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Sleire Slaughters Sunday Million Prize on PokerStars Sunday

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Every Sunday on PokerStars is a big one, as millions of dollars in guarantees are on the line for the taking and tens of thousands of players log on to compete for that money. But the last Sunday of each month presents even more opportunities for players in the form of two bonus tournaments - one an absolute freeroll and another for only Frequent Player Points - and the players came out in droves for it, making the June 28th version of the PokerStars Sunday majors even more exciting.

First up was a fan favorite - the weekly Sunday Warm-Up. Players come out by the thousands to pay $200 + $15 to take advantage of the $750K guarantee, and with attendance up this week, the 4,203-player field boosted the prize pool to $840,600. Although the last 630 competitors standing were to be paid, it was, of course, the final table that had the majority of the money and attention from the online poker players.

Hobbes200 came to the table with a massive chip lead, as his 14,727,406 stack was more than a 2-to-1 favorite to each and every other player. Some of the short stacks fell quickly, such as sum1sgotmyID, mikkohanna, and Desideriu. After Johnxfleming left in sixth place, it was a battle for the chip lead as GetItQuietly took out JustNthrJack and Hobbes200 eliminated OBigO before sealing the deal by giving mement_mori a third place finish.

Hobbes200 secured a spot and the significant chip lead in the heads-up match with GetItQuietly, though the latter took his time to chip up and sneak into the lead. And before long, Hobbes200 made his move with {K-Spades}{7-Spades} preflop. GetItQuietly happened to continue running well, woke up with pocket kings, and called without hesitation. The board came {J-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} to end the tournament and give GetItQuietly more than $130K in prize money for the win.

1st place:    GetItQuietly ($131,873.33)
2nd place:    Hobbes200 ($97,929.91)
3rd place:    mement_mori ($69,349.51)
4th place:    OBigO ($47,493.91)
5th place:    JustNthrJack ($35,725.51)
6th place:    Johnxfleming ($27,319.51)
7th place:    Desideriu ($18,913.51)
8th place:    mikkohanna ($10,507.51)
9th place:    sum1sgotmyID ($6,724.81)

Next up was one of the special monthly events, the $1 Million Turbo Takedown. With PokerStars offering up an amazing $1 million prize pool, players can buy in for only 2,000 FPP’s, which they accumulate through regular play throughout the month. There were 21,143 takers for the event, and the last 10,000 in the event received bonus cash in the amount of $35 on up to the $40,000 first prize.

The final table began with kinkonk88 as the significant chip leader with 18,427,328 chips. Action started with JohnnyPorn taking ninth place and moe86 out in eighth. kinkonk88 added to his stack by eliminating aleksandras in seventh with quads, but stepi80 took charge to send Armageddon98 out in sixth. kinkonk88 stepped back up to send xoxo173 away in fifth and Bo$$playa425 in fourth. stepi80 took care of Pitbull24 in third.

Heads-up began with kinkonk88 and his nearly 5-to-1 chip lead over stepi80, though the latter doubled up quickly to stay alive. But soon enough, the two got into a battle that started with a {8-Hearts}{9-Spades}{5-Hearts} flop. Quite a bit of post-flop raising led to stepi80 all-in holding {Q-Hearts}{9-Hearts} for top pair and the flush draw, and kinkonk88 was along for the ride with {K-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds} for top pair with the better kicker. The turn brought a {6-Clubs} and the river a {2-Spades} to end the match and give kinkonk88 the $40K in prize money.

1st place:    kinkonk88 ($40,000)
2nd place:    stepi80 ($24,000)
3rd place:    Pitbull24 ($20,000)
4th place:    Bo$$playa425 ($16,000)
5th place:    xoxo173 ($12,000)
6th place:    Armageddon98 ($8,000)
7th place:    aleksandras ($6,000)
8th place:    moe86 ($5,000)
9th place:    JohnnyPorn ($4,000)

Players were in for another once-a-month treat with the Battle of the Planets $50,000 Triple Shootout, a true freeroll for the best sit-n-go players on PokerStars. All those who made it on to the top ten list of the weekly SNG leaderboards throughout the past month were invited to play for the $50K prize pool, and 673 of them turned out to do just that. Only 81 would be paid in the end, but there was money to be made for simply playing well on a consistent basis.

