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Main Event, Day 1C – Et tu, Bruté?

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It was noticeably different from the moment I walked in today. Even though it was only 10:30, there were people roaming the hallways, anxious to get into their seats and play in the Main Event. That's a little too early for me as a player... talk about building up the nerves. I knew, predictably so, that there was going to be a good sized number of players today.

The usual quirky cast of characters took their seats when they opened the doors. There was one gentleman in full Indian head dress. Unfortunately, they'll end up showing this on ESPN and people will start to think that the way to get on television is to do something ridiculous and stupid. Also unfortunate, is that those people would be right.

Case in point: Phil Hellmuth.

Hellmuth outdid himself today. The original plan was to be brought in by horse drawn chariot but apparently they couldn't work out the logistics for that. Instead, Hellmuth was carried into the main WSOP entrance by four brawny men. Hellmuth was wearing a “Caesar” like outfit, complete with a fur draped around his neck. A bevy of scantily toga clad women lined the red carpet tossing rose petals at his feet and screaming when cued by whoever was running the “show.” A reporter asked Phil why and Phil responded, “Why not?” Another reporter asked Phil if he had been working out and Phil flexed his arms, supposedly indicating that he had been. Someone should have asked him if he had ever heard of a tanning bed because he was whiter than Casper the Ghost.

The hallways were jammed with fans, media, the Hellmuth entourage, ESPN, and security as Hellmuth made his way down the hall. Some people cheered. Others laughed. Some shook their heads, either in disbelief or utter amazement. The walk down the hallway took nearly five minutes and as Hellmuth entered the Amazon Room, heads turned and the passageway outside the secondary feature table became so congested that a person had to shove their way through just to avoid getting trampled.

I wonder if I entered the Main Event and came up with some ridiculously stupid scheme to enter the tournament area if I would get on television. You might think not being that I'm a no name, but I'd bet a lot of money that I could guarantee getting on television. It just wouldn't be for playing poker, and that's what I think is the travesty of the image that Hellmuth perpetuates. But outlandishness sells and it's what has made Hellmuth a lot of money away from the poker table so he's going to continue to do it. I wonder what he'll do when he's 80 and has to use a walker to enter the room. I'm thinking he'll hire a bunch of candy stripers and scantily clad nurses and female doctors to wheel him in. Maybe he'll come in with 11 grandmothers representing his 11 bracelets (since we all know he's never going to win another one) wearing baggy nightgowns with Depends. I can't wait!

As I reported last night, they are playing five levels on day's 1C and 1D and will play five levels on day 2A and four levels on day 2B. This was met with a mixture of positive and negative comments but for the most part players were not overly disappointed by the news. I'm just glad after all my “investigate” reporting that I was right... would have sucked to write that long article and they come out and play four levels today.

Barney Frank, the senator from Massachusetts, was on hand today to say shuffle up and deal and to hold a press conference regarding the future of online poker in the United States. Frank was applauded several times while giving a passionate speech about poker players’ rights being taken away from them. After announcing shuffle up and deal, a player affectionately referred to by the media as “The Devil” (because he kind of looks like Satan) stood up and banged two cymbals loudly four times. He was given a warning almost immediately. Only at the WSOP Main Event.

There was a small controversy involving David Singer and a dealer. A floor was called to Singer's table where a dealer complained that Singer was constantly berating her. The floor asked David to come with him so that they could speak in private and Singer stated that he didn't want to. The floor asked again for Singer to come with him and Singer asked if he could play his hand.

“No, you're getting a penalty,” the floor responded.

A pissed off Singer responded, “I'm getting a penalty for her saying she misses me like a migraine?”

Eventually Jack Effel was called over and had a five minute discussion with Singer and the situation was apparently resolved. I talked to one of the floor people I know what they had heard about the situation and they told me that Singer was complaining that the dealer had been hard pitching him and he wasn't pleased with it so he started berating the dealer. The two (dealer and Singer) apparently had similar issues before so there was some prior history there. Dealer is off the table now and Singer has chipped up, so the mini-drama is over. For now.

As I was walking around I noticed Jamie Gold was wearing a MavenVT hat and patch. I'm not sure that would be the type of player I would want endorsing a poker training site. Yea, he's going to get on television because he's a former Main Event winner but most smart poker players aren't going to want to go get training from Maven if they think Jamie Gold is part of the site, because no offense to Mr. Gold but his Main Event win has proven to be pretty much be a one hit wonder.

Players are about to go on their 2nd break. There have been a few notable bust outs already including Daniel Negreanu who was at the main feature table. I wonder how long it'll take ESPN to switch that one up. I'll be back later with more coverage from the rest of day 1C. Until then...

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