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Day 34 – Main Event Questions

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The Main Event is set to kick off on Friday. It's the biggest event of the year and as the other events have started to drag on, it will bring an infusion of energy into the Rio. Here are some of the questions that we'll get answers to soon:

#1 – How many entrants will there be? Last year there was 6,844. In 2007, there was 6,357. 2006 set the record with 8,773 entrants. Will the numbers go down or up? I don't think we'll come close to 8,773 – that's not going to happen until UIGEA is repealed or changed, but I do think we'll top last years numbers and probably get over 7,000.

#2 – Will more than one “big name” professional make the final table? The odds are no. Lee Watkinson made the final table in 2007 and Allen Cunningham made it in 2006, but generally speaking the final table is comprised of a bunch of unknown players who will no longer be unknown by the time it is all said and done.

– Will a woman make the final table? The odds of this happening are even slimmer than #2. Only one woman has ever made the final table of the Main Event and that was back in the days where the field size was much, much smaller. Given that the average number of women that participate in the Main Event is usually 3% and under, the odds aren't good that we'll have a woman get to the final table. Tiffany Michelle had as good an opportunity as any woman has in recent years last year but succumbed to the pressure late and finished in 17th place. A woman making the November Nine would be huge for poker, so here's to hoping this trend ends.

#4 – Will Phil Hellmuth make a complete ass out of himself on his day 1 entrance? Unquestionably yes. From Phil's twitter... “Sunday July 5 i show up to WSOP as 'Caesar: with 100 models, 11 muses w body paint, a chariot w 2 horses, and a drummer dropping rose petals” **sigh** Phil, Phil, don't you ever learn. Of course the fact that there will be ESPN cameras and media members galore there to capture this only gets him to continue to do this over and over again. It's kind of a tradition now... it's called the “Phil Hellmuth has a big ego but is insecure and needs attention grand entrance.” Of course, my lame ass will be there to laugh at it, because... well... it's funny.

#5 – Will Phil Hellmuth do anything other than make a complete ass out of himself on his day 1 entrance? Unquestionably no. I haven't been impressed by Phil's game this year. He's letting people dictate the action against him and has been way too survival minded, putting himself into too many short stacked situations. He might cash but I wouldn't expect a run into the final 3-4 tables.

#6 – What about Phil Ivey? I know Ivey has had a great series, but it's been in small field mixed game events. However, that being said, if he continues with the focus he's had thus far, I can see him doing something special if he doesn't get unlucky.

#7 – How about Jeff Lisandro? Sorry, this isn't Stud. End of discussion.

#8 – Will a big name Internet pro get deep? This is much more likely in my opinion than #2. In fact it wouldn't surprise me to see two-three recognizable online guys make it deep.

#9 – Will there be some type of dramatic event that overshadows the actual poker playing? Usually is. I can't see this year being any different. It's just a question of what the actual event will be. Personally I think it should be the two hour penalty they give Hellmuth for disrupting play on Day 1. That'd be a good one.

#10 – Will someone over the age of 50 make the final table? History says no. It'd be nice to see an old timer make it. Raymond Rahme did a few years ago, but for the most part the 12-14 hour days take their toll on the older generation and they struggle in the end because they are fatigued.

The Main Event is always the most fun for me personally to cover. The intensity is on a whole different level than any other poker event I watch. Yes, there isn't as much money at stake as say the 50K H.O.R.S.E. but it's the fact that there is so much money on the line and that it truly is the one big buy in event that attracts so many players who are experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can't wait.

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