The final table began with all nine players holding 1,500 chips, as it was a shootout format, and the third round got off to its start with jabon1 leaving quickly in only the fifth hand of play. Action then slowed and eventually found Remko26 out in eighth and MG2003 in seventh. After PlayaPlz departed in sixth place, the last five players came to an agreement on a chip-chop deal that led them to their final payouts. After playing it out, DaveDiscount took the title.

1st place:    Dave Discount ($6,122.75)
2nd place:    Shankar825 ($4,871.95)
3rd place:    Emilbbs ($7,270.24)
4th place:    themisas ($5,579.40)
5th place:    benchballa17 ($6,240.66)
6th place:    PlayaPlz ($2,200.00)
7th place:    MG2003 ($1,700.00)
8th place:    Remko26 ($1,200.00)
9th place:    jabon1 ($775.00)

Back to the usual suspects on a PokerStars Sunday, it was the Daily Eighty Grand Sunday Special, which offered a chance to put up $50 + $5 to make a run at the $200K guarantee. There were 5,292 players who liked the option, which pushed the prize pool all the way up to $264,600, an amount that would be distributed amongst the last 810 players standing. Ultimately, it was anfo500 who bested ColEdJow to claim the $33,604.20 first place prize.

The Sunday 1/4 Million was next on the agenda, and registration was back up from the prior week. With a buy-in of only $10 + $1 for the $250K guarantee, a total of 28,431 got in on the action and created a prize pool of $284,310. The last 4,500 players received a piece of that pool, but it was otti76 who won the tournament and claimed $25,587.91 for it.

The one they all waited for arrived in the form of the Sunday Million, a $200 + $15 tournament with an astounding $1.5 million guarantee. The field began with 8,055 runners and a $1,611,000 prize pool set up to pay the last 1,170 competitors standing.

Going into the final table, Sleire was the massive chip leader with more than 20 million chips, but it was Attuned who seemed to want to call the shots, first taking out Derryk4real in ninth place. After jokkee_apart left in eighth, Attuned was back in action to take care of lippersen in seventh and fateileoni in sixth. But it was BeechSquad who stepped up to take out XbensthemanX in fifth and Casameda in fourth. The final three players made a chip-chop payout deal, though $30K was still set aside for the winner, and Attuned was finally taken out by Sleire in that third place spot.

Heads-up action began with Sleire holding a significant lead over BeechSquad, and before the short stack could chip up, the two got involved on a {A-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} flop. BeechSquad was all-in post-flop with {Q-Spades}{8-Hearts}, and it looked like a good hand against the {K-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} of Sleire. That was until the {5-Diamonds} came on the turn and the {K-Hearts} on the river. That left BeechSquad out in second and Sleire with the Sunday Million victory and more than $228K in prize money.

1st place:    Sleire ($228,484.30)
2nd place:    BeechSquad ($155,111.50)
3rd place:    Attuned ($156,089.71)
4th place:    Casameda ($81,194.40)
5th place:    XbensthemanX ($64,440.00)
6th place:    fateileoni ($48,330.00)
7th place:    lippersen ($32,220.00)
8th place:    jokkee_apart ($18,526.50)
9th place:    Derryk4real ($12,485.00)

Finally, the Sunday 500 got underway with its $500K guarantee for the bargain buy-in of $500 + $50. As this tournament experienced an upsurge in registrations like the others, they ended up with 1,019 players and a $509,500 prize pool. The last 153 players finished in the money, but it was governorbets who took out the pokerbrat13 to win the tournament, and governorbets won $87,939.70 for the feat.

To get ready now for next Sunday’s world-renowned set of tournaments, download PokerStars now. By simply using the bonus code “Stars50” and marketing code “POKERWORKS” when creating that first account, you’ll qualify for a cash bonus as well as entries into the weekly $2,000 freerolls.

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