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Day 35 – The Calm Before The Storm

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As the Main Event approaches, the Rio has started to quiet down. Tomorrow there will be no new event starting. Thursday the Ante Up For Africa event takes place, but the Rio will be a shadow of its former self, at least for the next two days that is, because once Friday comes around madness will ensue.

This is also the party time of the year at the WSOP as all the major sites and some big name poker players are hosting parties this week. There is Doyle Brunson's get together at Blush tomorrow which conflicts with the Bluff party at Sapphire. Hang out with a 70 year old poker icon or strippers? Such a tough choice. Howard Lederer and his wife Suzie are hosting their charity tournament and World Series of Barbeque tonight. I'll be going to that one... maybe will take some photos and write up a little about the night. The PokerStars party coming up is expected to be huge, especially with hip hop star Nelly performing. Definitely the most action packed week of the WSOP.

Three years ago when I first started covering the WSOP, a friend of mine dared me to get pros to take their picture with a pink stuffed kitten. I wasn't going to do this for free, so we made a prop bet where if I managed to get 100 photos in the first four days of the WSOP I would win $1,000. He knew I was kind of new on the scene and extremely shy so this was a tough bet for me. I got it done though. We decided the next year to do it again, only this time the proceeds would get donated to charity. If I won, the $1,000 would get donated to the Sarcoma Foundation of America, a charity near and dear to my heart since sarcoma claimed the life of my mother at the much too young age of 55. That one was much easier. This year, we're going to do it again but since it's essentially a lock that I win this bet every year, we've decided to not make it a bet but rather a contribution type thing. For every photo I take, we'll each donate $5 to charity. A couple people have suggested that I ask the people I take the picture with to do the same, but I don't have the guts to ask that much of people.

Anyway, the reason I mention all of this is because Beth Shak wanted to get me the animal I used for my photographs this year. I told her if she bought it, I'd use it. Little did I know what I was getting myself into because she bought a three f'in foot gorilla. It's one thing to walk around the Amazon Room with a little, tiny, pink teddy bear or kitten, but lugging this thing around is going to be so-o-o embarrassing. Jeffrey Pollack saw it and said he would dub it the Official Gorilla of the World Series of Poker, so I at least have that going for me. Oh the things I'll do for charity. Pics to be coming soon.

One of the funniest things at this year’s WSOP took place today. This very tall female walked into the room. She was easily over six feet tall, was wearing thigh high patent leather boots, short shorts (and by short shorts I mean very short), and a cutoff shirt, long blonde hair and a cowboy hat. All the guys’ heads turned and I watched in amusement because I'd already seen this person out in the hallway. As the girl got closer to the guys that were gawking it was interesting to see their face turn from one of arousal/lust to one of moderate disgust as they found out the object of their affection was a cross dressing male/transvestite. The looks on their faces was pure comedy.

Daniel Negreanu needs to be careful about what he tweets. He was playing in the Deuce to Seven event as they were getting close to the money. He tweeted that the woman at his table was a bit of a whack job. Well the woman happened to be Julie Schneider, wife of former Player of the Year Tom Schneider, and they happen to follow Daniel's tweets. So of course they find this out and Daniel makes a half ass tweet apology a little bit later. Julie's not so happy about it but Tom thinks it is kind of funny. Daniel's a great guy, fantastic with the fans, but I think in this regard he needs to show a little respect.

I talked with Tom while he was sweating his wife. Tom is a member of the Advisory Players’ Panel that helps make up the rules of the WSOP. I specifically asked him why the rebuy events went away and whether it was the player's choice or the WSOP's choice and he clearly stated it was a players’ decision. He explained there are just too many problems associated with the events that we were better off not having them. First, he said, it created an unlevel playing field because someone with 100K could come in and have a huge edge over someone who only had 5K. Second, it could be deemed collusion when two guys with big bankrolls decided to go all in every hand pre-flop prior to the start of the tournament. Third, it was a logistical accounting nightmare for Harrah's and the WSOP and errors are easily made. I loved the rebuy events, but what he says actually makes sense. It's still a shame we can't have at least one or two of them though.

That's all for today, I'll be off to the Golden Nugget soon for the World Series of BBQ and I'll write something up about that later. Until then...

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