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Vikidin Pops More Than $220K for Big Win on PokerStars Sunday

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All of the exciting PokerStars Sunday majors were back in action on Sunday, June 21, after the biggest of them all - the PokerStars Sunday Million - took a break the week before. It stepped aside for the opportunity for the biggest WSOP satellite giveaway on the internet, but the Sunday Million and all of the other lucrative Sunday tournaments returned this week to offer the usual chances for players to win their shares of millions of dollars.

It all began, as it usually does, with the Sunday Warm-Up, the $200 + $15 buy-in tournament with a $750K guarantee that gets players in the mood for an afternoon and evening of pokery goodness. With the World Series of Poker going on in Las Vegas, however, registration was down to a lower level than usual, with only 3,690 players paying to play. That allowed for an overlay for them when the $750K to be kicked in as the prize pool.

The final 540 players were in the money, but it was at the final table where the substantial payouts awaited. Nine players made it there with Beyn in the chip lead going into the action. ymemoy went out first, followed by Dracospinner and DIV999. smartplaying was outsmarted by Dennis2410, as was slm022 who finished in fifth place. skully92 left in fourth place, and swinebag was finally able to take down Beyn, who left in third. That left swinebag in a heads-up match with Dennis2410, the latter of whom had nearly twice the chips of swinebag.

The two arranged a deal for the remainder of the prize pool, with $10K left out for the winner, and the two them continued play until swinebag finally pushed with {J-Spades}{9-Hearts} to the {A-Clubs}{K-Hearts} of Dennis2410, and the board came {9-Clubs}{K-Spades}{A-Spades}{J-Clubs}{7-Hearts}. That left swinebag out in second place while Dennis2410 took the victory and $110,456.95 prize money.

1st place:    Dennis2410 ($110,456.95)
2nd place:    swinebag ($95,043.05)
3rd place:    Beyn ($61,875.00)
4th place:    skully92 ($43,125.00)
5th place:    slm022 ($31,875.00)
6th place:    smartplaying ($24,375.00)
7th place:    DIV999 ($16,875.00)
8th place:    Dracospinner ($9,375.00)
9th place:    ymemoy ($6,000.00)

The Daily Eighty Grand Sunday Special was the next option for players looking for very sizable guarantees, and they got it with the $200K. There were 4,842 players who paid the $50 + $5 to participate, and that pushed the prize pool beyond the guarantee and up to $242,100. The top 720 finishers were paid from that pool, but it was davdav23 who beat out Terry Meros in the final heads-up match to win the $30,988.80 first prize.

Next up was the Sunday 1/4 Million, the least expensive of the Sunday options with a mere $10 + $1 buy-in. The $250K guarantee was surpassed, as always, by the massive crowd of 26,334 players who came to the virtual felt. Out of that number, the final 4,500 standing were paid, and the last two were bandarban2 and basil1975, the latter of whom came out on top to claim first place and the $23,700.61 that went with it.

The one that most online poker pros waited for was the Sunday Million, and it was on again after its one-week hiatus. With a $1.5 million guarantee for the $200 + $15 buy-in, players were treated to an overlay this week as only 6,990 players came to the felt, presumably because of so much live poker happening at the Rio in Las Vegas. That $1.5 million prize pool would be reserved for the top 1,080 finishers, though the vast majority of the money awaited the final table nine.

But the final table began with only eight players, as two players were eliminated on the final table bubble, leaving Maxxx72alba with the ninth place finish and the other eight players to take their seats at the last table. Vikidin went on a solid run, taking pots and eliminating players, the first of whom was Aftret. Soelberg was the next to go, and Fulle followed. Vikidin kicked back into gear and sent predator.ger out in fourth place, at which point chip-chop talks came and went with no deal. villepn finally accepted third place.

When Vikidin came face-to-face with unfadeable1 in the heads-up portion of the tournament, a deal was struck with $30,555 left out for the eventual champion, and play resumed. Both played cautiously at first, but finally, unfadeable1 went into battle with {Q-Spades}{10-Hearts} against the {A-Diamonds}{9-Spades} of Vikidin on a {3-Spades}{10-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} board. Top pair was no good compared to trips, and Vikidin took the coveted Sunday Million title and substantial $220,555 payout.

1st place:    Vikidin ($220,555)
2nd place:    unfadeable1 ($170,000)
3rd place:    villepn ($120,000)
4th place:    predator.ger ($79,500)
5th place:    Fulle ($61,500)
6th place:    Soelberg ($46,500)
7th place:    Aftret ($32,250)
8th place:    
9th place:    Maxxx72alba ($11,625)

Last on the Sunday schedule for PokerStars was the Sunday 500, the high buy-in tournament that gives players a $500K guarantee for their $500 + $30 entry. Slightly under the expected number of players, the 986-person field allowed the $500K to kick in as the full prize pool, which was distributed among the final 144 players according to finishes. But the final battle took place between padjes and Believer82, the latter ultimately took down the $87,400 prize for the victory.

To get ready for next Sunday’s world-renowned set of tournaments, download PokerStars now. By simply using the bonus code “Stars50” and marketing code “POKERWORKS” when creating that first account, you’ll qualify for a cash bonus as well as entries into the weekly $2,000 freerolls.

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