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Event 26, 1.5K LHE: Alenius Wins One For The Swiss

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The $1,500 Limit Hold Em event started three days ago with 643 players joining in on the action in hopes of getting that elusive WSOP bracelet. Players like Justin Bonomo and Bill Chen would be among the day 1 chip leaders, and at the end of day 2 there would be only 15 players left, neither of which were Bonomo or Chen. Among the players remaining were bracelet winner Rep Porter and veteran Al Barbieri, who was the chip leader. They would play down to 10 players and merge into one table. The final 10, their seating assignment, and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1 – Glenn Engelbert 410,000
Seat 2 – Richard Brodie 195,000
Seat 3 – Demetrios Arvanetes 370,000
Seat 4 – Kim-Phong Duong 175,000
Seat 5 – Rep Porter 370,000
Seat 6 – Dominik Kulicki 95,000
Seat 7 – Cole Miller 180,000
Seat 8 – Al Barbieri 495,000
Seat 9 – Jason Tam 255,000
Seat 10 – Tomas Alenius 370,000

Richard Brodie had a terrible start to the final 10 and would quickly hit the rail when he put the last of his chips in with A-J on a Q-J-2-Q two spade board and would be called by Jason Tam who had K-10 of spades. The river was a third spade to give Tam a flush and Richard Brodie finished in 10th place winning $13,543.

Cole Miller would be the next to go when he decided to tangle with the loose big stack of Al Barbieri who called Miller's raise from the small blind out of the big blind with 8-5 off suit. When the flop came Q-5-3, Barbieri check raised and Miller decided to commit the rest of his chips with A-9. The pair of 5's held up for Barbieri as he added to his chip lead and Cole Miller finished in 9th place winning $18,932.

Kim-Phong Duong would join Miller soon after on the rail when he called Glenn Englebert's raise for the rest of his chips with A-Q and would lose to Englebert's A-K. Kim-Phong Duong finished in 8th place winning $21,416.

Players were just falling like flies at this point and the lone former bracelet winner at the table, Rep Porter, would be the next to fall. Porter raised from under the gun and was called by Arvanetes. The flop came 7-5-2 with two spades and Arvanetes bet, was raised by Porter, and called. The turn was the 4 of spades and Arvanetes checked, Porter bet, and Arvanetes check raised. Porter made the call for almost the last of his chips, the remaining few which would go in on the 7 river. Arvanetes showed J-10 of spades for a flush and Porter tossed his hand into the muck. Rep Porter finished in 7th place winning $25,313.

Dominik Kulicki had come in as the short stack and had already outlasted 4 players. Jason Tam raised from early position and Kulicki 3 bet all in from the big blind. Tam made the call and the cards were turned over. K-Q for Kulicki and aces for Tam. The aces held and Dominik Kulicki finished in 6th place winning $31,325.

Arvanetes would get crippled by Barbieri when his A-4 would be no good on a A-Q-7-6-5 board as Barbieri had A-9. After the hand, Arvanetes would challenge Barbieri a bit by saying “nice slow roll” as Barbieri had thought on the river before deciding to make a call. “Slow roll?” Barbieri questioned, a bit amazed at the accusation being flung his way. Arvanetes was down to his last 20K, and despite one double up, would be the next to go when his A-7 went down to the 7's of Englebert on a J-7-3-2-J board. Demetrios Arvanetes finished in 5th place winning $40,681.

Barbieri started to get a bit frisky and saw his 1.5 million chip stack fall to 1 million in no time as he lost three consecutive pots including a large one to Tam. Barbieri would get a good chunk of it back though when he called Englebert's small blind raise out of the big blind with A-9. The flop came A-7-4 and three bets went in the middle. The turn was a 9 and Barbieri led out with Englebert calling. The river was a 6 and again Barbieri led out and again Englebert called. Barbieri showed top two and Englebert flicked his cards into the muck with a look of discontent on his face. Englebert was crippled and would soon hit the rail when he put the last of his chips in with Q-7 of spades and was facing the aces of Alenius. The aces held and Glenn Englebert finished in 4th place winning $55,576.

Barbieri then lost a big pot to Alenius which put him down to around 300K in chips. Barbieri would push the rest of his chips into the middle on the turn after the betting was capped on the flop with J-10 on an A-J-8-7 board and be facing the A-K of Tam. Barbieri would need a jack, ten, or 9 to stay alive and the river was none of those. Al Barbieri finished in 3rd place winning $80,072.

Tam entered heads up play with a 3:1 chip lead on Alenius, but it would be the young Swiss who would dominate heads up play. The biggest pot of the heads up match would come when Tam raised from the button and was called. The flop came J-8-7 with two spades and Alenius check raised Tam and was called. The turn was the ace of spades and Alenius bet and was called by Tam. The river was another 8 and Alenius again bet and Tam hesitated but made the call. Alenius had 8-7 for the rivered full house which bested the flush that Tam had with the K-J of spades. Tam would soon after put the rest of his chips in with Q-5 and be facing the A-4 of Alenius. The board would brick out and the ace high of Alenius would be the winning hand. Jason Tam finished in 2nd place winning $122,000.

Tomas Alenius, despite being way behind entering heads up play, took advantage of a good run at the end to emerge victorious and win his first WSOP bracelet. Tomas Alenius took 1st place winning $197,488. Congratulations Tomas!

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