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Make Your Genius Hand for BIG $$ at Party Poker

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Word has it that the Party Poker experts have combed the land to draw on the intelligence of the most brilliant technical minds, all to devise their newest promotion that’s a mastermind of an idea.

Right now at Party Poker, you could win some serious cash by doing nothing more than playing at any of Party Poker’s cash tables. That’s because every 50,000th poker hand played on the cash tables will be boasting a pot that will be squared to create some truly astonishing jackpots.

Beginning with a minimum of $100 and zooming up to as much as $5,000, these hands will offer some amazing payouts. Best of all, every player involved in the hand when the genius hand hits, will get an equal share of these colossal payouts, not to mention that the hand winner will still rake in the original pot! So just by sitting at the right table and being dealt in the hand, you could win a pile of bonus cash!

But the freebies don’t end there because every millionth hand that hits during The Genius promotion will offer a guaranteed mega prize pool of $10,000! This amazing promotion will run for a total of 10 million hands that will be counted from 12:00 ET on Monday, July 6, 2009. When the final 10 millionth hand of the promotion is reached, the hand hit will be worth an amazing guaranteed amount of $100,000! And remember, all the players dealt in when these Genius hands hit will share equally in these fantastic cash prize amounts – for FREE!

This Genius of a promotion works like this: if a Genius hand hits on a table where the pot stands at $8 then the pot size is ‘squared’ and Party Poker will give all the players in the hand an equal share of $100, which is the minimum Genius jackpot. That’s because $8 squared ($8 X $8) only equals $64, so it is squared up to $100. But, if a Genius hand hits on a table where the pot stands at $20, Party Poker will square it to give each player in the hand an equal share of $400, as $20 X $20 is equal to $400. Therefore, if a Genius hand hits on a table where the pot is at $70, Party Poker will square it and award all players in the hand an equal share of $4,900, because $70 x $70 is equal to $4,900!! It’s just that simple! And since Party Poker does the calculating for you, it’s really a no-brainer - all you need to do is to play your favorite cash games and Party Poker will do the rest. What a great way to get an amazing cash jackpot - just for doing something you already do!

It doesn’t take a genius to make some substantial money in Party Poker’s Genius hand promotion, so get on over to Party Poker and play today for your shot at winning your share of a genius hand—just for playing the game you love!

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