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Isabelle Mercier and Carter Gill Score Big on PokerStars Sunday

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Most eyes and ears in the poker community were on the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas, whether in person or via computer updates. But with only a few hundred players in the tournament, there were tens of thousands of other poker players around the world looking for action. And the best Sunday action can always be found on PokerStars, which brought many of them to the five major tournaments on Stars commonly referred to as the Sunday majors. Attendance was significantly up from the previous weeks in most of the events, and there was a feeling of normalcy back to online poker that had been missing since the start of the WSOP.

It all began with the Sunday Warm-Up, the $215 buy-in weekly tournament that gears players up for an evening of online poker tournament goodness. The $750K guarantee for the event brought 3,884 players to the tables, which pushed the prize pool past the guarantee to $776,800. The top 585 players would partake in the collecting of the cash, but it would be the final nine who would split the majority of it.

Going into the final table, xthesteinx didn’t take long to move with his short stack and found himself a ninth place finish. mannefredo was the next to go, followed in somewhat of a flurry by wineguytx and UGOTPZD. clems105 was ousted by Metatron1, who was closing in on the chip lead, but he lost a huge pot to portokali29 and busted in fourth. A three-way chip-chop deal was done for the last three spots, after which Polo Mint left in third place.

Heads-up action was left to portokali29 and devinr12, the latter who is known in live poker circles by his real name Carter Gill, and the two took their time to end the match. After exchanging the chip lead more than once, it was devinr12 who went into the last hand with the advantage. On a board of {8-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{8-Clubs} and betting on every street, portokali29 went all-in with {8-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}, but devinr12 was there with {9-Hearts}{4-Spades} and the ten-high straight. Carter Gill took the win and agreed-upon amount of $107,418.95 in prize money for the victory.

1st place:    devinr12 ($107,418.95)
2nd place:    portokali29 ($88,558.09)
3rd place:    Polo Mint ($80,952.19)
4th place:    Metatron1 ($44,666.01)
5th place:    clems105 ($33,014.01)
6th place:    UGOTPZD ($25,246.01)
7th place:    wineguytx ($17,478.01)
8th place:    mannefredo ($9,710.01)
9th place:    xthesteinx ($6,214.41)

The Daily Eighty Grand Sunday Special was next up on the agenda, providing a cheaper alternative to some of the Sunday majors with its $55 buy-in but a bigger guarantee than the daily specials with $200K on Sundays. That brought 4,872 players to the virtual felt to compete for a prize pool that jumped to $243,600. After the last 720 players were paid, it was up to Handl_Istvan to beat peps03, who pulled off the task to win $31,180.80.

For those looking for an even cheaper buy-in, the Sunday 1/4 Million offered the $11 buy-in tournament with a $250K guarantee, which found itself with 28,446 players. That created a $284,460 prize pool for the last 4,500 players standing, but it was ultimately agressor227 who beat Quality Tilt to take the $25,601.41 first prize.

What they all waited for was the ever-popular Sunday Million. For a $215 buy-in, players looked forward to a $1.5 million guarantee from PokerStars. But when the field swelled to 7,712 players, that boosted the pool up to $1,542,400 as well. Only the last 1,170 players received any part of that, but it was the road to the final table that got exciting, especially when it was PokerStars Pro Isabelle “NoMercy” Mercier who eliminated the tenth place player to take them to that final table of nine.

The final table saw Zimmy41 come in as the chip leader and kenydalglish as the short stack, and it only took the latter five hands to move in for his tournament life and be ejected in ninth place. Zimmy41 did the courtesy of eliminating SLYEYES35 in eighth, and oncecajun left in seventh. The next bustouts came with arsenal46 in sixth place and awkward_clam in fifth, followed by DrunkkkYoda in fourth. NoMercy went into three-handed action at an extreme deficit and pushed quickly with Q-10 but was dominated by Zimmy41’s A-Q. The board came 10-Q-J-K-2 to eliminate Mercier in third place with $115,680.01.

That left Zimmy41 and labbedorval to duke it out heads-up style, and Zimmy41 quickly took the lead. Four hands later, labbedorval pushed all-in with {A-Spades}{Q-Hearts}, and Zimmy41 had pocket sevens. The board came {4-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{5-Hearts}{6-Spades} to eliminate labbedorval and give Zimmy41 the victory and $231,360.01 in first place money to go with the Sunday Million title.

1st place:    Zimmy41 ($231,360.01)
2nd place:    labbedorval ($169,664.01)
3rd place:    NoMercy ($115,680.01)
4th place:    DrunkkkYoda ($77,736.97)
5th place:    awkward_clam ($61,696.01)
6th place:    arsenal46 ($46,272.01)
7th place:    oncecajun ($30,848.01)
8th place:    SLYEYES35 ($17,737.61)
9th place:    kenydalglish ($11,953.01)

Last up was the Sunday 500, the high stakes tournament to end the Sunday majors for the evening. The $530 buy-in brought players a $500K guarantee, which stood when the number of players was only 992, making for a slight overlay. The final 144 players were paid, but it was well-known online player FatalError who beat badbeatman06 to take the $87,400 first place prize.

Satellites abound all week long for the Sunday tournaments, so the best idea is to get started now! Download PokerStars now. By simply using the bonus code “Stars50” and marketing code “POKERWORKS” when creating that first account, you’ll qualify for a cash bonus as well as entries into the weekly $2,000 freerolls.

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