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Event 30, 2.5K PLO: J.C. Tran wins 2nd WSOP Bracelet

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A respectable field of 436 players put up $2,500 to take part in the WSOP Pot Limit Omaha tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the players who gave it a shot but failed were Erick Lindgren, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, and Barry Greenstein. Ivey would cash as would Joe Beevers, Noah Boeken, Eli Elezra, Isaac Baron, Steve Sung, and David Chiu. The final table wouldn't be short of star power as John Juanda, Rami Boukai, Ross Boatman, and J.C. Tran would all take their seat among the final nine.

The final table, their seating assignments, and starting chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Jeff Kimber – 525,000
Seat 2: Rami Boukai – 325,000
Seat 3: Dallas Flowers – 239,000
Seat 4: Ross Boatman – 718,000
Seat 5: J.C. Tran – 387,000
Seat 6: John Juanda – 129,000
Seat 7: Theo Jorgensen – 419,000
Seat 8: Chad Layne – 206,000
Seat 9: Jean-Philippe Leandri – 324,000

John Juanda came to the final table as probably the most recognizable name at the table but was also the shortest stack. Soon after the action got started, Dallas Flowers opened the action for 55K from the cutoff and Juanda called from the big blind. The flop came 10-6-2 with two spades and Juanda moved all in and was called by Flowers. Juanda had A-Q-9-8 with two spades and was up against Flowers' K-K-5-5. No ace, spade, or 7 came for Juanda and Flowers commenced to stacking his new found chips. John Juanda finished in 9th place winning $24,207.

Theo Jorgensen came to the final table in good shape, 3rd in chips, and re-raised J.C. Tran's opening raise to 140K. Tran made the call. The flop came 5-3-3 with two hearts and Tran led out enough to set Jorgensen all in. Jorgensen was ahead with his A-K-K-7 but Tran had outs to the flush with his 10-9-8-7 double suited in clubs and hearts. The turn was a 4 of diamonds giving Tran a gutshot straight draw as well. It would be the gutshot that hit on the river when a 6 came and Tran's straight was the death blow for Theo as he was sent to the rail. Theo Jorgensen finished in 8th place winning $26,955.

Chad Layne would be next to go when he re-popped the aggressive Tran's opening raise to 200K and faced a re-raise from Tran that would set him all in. Layne made the call and turned over A-J-10-8 double suited, a hand that was good but behind the K-K-J-5 of Tran. The flop came 10-3-3 which meant Layne would need an ace, 10, or running straight cards to survive. None of those came and Tran added to his ever increasing chip lead. Chad Layne finished in 7th place winning $31,427.

Tran continued his aggression but would ship a good chunk of chips over to Jeff Kimber when the two got it all in on a K-9-6 two spade flop. Tran had top two pair but Kimber had a king with a spade draw and an ace. An ace would come on the turn to give Kimber a bigger two pair and the pot. A huge hand would then develop between Tran, Leandri, and Boukai. Tran opened the pot for 60K, Leandri raised to 216K, Boukai called all in, and Tran called. The flop came Q-7-2 with two clubs and Tran check called Leandri's all in. Boukai was in need of a lot of help as all he had was 8-6-5-4 rainbow. Tran had K-J-9-7 for a pair of 7's and Leandri had A-A-Q-2 with clubs for two pair and a flush draw. The turn and river came ace king and Leandri tripled up. Rami Boukai finished in 6th place winning $38,407.

Dallas Flowers moved all in over the top of Jeff Kimber's raise and Kimber made the call with A-K-Q-3. Flowers had A-Q-J-9 and when Kimber hit a king, it would be the end of the day for him. Dallas Flowers finished in 5th place winning $49,387.

Ross Boatman joined Flowers in the stands immediately after when he check raised J.C. Tran all in on a 8-3-2 rainbow flop with A-10-9-8 that was behind the Q-9-8-3 of Tran. Boatman took the lead on the turn when he hit an ace, but a 3 on the river gave Tran a full house to eliminate the amiable Brit. Ross Boatman finished in 4th place winning $66,936.

It wouldn't take much longer to get the action heads up when Jean-Phillipe Leandri called Tran's pot sized raise, a bet that was large enough to set him all in, on a A-3-2 two club flop. Leandri had Q-J-3-2 for bottom two pair and Tran had Q-J-J-5 double suited with clubs for the flush draw. The turn was a 10 but the river was the 4 of clubs to give Tran yet another knockout. Jean-Phillipe Leandri finished in 3rd place winning $95,837.

Tran started heads up play with approximately a 2:1 chip lead over Jeff Kimber. It was never any contest as Tran's relentlessness wore down Kimber to the point where he became extremely short and it forced Kimber to make a move at the wrong time. With 6-4-4-3 Kimber raised and was called by Tran. The flop came 9-7-7 and Tran check called Kimbers 75K bet. The turn was an 8 and Tran led out for 100K. Kimber had terrible timing and raised all in. Tran insta-called, having 8's in his hand for a turned full house and Kimber was drawing dead and J.C. Tran had the goods. Jeff Kimber finished in 2nd place winning $145,656.

From the very beginning, the final table of the $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha table was the J.C. Tran show. He controlled the table, playing many pots and using relentless aggression and some well timed hits to take the chip lead. Once the chips were in Tran's hands, he never looked back and easily cruised to his 2nd WSOP bracelet. J.C. Tran's first place finish gave him a prize worth $235,685. Congratulations J.C.!

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