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Event 32, 2K NLHE: Viva La Mexico! Guillen Wins Bracelet

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1,534 players pulled two thousand dollars out of their wallets and purses to take part in the latest no limit hold'em event at the World Series of Poker. Among the names that took part in the tournament were Ivan Demidov, Joe Sebok, Tiffany Michelle, Shannon Elizabeth, Nam Le, Mark Seif, and Chino Rheem. Among the players that would make the money but come up short of the final table were Jon Turner, Theo Tran, Kelly Kim, Chau Giang, Tony Cousineau, and Peter Feldman.

The final ten, their seating assignments, and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1 – Angel Guillen – 650,000
Seat 2 – Clark Hamagami – 690,000
Seat 3 – David Vu – 296,000
Seat 4 – Antoine Amourette – 392,000
Seat 5 – Steve Kohner – 564,000
Seat 6 – Chris MacNeil – 665,000
Seat 7 – Eric Ladny – 1,920,000
Seat 8 – Mika Paasonen – 2,070,000
Seat 9 – Jason Boyes – 1,030,000
Seat 10 – Daniel Makowsky – 700,000

David Vu was short stacked and with the blinds at 12,000/24,000, he moved all in under the gun and was called by Jason Boyes. Boyes had pocket 10's which was ahead of Vu's A-9 off. The 10's would hold up and David Vu finished in 10th place winning $38,807.

Daniel Makowsky then doubled up with queens against the A-K suited of Mika Paasonen who refused Makowsky's hand shake offer after the hand. A few moments later, it was folded to the small blind, Angel Guillen, who moved all in first to act for 650K, a huge over bet of over 25 big blinds. Clark Hamagami thought about it for some time and decided to make the call for his last 470K. Hamagami was surprised when he saw that Guillen had over shoved with a big hand... ace king and would need some help as all he had was ace eight. The flop came with an 8, but unfortunately for Hamagami it also came with a king and he was eliminated. Clark Hamagami finished in 9th place winning $55,279.

Chris MacNeil moved all in from the button with A-J for 440K and was called by Eric Ladny from the small blind with pocket 8's. The flop came with an ace and MacNeil doubled up, while Ladny was still in good shape with over 1.7 million. Ladny would get those chips back though when he would call Antoine Amourette's all in shove with pocket 2's which would win the race against Amourette's Q-J. Ladny had Amourette covered and Antoine Amourette would finish in 8th place winning $61,421.

The players went on dinner break and on the first hand back, Chris MacNeil would raise to 100K with the blinds at 20K/40K. Mika Paasonen re-raised and MacNeil quickly moved all in. Paasonen made the call with A-Q, which had MacNeil's K-Q dominated. The board would brick out and Paasonen's ace high would win the pot. Chris MacNeil finished in 7th place winning $71,192.

Daniel Makowsky was short and moved all in with pocket 3's and was looked up by the ace king of Steve Kohner. Kohner would hit a king and move his chip stack up to nearly 1.3 million after being close to elimination just moments earlier. Makowsky would not be so fortunate as his tournament was now over. Daniel Makowsky finished in 6th place winning $86,548.

The biggest pot thus far then took place between Angel Guillen and Eric Ladny when Guillen opened the betting to 100K, Ladny re-raised to 325K, and Guillen moved all in. Ladny made the call with pocket tens which was far behind the kings of Guillen. The crowd started yelling for tens and kings. A ten would come on the flop to give Ladny a set but so did a king, meaning Ladny would need to hit the case ten to avoid doubling up Guillen. It didn't come and Guillen now had over three million in chips while Ladny was down to 550K.

Ladny would get unlucky in another pot with Guillen when he moved all over the top of Guillen's raise with pocket jacks and would get called by Guillen and his K-10 of clubs. Guillen would flop two pair and that would be the end of the road for Ladny. Eric Ladny finished in 5th place winning $108,883.

Guillen would continue his mad rush when he would re-raise Steve Kohner enough to set him all in and Kohner would make the call with pocket jacks. Guillen had a better hand than K-10 suited this time as he had A-K, and when a king would flop, he would add yet even more chips to his stack... he now had 5.4 million of the 9.2 million in play. Steve Kohner finished in 4th place winning $150,761.

Mika Paasonen would collect nearly ¾ million of Guillen's chips when he three bet shoved against Guillen's 775K re-raise of his opening raise. Paasonen would add more to his chip stack when he would call Jason Boyes pre-flop raise  and the two would see a 9-8-6 rainbow flop. Paasonen checked and Boyes bet 200K. Paasonen check raised that bet to 600K and it didn't take long for Boyes to move all in. It would take Paasonen nearly five minutes before he would ultimately make a great call with just A-8, which believe it or not was head of the 10-8 of Boyes. He would still have to fade some outs though and when the turn came another 9 and the river was an ace, he would do just that. Jason Boyes finished in 3rd place winning $214,974.

Heads up play started with the two players nearly even in chips with Paasonen holding a slight 4.9 million to 4.3 million chip advantage. Guillen would strike the first blow when he would river a straight against Paasonen and collect nearly a million chips. Guillen would continue to whittle away his opponent and would at one point take a 7.3 million to 2.0 million chip advantage. Paasonen would move all in after Guillen limped and would be quickly called by Guillen and his A-Q. Paasonen only had A-5 and would need a miracle to stay alive. It was a miracle he would receive when a 5 came on the turn and Paasonen had narrowed the gap to 5.7 million to 3.6 million.

Guillen was not deterred, however, and he continued to pound away at Paasonen. Paasonen was not going to give up easily though and he doubled up yet again, this time with the best hand in A-K against Guillen's A-10 and he hit a flush to win the pot and bring him back to 3.1 million to Guillen's 6.2 million. Paasonen would however run into the aces of Guillen and pay off some substantial bets to find himself below the million chip mark. Again, it was too soon to call it a day, as Paasonen doubled up with A-K against Guillen's Q-7 to get to approximately 2 million in chips.

The marathon heads up match finally end when the two saw a A-K-3 flop and all the chips went in the middle. Paasonen had K-10 for 2nd pair but he was way, way behind the flopped set of 3's that Guillen had. The ace on the turn left Paasonen drawing dead and the tournament was finally over. Mika Paasonen finished in 2nd place winning $326,203.

Angel Guillen had one of those days that every poker player dreams of. Everything that could go his way did. He rode his good fortune all the way to the victory, surviving a marathon heads up match to take home his first WSOP bracelet, quite the accomplishment considering he had just finished 2nd in a WSOP NLHE event less than a week ago. Angel Guillen finished in 1st place winning $530,548. Congratulations Angel!

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