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Event 55, 2.5K 2 To 7 Triple Draw: Mosseri Wins 1st Bracelet

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Only 257 players took part in the $2,500 Deuce To Seven Triple Draw Event at the 2009 World Series of Poker meaning there was a better than average chance of making the money and winning a WSOP bracelet. Mike Sexton, Gavin Griffin and Billy Baxter gave it their best but failed in making the money. However, players like Justin Smith, Hasan Habib, Daniel Negreanu, and Nam Le were more successful but they still came short of making the final table.

The final six and their chip counts were as follows:

Brad Libson - 432,000
Blair Rodman - 418,000
Abe Mosseri - 342,000
Masayoshi Tanaka - 325,000
John Juanda - 220,000
Julie Schneider - 207,000

Abe Mosseri started off the final table on a roll by getting a number two (7-6-4-3-2) and a number one (7-5-4-3-2), both against the unfortunate Blair Rodman to take the early chip lead. In the meantime John Juanda found himself losing a number of small pots to find himself short stacked. He was able to win a pot off of Brad Lisbon, who had started the final table as the chip leader but after the loss to Juanda was now the shortest stack. Lisbon moved all in for the rest of his chips after Schneider raised. Schneider made the call.  In each of the first two rounds both players drew two cards. Schneider stayed pat on the last round and Lisbon drew one. The cards were revealed and Lisbon had A-8-7-4-2 having drawn an ace on the last round which was not good enough to beat the J-9-5-3-2 Schneider held. Brad Lisbon finished in 6th place winning $23,484.

After losing a number of pots to Mosseri, a short stacked Blair Rodman made his move against John Juanda and came up short. The last chips went in on the 2nd draw and Juanda patted as Rodman took one card. The third draw saw Juanda pat and Rodman draw one again. Rodman slapped the table, unhappy to see his final hand of 6-5-4-3-2, a straight... about as bad a hand as you can have in Deuce to Seven. Juanda's cards were meaningless but he held 8-7-5-4-2. Blair Rodman finished in 5th place winning $31,818.

Juanda's roller coaster of a final table continued. After finding himself short, Juanda had worked his way back into contention before running into some problems including patting when he held 7-6-5-4-3 and not realizing he had a straight. Juanda check folded in a pot to Julie Schneider after the 3rd draw leaving himself with 8,000. He was then all in from the big blind and was against Abe Mosseri. After all the draws were done Juanda had Q-J-8-6-2 which was no match for Mosseri's 9-8-7-4-2. John Juanda finished in 4th place winning $44,941.

Julie Schneider, wife of former WSOP Player of the Year Tom Schneider, found herself following a similar path to Juanda. After losing two consecutive hands to Tanaka, Schneider had 40,000 in chips left. She was down to 20,000 after the blinds and put it in from the button. Tanaka called from the small blind and Mosseri raised. Tanaka called that raise. Tanaka drew two and checked. Mosseri stood pat and bet while the all in Schneider took one. Tanaka called. The second round of action was identical to the first with Tanaka drawing two, Mosseri standing pat, and Schneider drawing one. Mosseri again bet and was called by Tanaka. On the third round, Tanaka stood pat and Schneider drew one. Mosseri showed 9-5-4-3-2 and Tanaka mucked his hand. Schneider mucked as well and headed to collect her winnings. Julie Schneider finished in 3rd place winning $66,285.

Heads up play started with the two remaining players nearly deadlocked in chips. Without any big showdowns Mosseri started to pull away. The final hand saw Tanaka open and call Mosseri's three bet. The first round saw Mosseri draw one and bet and Tanaka draw two and call. The second round saw Mosseri stand pat and bet and Tanaka draw one and raise. Mosseri made it three bets and Tanaka four bet the remainder of his chips. Both players stood pat and Mosseri showed number three (7-6-5-3-2). Tanaka knew he was beat and shook his head and tossed his cards into the muck. Masayoshi Tanaka finished in 2nd place winning $102,313.

Sometimes the cards just go your way and this was the case for Abe Mosseri today as time and time again he drew nearly perfect and his opponents had little to no chance. For his excellent play and run of cards Mosseri was rewarded with his first WSOP bracelet. Abe Mosseri finished in 1st place winning $165,521. Congrats Abe!

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