He laughed and said “I don't play all those funny made up games like those other guys do.” Parker would be eliminated in the next round, but his impressive WSOP continues.

I got a late start walking through the $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. event tournament and when I did I noticed the lovely Shannon Elizabeth slumping in her chair looking visibly dejected. Almost to the point of tears it looked like. Her head was down, she wasn't her normal chatty self, and she stared at her diminished stack as if it were the end of the world. She did at least survive to the end of the day. My offer still stands for free mentoring Shannon. Take a chance!

Daniel Negreanu on the other hand was the extreme opposite. He was acting very loopy. I was walking by and he stopped me and asked me what I was doing. “Ummm nothing,” I said and asked him if he needed anything, remembering the time he had me go buy him into a 5 p.m. tournament while he was playing a noon tournament. He pointed out some food on my sweatshirt (I don't think I can ever eat without dropping something on myself) and started singing at the table. Then he got up, bounced over to Chau Giang, and said “I'm trying to wake up. I'm dead tired.” Daniel wouldn't make it through the day and will have to try his luck in the $10,000 limit hold em event tomorrow.

Johnny Chan's opponent in the 4th round of the heads up event was a colorful young New Yorker by the name of Jimmy D'Ambrosio. D'Ambrosio was telling a story of how he was jumped by three guys with brass knuckles outside of his penthouse suite at the Wynn and nearly beaten to death. He spent five days in the hospital. Chan is listening with interest and asks if D'Ambrosio has a lawyer and then proceeds to give him a lawyer's name and number. Apparently, D'Ambrosio likes to gamble it up a bit because a poker friend of mine told me he lost, get this... 1.8 million in the pits the other night. I have problems putting down 1.5K for a poker tournament and this guy is tossing 1.8 million around like it's candy. Must. Be. Nice.

Alec Torelli was a bit late for his 10 p.m. match and the dealer started dealing the cards and collecting the blinds. The floor made an announcement over the loud speaker and Justin Bonomo made a quick call to Alec to tell him that he was running late. Alec finally made it there and his opponent asked him to count out his chip stack. They did so and it was determined that Alec had lost 24K. His opponent raised to 24K and told Alec to three bet it. Alec made it 60K and his opponent folded. Alec appreciated the gesture and then said, “That would have been sick if you had shoved there. I would have been so proud of you. Would have respected you a little less but I would have been so proud of you.”

The two laughed it up and Torelli, a strong heads up player (he took 2nd in this event last year), would surge to a huge lead. Karma paid off though as Jamin Stokes, Torelli's kind hearted opponent would come back and win the match.

Last but not least, I was on the rail watching the 10K heads up matches and Scott Seiver was sweating a friend. An anonymous member of the media was standing there and I asked him how he was doing. “If I'm still covering poker in three years, please shoot me in the face,” he said.

Seiver took out his phone and made an entry on his calendar for June 14, 2012 that said “if xxxxx is still covering poker, shoot him in the face.” Funny guy that Seiver.

Another busy day tomorrow. Until then...

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