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Main Event, Day 1B – Oops, We Shoulda Thought Of That

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The day 1's merge into two separate day 2's. It's not a problem on day 1A and day 1B because of the small field size guaranteeing a field size that the Rio can handle on day 2A, but day 2B is a completely different animal. The thing is, with the increase in chip stacks by 50% (from 20,000 to 30,000) the issue with almost making the money on day 2 is a moot point – it's simply not going to happen. Right now about 75% of the players have been making it through day 1 to day 2. Last year there was approximately 4,400 people that played on day 1C and 1D. 75% of 4,400 is 3,300. Maximum capacity for the Rio right now is 2,900 and change. See the problem? If we have anywhere near the turn out we had last year (and it's completely possible), there is going to be a space issue on day 2B.

Having thought this through, I decided to go talk to some of my sources about the problem and see what they said. Source #1 “Effel is a f***ing idiot. He made a shitty decision and it's going to come back and kick him in the ass now.”

I asked Source #1 what they were going to do and mentioned to him that I had heard a rumor from another media member that they might play 5 levels on day 1C and day 1D. “That'd be stupid. No way they’d do that,” he said.

Then I moved on to Source #2 who told me, “Yea, it's a huge mess that the WSOP is definitely aware of.”

Again I asked what was going to be done about it... this source is one that I would almost take as telling the gospel truth. They've seldom been wrong on issues like this for me.

“Well, I can't 'officially' tell you this,” Source #2 answers, “but we're going to play five levels tomorrow and Monday, then on Day 2A we'll play five levels and Day 2B we'll play four levels. Jack wants to wait until he comes in tomorrow and see the numbers for entrants before making that decision though so it's possible it could change but as of now that's definitely what is happening.”

“Definitely?” I ask.

“Without a doubt,” said Source #2.

I'm pretty close to convinced by now but I go back to Source #1. I tell Source #1 confidentially what I had heard and that it came from a really good source. Source #1 says, “No way, we'd know about something like that. Who is your source?”

I tell Source #1 who it is (mainly because I know they won't say anything) and Source #1 goes, “Yea, that's probably true then.”

While I'm having this discussion with Source #1, Source #3 comes over. Source #3 is also a really good source, mainly because they are involved in a lot of the day to day decisions that go on at the WSOP and talk to Jack Effel on a daily basis. Source #3 joins in on the conversation and says, “That was what I had suggested to Jack,” when we mention the day 2B problem and that they had not heard back anything on it so weren't sure if it was going to happen or not.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow if it does happen. I'd say if we have anywhere near 2,000 players, it will. If it's near 1,500, they might stick with the original four level plan. Regardless it will be interesting to see how the players react when they come in tomorrow and find out that they have to play five levels when all of them were probably planning on only playing four. I can imagine a little uproar.

That was the main story of the night, at least from my perspective. It was a good thing too because there wasn't much else to talk about. When I came back from dinner, I saw Doyle Brunson riding his motorized scooter out to the valet, which I took to be a sign that he had busted out. I came in and found out he had.

There were 873 players on day 1B, bringing the total for the first two days to 1,989, 466 less than last year. I definitely don't think we're going to approach last year’s numbers now but am still optimistic that we will get to 6,500 and very confident that we will have 4,000+ in the last two days to get us to over 6,000.

Here's a typical hand from the WSOP. Flop is 8 high, all rags. Short stack moves all in for 9K into a 5K pot with the blinds at 150/300. Other guy in the hand has about 40K, so the call is about 25% of his stack. He makes the call with... get this... Q-10 off suit. Short stack has 8-5 suited and hits two pair on the turn to double up. Other guy says, “I knew I had two overs,” as if that was a good reason to make a ridonkulous call like that.

I start to talk about some of the terrible play I've seen thus far at the Main Event in the media area and one of the media members, Pauly, says “Aaron, you act like this is your first time at the WSOP.”

Touche, Pauly... touche. It still amazes me though that people can have $10,000 invested in this event (won online or not) and play so horribly.

With 10 minutes left in level 4, they stop the clock and Steve Frezer comes on and announces “Congrats on making day 2 everyone.”

The room applauds and then Frezer adds, “We'll be playing three more hands and then bagging up the chips.”

The players laugh... guess they hadn't quite made it to day 2 quite yet.

Tomorrow is day 1C. I know I'm interested to see what happens. Until then...

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